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Things to do in Reykjavik

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Activities in Reykjavik

The top 56 attractions in Reykjavik

Cities in Reykjavik
The Icelandic capital is a sprawling city, clean, with wonderful air, water, a very active cultural life, background landscapes and breathtaking views. It is ten minutes from the center, and a good climate and it is magical. A place to live, despite the dark hours of winter. The perfect place to get away from everything and yet it is all just around the corner. Lively in summer, is lit up, and it is romantic in the winter. If you want it all, go to Reykjavik.
Churches in Reykjavik
This interesting church of Iceland's capital is undoubtedly the tallest building in town, calling attention as it is visible from anywhere, even kilometers away from the city. its style is modern and "strange" as everything has its detractors but what is for sure, whether beautiful or not, is that from the tower you can see the best view of the city, and for that alone it is worth seeing.
Hiking in Reykjavik
To say that Iceland is one of the most beautiful places in the world ... is the truth. To say that Iceland is one of the world's purest tourist places ... is also true ... To also say that the interior of Island shows a unique place....Is also the truth...this incomparably beautiful place is called landmannalaugar a place where volcanic activity is evident at every turn ... tiptoe through hell ...
Statues in Reykjavik
Sun Voyager
See the sun getting from here is worth it. Then you can go to a pub near Laugavegur and there is live music until 1am. And as it gets dark in July you can wander the deserted streets and discover incredible twists
Viewpoints in Reykjavik
Perlan (The Pearl)
The Perlan Building (The Pearl), is built on top of natural hot water deposits and is located on the Öskuhlíð Hill in Reykjavik. On the bottom there are several exhibition halls and a museum and upstairs in the dome, a restaurant. Outside the dome and surrounding it entirely is the best viewpoint of Reykjavik. The place itself is worthwhile visiting, but the views from the balcony are spectacular, especially if you are lucky enough to go there on a clear day. The first thing we did the day after arriving in the city was to go up there at noon, on the longest day of the year (June 21). The sun was ,at its highest in the south and the whole city is at your feet, with the mountains, the Bay ofFaxaflói ...
Lakes in Reykjavik
Streets in Reykjavik
Laugavegur is where its at, at least for the tourists! :)
Waterfalls in Reykjavik
Icelandic Horses
I took this photo at a stop, while I was traveling Iceland, near a catarate which, as you can see, was guarded by these beautiful horses. It certainly is a stunning country and you will find a snapshot on every corner ... It is nature at its best!
Music Venues in Reykjavik
Unusual Places in Reykjavik
Museums in Reykjavik
National Museum of Iceland
I loved the space for children in the National Museum of Iceland. With materials to touch, clothing from the country, and a reading center, it is a didactic site that certainly contributes to the development of the feeling of belonging and identification of young children with their homeland. During my visit, I had the opportunity to witness a group of students who went through the room with their teachers; children were dressed like the first settlers of Iceland, some as Vikings, and others as pastors, which certainly contributes to the identity of the Icelanders.
City Halls in Reykjavik
Concerts in Reykjavik
Of Cultural Interest in Reykjavik
Odadharun Lava Desert
The Odadharun Lava Desert is one of the most remote and inhospitable regions of Iceland. The result of volcanic activity, the Lava Desert is known for its deep dark colors ranging from black to deep violent. It rises as much as 1000m. above sea level and water there is scarce. It's an interesting place to explore, but be careful: the high winds can erase your tracks in the sand and it's easy to get lost.
Harbors in Reykjavik
Of Touristic Interest in Reykjavik
Islands in Reykjavik
Vestmannaeyjar is one of the best places in Iceland to see puffins. You almost can spend hours watching them and get close enough to almost touch them!
Churches in Reykjavik

The best things to do in Reykjavik

There are lots of amazing things to do in Reykjavik
and the surrounding area, including some spectacular geysers and volcanoes. The city is located in an amazing natural environment and some of the top Reykjavik activities are located just outside of the city among the wild mountains, islands, waterfalls, and geothermal areas of Iceland.

First on your list of stuff to do in Reykjavik should be Tjörnin, a beautiful lake in the center of the city where you can really see why the Icelandic capital is considered one of the greenest and least polluted cities on the planet.

Of course, not all the attractions in Reykjavik are based around nature. As the nation's capital, Reykavik has plenty of lovely historic buildings like the 18th century
Stjórnarráð (Government House) and the National Theatre. The cathedral with its imposing tower is another of the top things to see in
Reykjavik. Make sure to climb to the top to enjoy amazing views of the entire city.

Finally, many of the best Reykjavik attractions aren't actually on the street, but rather housed in the city's wonderful museums! Save time to visit the National Museum of Iceland, the Nordic House or the Open Air Museum to learn a little bit more about Icelandic and Norse history and culture. For more information on what to do in Reykjavik, have a look at these recommendations from the minube community and start discovering all the best places to visit in Reykjavik during your next trip.