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Things to do in Chennai

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Activities in Chennai

The top 9 attractions in Chennai

Beaches in Chennai
Marina Beach
Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, has the largest beach across India and the second largest in the world. It is so large that it is almost overwhelming. You could spend hours walking along the coast and soaking your feet, but it is a long walk from the road to the water. It is a sandy beach and very flat, ideal for flying kites, playing a game of football, volleyball or any other sport, or simply relax. Here there is no problem in the forests of umbrellas. There are no crowds here because it is just too big.
Cities in Chennai
Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, southern India. It is also the fourth largest city in the country. It is located in the Gulf of Bengale, and it has a population of about 8 million people, so it is within the 40 largest cities in the world. Madras was part of British India. It was founded in the seventeenth century by the East India Company, to be a commercial port, and take and bring products to the UK. You can still visit the fortifications of the city, who witness the colonial presence. Madras was the capital of India's protectorate. Be sure not to come during the monsoon season, from October to December, though it is much stronger in the southwest. Madras is linked with direct flights to Europe, Air France and British Airways, also has good train connection, you can get to Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi every day. The city's bus station is enormous so be careful not to get lost in it, as it is quite easy to do so. The bus station has buses that link directly to the Pondicherry or Mahabalipuram ruins.
Temples in Chennai
Kapaleeshwarar Temple
The Kapaleeshwarar Temple is a Shiva temple located in Mylapore, and built around the seventh century with Dravidian architecture. The temple has many shrines, and six daily rituals at different times of day, from 5:30 am, until 10 pm. Also there are four annual festivals on their calendar. If you are up there, talk to Nagu; he can help :)
Cathedrals in Chennai
National Shrine of St.Thomas Basilica
There are 3 cathedrals in the world built over the tomb of an apostle. St. Peter in the Vatican, Santiago de Compostela and the third and perhaps the least known is the Cathedral of St. Thomas in Chennai. It is certainly the smallest of the three, it's much more simple and unobtrusive, but a representative element of the presence of Christianity in India from the very beginning.
Of Cultural Interest in Chennai
Hand in Hand
This NGO is supported by five fundamental pillars which help them take poor small villages out of their situation and make them sustainable, clean, etc. This system began with donations, mainly from a Swedish business, but now continues to finance itself largely by the interests of microcredit. If anyone wants to visit the NGO, here is my email: alejandro@grupo2013.com website http://www.hihindia.org/handinhand/our_model/the_five_pillar_programme/
Churches in Chennai
St Thomas Mount National Shrine
The basilica is a beautiful church in the East, which besides being beautiful, has certain privileges granted by the Pope. It is believed that the basilica was built around the tomb of the apostle St. Thomas, whose grave is behind the church. Inside the church, there's the figure of Jesus Christ ascending on a lotus flower, and also the figure of the Virgin, wearing a sari (traditional dress). You Must enter barefoot.
Airports in Chennai
Shopping Malls in Chennai
Theme Parks in Chennai

The best things to do in Chennai

Formerly known as Madras,
is the capital of Tamil Nadu state in southern India. If anything, the chaotic city traffic stands out above all the things to see in Chennai. If you just stay in one spot and let the traffic pass in front of your eyes, you'll feel the movement of trucks, buses without glass windows, tricycles, cars, motorcycles with girls in traditional Indian dress, bikes, pedestrians and animals. The traffic and the din of horns is unpleasant for Western travelers, but it's one of the
Chennai activities
worth experiencing. Since it's such a large city, you should plan what to do in
Chennai ahead of time to really experience everything. Starting in the north of the city at the port, you'll find majestic imperial buildings and
Chennai attractions,
as Central Station, the Supreme Court or Fort St. George, the first fort built in India by the British. In the north of the city, these are the main places to visit in Chennai. In the center of the city, from the monuments to honor MG Ramachandran to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the numerous statues in memory of the country's other notable people. Continuing south, and after crossing the river Adyar, other attractions in
Chennaii include Guindy
National Park, the Indian Institute of Technology and the Theosophical Society. Spending the day at the 13 km long Chennai Beach is one of the best things to do in
Chennai, since it's the largest Indian city beach, and the
second longest beach in the world. Other stuff to do in
Chennai is to try
all kinds of different food
Chennai. Each
dish is spicier than the last!