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Things to do in Luxemburg

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Activities in Luxemburg
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Historical Monuments in Luxembourg
Bock Casemates
The Casemates du Bock were the old ramparts of the city of Luxembourg. They were built around 1000 and in 1994 were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They are currently open to the public from March 1 to October 31 and can be visited for a fee of €2 for adults and half a euro for children. An essential place to visit when in Luxembourg, walking through the passages and hidden cellars and imagining the life of its former inhabitants. Not to be missed either are the magnificent views you get from them. Refrain from going claustrophobic people.
Villages in Luxembourg
It is the seat of several institutions and agencies. In Luxembourg, there are also many medieval castles. During the month of October, there is the feast of walnut, with a market where you can enjoy a variety of culinary delights prepared with the nuts. The best time to visit the Grand Duchy, though, is the month of June: on the 23rd, the national holiday is celebrated. There are outdoor concerts and festivals, both in the capital, and elsewhere around the country.
Of Cultural Interest in Luxembourg
European Parliament
Luxembourg is a strange little country characterized by its capital city which has surrendered to luxury modern glitz and, sometimes, darkness. If you take the train into town, you'll get off in a station that is presented as a prelude to the city dominated by a broad central street running from one end to the other. Taking this huge street into Luxembourg, you'll find a lot of institutional buildings, technology stores full of products of exorbitant prices, and a cast of luxury brothels chaired by huge doormen; a scenario for a film worthy of David Lynch. The different institutional buildings are interesting to visit, or at least, to admire from the outside. Many of them are for the European Union. One example is the European Parliament Secretariat. And finally, we are finished with Luxembourg, possibly the world's dullest country.
Cathedrals in Luxembourg
Museums in Luxembourg
Mudam - Modern Art Museum
This is a Modern Art Museum (French: Musée d \ 'art moderne Grand-Duc Jean) in southern Luxembourg. The museum is located in the Kirchberg District, in the northeast part of the city. It was opened on July 1, 2006, by Grand Duke Jean, to whom the building is dedicated; the public were allowed to enter for the first time the following day. The building was designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning architect IM Pei, and the current director is Enrico Lunghi.
Shows in Luxembourg
Cow Parade of Luxembourg
Have you ever seen a cow like this in a window? In northern Europe, they are famous and are everywhere: airports, administrative offices, business and commercial centers. The initial idea of ​​'Cow Parade' relates to cows painted by established and new artists and was promoted to the authors of the designs. From there, it went on to sell charity works and then started a craze in Luxembourg: to have a cow in the garden. The issue is that the bigger the cow, the more money they cost, implying greater solidarity. Luxembourg is the richest country in Europe in per capita income. I was there visiting and I loved the cows. They are a great symbol
Cities in Luxembourg
A busy little place, but a must on a visit to the city. It has some great restaurants and wonderful views uptown. You can take a great walk along the river.
Streets in Luxembourg
Judiciary City (Saint-Esprit Plateau)
An authentic city with a series of buildings dedicated to judicial offices and courts. It's a gorgeous, white, and immaculate place, with majestic buildings around a square of Baroque court. Although most administrative buildings are worth a trip here, for us it was the beginning of our route after passing the old bridge or Adholpe. What attracted attention right away was the group of buildings,but the views you get from the Alzette River Valley and the Pétrusse are worthwhile. Here the route through the old town of Luxembourg begins, in particular the World Heritage listed upper part and here the surprises of this beautiful city begin, which for us has been a discovery!.
Gardens in Luxembourg
Train Stations in Luxembourg
Luxembourg Railway Station
It is a monumental building that looks more like a castle than a train station, with a beautiful clock tower facade. Built in the early twentieth century to replace the wooden station. Most striking is its main hall with a mural by local artist Armand Strainchamps. It is the first building in Luxembourg that hits you if you decide to come by train, the best option as it connects with most European cities. Inside, you will find the typical station shops and restaurants, and a small tourist office to help with city maps and get you oriented. Once outside, the majestic building can be seen and then you start your visit to this amazing city. Better to just walk, walk, walk.
Museums in Luxembourg
National Museum of History and Art
It's nice to walk through the heart of Luxembourgs' old town especially when you find gems like the National History Museum, where archaeological pieces are exhibited, as well as all kinds of tools of different cultures that have been around. The museum building is already another piece of the collection, the Old Fish Market is now again a public space. The museum has six floors where different periods are shown, themed rooms, cafeteria, auditorium etc. You're hooked from the outside, a magnificent building that combines the modern and ancient, with a large window that serves to arouse curiosity. Browsing through old Luxembourg is full of engaging surprises. Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, from 10:00 to 18:00 Price: 5 € general admission.
Forests in Luxembourg
It was the second time we went to visit our friends in Luxembourg and we went to the Berdorf Forest. It was such a nice surprise. The air was so fresh and the atmosphere very relaxing. It was a wonderful experience we look forward to repeating.
Markets in Luxembourg
Luxembourg Christmas Markets
Continuing our exploration of Christmas markets, we came to Luxembourg. We decided that it wasn't bad, but the market at Trier is much nicer (about half an hour from the capital). Luxembourg as a city is also quite expensive, but the people are very friendly.
Shops in Luxembourg
Squares in Luxembourg
Place Clairefontaine
After passing through narrow streets of the old town we came across the first of the city's many squares. Located in the government district, the buildings that make up part of the administration of Luxembourg. The name comes from an existing shelter in the ancient Abbey of Clairefontaine demolished in 1933. The square contains special, very photogenic and stylish corners which gives a romantic feel and sometimes like a fairytale ;-). The set is perfectly complemented by the Cathedral of Our Lady, which stood at one side. The center of the square has an absolute protagonist: the statue of the Grand Duchess Charlotte Parisian, by sculptor Jean Cardot.
Cemeteries in Luxembourg
Shops in Luxembourg
Elephant Parade
We have come to Luxembourg and suddenly we found most of its streets and monuments had funny elephant sculptures. Until now it had been behind there is a lovely Elephant Parade shop and workshop located in the heart of the upper old town. . Interesting shop around this "studio" where you can see "in situ" as embroider the pieces to buy, plus you can buy elephants completely blank, and paints needed to make your own model. The store has several floors, and is very busy as one of the attractions of the old city of Luxembourg!.
Streets in Luxembourg
Rue du Marché-Aux-Herbes
I loved this little street in the old town of Luxembourg! Full of beautiful and historic buildings, such as the Doge's Palace or the House of Representatives. It seems incredible that the most important places are situated in a rather small and narrow street. On one side are the beautiful and clean official buildings; everything is perfect in this city. Opposite are bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors, institutions, a luxury to anyone. The street is very nice and has an amazing atmosphere! And when you least expect it, people are watching everything you do ;-). We are in the heart of Old Town in the Zona Alta, listed as World Heritage for its rich history. A must-see if visiting the city!.