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Things to do in Tabasco

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The top 31 attractions in Tabasco

Museums in Villahermosa
La Venta Park Museum
One of the attractions of Villahermosa, Tabasco, is undoubtedly the Museum Park "La Venta". This museum was opened to the public on March 4, 1958. The park is divided into two main parts, namely a zoological and an archaeological area. In the first part one can appreciate 518 specimens of 62 species, including jaguars, crocodiles, pumas, spiders, howler monkeys, snakes and lots more. In the second part monumental pieces of the Olmec culture can be found. In Mexiko this museum is unique with its recreation of a rainforest in the center of the capital city. A tour of the park is very interesting as one very closely experience endemic species of the region. The zoo also has a large aviary containing birds of the area. Seeing them up close is a very special experience. As one walks through the archaeological area, one discovers ancient remains of the Olmec: colossal heads, stelae and different altars. Halfway through, one comes across a crocodile shelter and further there is a cage with jaguars, the emblematic animal of the state. This beautiful animal is unfortunately threatened with extinction. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes and light clothing. The weather is hot and in the jungle it is even more so. It is also advisable to bring along some insect repellent and sunscreen. Enjoy it!
Cities in Villahermosa
This is the Yumka nature reserve in a beautiful in Tabasco.
Lakes in Villahermosa
Lagoon of Illusions
Because of the growth of Villahermosa, avenues were built on this lagoon. It also has some fountains that illuminate at night which beautifies the view of the lagoon, where many animals live such as herons, cuatis and lizards.
Of Touristic Interest in Villahermosa
Belleza Tabasqueña
Even in wet weather here in tropical tabasqueño one can find beauty around the corner, though the capital is too built up. This photo of Tomas Garrido Park, is a feast for the eyes with green like the rest of the city. A beautiful villa, which makes time travel without losing sight of today, a whiff of nostalgia on February 27. Near the cathedral there is also a window to the sky, if one has time to stop and watch. In Paseo Tabasco there are two places where you can admire unsurpassed beauty one is Tomas Garrido Park, which is the main attraction of the city and has good views at night. While in the streets each year are filled with colorful guayacans. This phenomenon occurs only in Tabasco.
Of Cultural Interest in Comalcalco
Chocolate Finance CACEP
The visit begins, reaching the city of Comalcalco, where one has to take a truck to the entrance of the estate, which is a cost of 10 pesos (if one goes by taxi s they charge 80 pesos). Once we arrived the ranch, we went to CACEP offices where our guide was waiting: First, growing cocoa. We were taken for a nursery where we were told how to do grafting criollo cacao plant, because this is the one that bears fruit and produces good quality throughout the year. After a tour of the plantation, we were told of the characteristics of cocoa: Its resistance to weather, the harvest and how to fight pests organically. They produce an "insecticide" that does not kill the dangerous bugs, only drives them away, as it is a mixture of alcohol with onions and peppers. Then a tour of what was the old properties of the 20th century. They showed us an example of how the machines were used to separate cocoa beans, kitchen items Chontal and their typical clothes. The tour concludes with the interior and lifestyle of the people that owned the ranch. Then the tour continues along the Chocolate Factory. We went and saw all the industrial machinery that are used for drying and grinding cacao beans, then, go through other machines and start removing the butter, which is used for cosmetics and food. At the end of the tour, we were greeted by a huge chocolate food of white, black, bitter, sweet, with hazelnut, milk, peanuts, etc.., Of which we had to eat TOO without leaving any rudeness on the tray. If you wish to visit the farm, just contact them sufficient time to prepare the way. You can contact them at www.Haciendacacaoterajesusmaria.Com
Villages in Comalcalco
This area is full of magic because apart from the fact that its buildings are unique from the materials from which they are made, and from where you can appreciate a beautiful view and especially when you travel and you go into the jungle on a path behind the ruins
Rivers in Villahermosa
Sunrise on Grijalva
After a good party it is good to hold out as long as you can, until the morning rain lets see this beautiful landscape, it was good to have a camera at that moment. This picture was taken from Villahermosa. After the storm comes the calm, and this photo is a good example of that. A good place to be between two worlds. On the river grijalva. From here you can do a spot of sightseeing in the city center.
Of Touristic Interest in Paraiso
Paraiso Tabasco
I went with my friend Henry and his wife Liduvina to celebrate his daughter, Laura Elena´s fifteenth birthday, to this celebration we went my wife and I as sponsors of presentation, having fulfilled my commitment, my friend took us to have tortilla chips with garlic, shrimp tortillas, a beer that because of its size and shape it is called missil by Tabasco inhabitants, a must visit to the port Ceiba, Chiltepec Bellote where you can get delicious food, a must trip to the beach and to try the traditional drink the Pozol We accompanied my friend Henry and his wife Liduvina to celebrate his daughter, Laura Elena's 15th birthday. My wife and I went as sponsors of the presentation, having fulfilled my commitment my friend took us to eat tortilla chips with garlic, shrimp tortillas, a beer with a size and shape such that it is called a missile. We visited Ceiba port, Chiltepec, Bellote where you can eat delicious food. It is a must to visit the beach and try the traditional drink- Pozol.
Historical Monuments in Jalapa
Dominican Ex-convent S.XVII
This temple gives a very special vibe. It's usually under the waters of a dam built at this place. It's been under water about 50 years. At least three times the dam has been without water, and you can appreciate the magnitude of this temple. Very peaceful
Rivers in Villahermosa
Grijalva River
Crossing the state of Tabasco and there are parts where the endless river is very wide, in other parts it is very cautious. There are small boats that you can use to cross from one side to another and also some boats take you out for a short tour the river.
Hiking in Villahermosa
Kolem Jaa
There is a really cool video on http://keysite.Com.Mx This place is really beautiful. It is a place to enjoy nature. It has no phone signal at all. To get there you cross the river in a boat 'Oxolotán' and you do activities such as zip lining, hiking and rappelling down a waterfall. Highly recommended. Check it out and visit the place, you'll have fun.
Churches in Comalcalco
Cupilco Church
In truth, this is undoubtedly one of the most colorful and picturesque churches in this state. its bright colors, its architecture make it a place worth visiting. In its history there is a myth which says that the Virgin that is venerated, appeared in the river that passes through this place in a canoe found in the led to puebo then taken to another town near there, but the next day dawned they headed towards Cupilco they did for many days until they were led eventually to Cupilco but that does not end, they built a small church and at night left her alone, the next day it had with wet hair and small crustaceans on it. For this reason many villagers made a party, and since then very devout people come from other places, for her to work a miracle and for them to make promises. the church was built during the eighteenth century
Rivers in Huimanguillo
Río Mezcalapa
Travel in Mezcalapa River fishing and VIEWING beautiful scenery, traveling IN canoes or kayaks.
Of Touristic Interest in Huimanguillo
Recorrido peatonal
When travelling along pedestrian avenues and popular businesses in Huimanguillo, enjoy the atmosphere with music and traditional products.
Wetlands in San Antonio
Centla Swamp
We decided to enter the Centla Swams landmark and nature reserve of Carmen Town in the beautiful state of Tabasco. If you can, visit the beauty of the marshes, where there is a salt cooperative, and you can see the grijalva. The landscaped, constant green vegetation, and fauna all captivate the visitor.
Gardens in Villahermosa
Of Touristic Interest in Villahermosa
Airports in Villahermosa
Carlos Rovirosa
Normal, clean and nothing wonderful.
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