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Things to do in Ulán Bator

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Activities in Ulán Bator
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Statues in Ulan Bator
Squares in Ulan Bator
Sukhbaatar Square
Without a doubt, this is the best square in this country. This is the place the Mongolian nomads came and it's now the center of the city. You're sure to pass by on your way to other places nearby. The square was named after the July Revolution in Mongolia in 1921, is named after Sukhbaatar, the hero of the revolution itself. Stresses at the bottom with the sculpture of the great Genghis Khan
Temples in Ulan Bator
Gandan Monastery
I have posted some pictures for people to get an idea of ​​the beauty of this temple, but remember that Ulaan baatar offers other sights besides this temple. If you want to see pictures of places other than Ulaan Baatar, check out my other spots. A GREETING FROM MINUBE!
Historical Monuments in Ulan Bator
Gandantegchinlin Monastery
One of the few monuments in the capital of Mongolia, this is an active Buddhist monastery, Tibetan style, few of which survived the fires during the Soviet invasion. The site consists of six monasteries. Inside the main building there is a large Buddha that occupies the entire space. In the other monasteries Buddhist monks can be seen praying. It's also famous for its pigeons - the exhibition is full of them. The people walking through the site feed them.
Viewpoints in Ulan Bator
Zaisan Memorial
At the top of a hill near Ulan Bator, is this memorial of the 50th anniversary of the Soviet revolution honoring the Russian and Soviet soldiers who died in World War II. It offers a magnificent view of the attempted city.
Valleys in Ulan Bator
Orkon Valley
The valley of Orkon is one of the most important points to visit in Mongolia. A stony valley and covered in a freshly cut turf carpet. There you go for a swim in the waterfalls. The pictures say it all, pure nature and nothing more. If you liked this nook and want keep traveling by Mongolia looking to My Profile more corners to make your route! And if have any questions, ask me. I'll gladly answer.
Valleys in Ulan Bator
Shopping Malls in Ulan Bator
State Department Store of Mongolia
This is the only shopping center in Mongolia ... It's shocking to see it and one is surprised that, in a large country like Mongolia that is 6 times the size of Spain, there is not a Carrefour or Alcampo. If you need to buy anything from a supermarket, you can only do it here at the State Department Store. It is located near Shuktabaar (look at my blog for more info on this beautiful place) on Peace Street, the most important road in the capital. I recommend that you go there if you're planning to take a long journey by train, in order to get provisions. If you like this part of the world and want to continue traveling in Mongolia, take a look at my profile for some tips! And if you have any questions, let me know and I'll gladly answer them.
Shopping Malls in Ulan Bator
UB Departement Store
This department store becomes a town attraction if you stay long enough. The first 4 floors are similar to the city hall's bazaar, so it has no great interest for tourists (the prices are not very interesting). The 5th floor, however, is probably the country's largest souvenir shop and includes a very detailed description of skins. There is a cafe on the upper floors and a small library of 3 or 4 storeys. It's located on the city's main axis, on Sweet Peace Avenue, where you can find many restaurants, cafes and other shops.
Cities in Ulan Bator
Dalanjanzang is one of the few cities in Mongolia. If you are doing a tour to the Gobi, remember this city as the place where you can shower, unless you venture to throw yourself into the river of the Orkon waterfall and you might jeopardize your health. Dalanzang is also known for Psudonimo, a famous horse that won the Nadaam Festival for decades. He is a true legend. Unfortunately the horse died in 2009 and we couldn't touch him. There isn't a lot to do in this city, but remember, a warm shower! It will be one of the best moments of the tour. If you liked this page, and you want to continue travelling in Mongolia, check out my profile for more tips for your trip! And if you have any questions, just ask. I'll gladly answer. A GREETING FROM MINUBE!
Embassies in Ulan Bator
Museums in Ulan Bator
Museums in Ulan Bator
Shows in Ulan Bator
Ulan Bator State Circus
If you made the mistake of staying a week in Ulan Bator and you don't know what to do, there is a state circus in the south of the city, and the schedule can be found throughout the city. The building itself is of little interest, but supposedly, it's suppose to resemble the one in Bucharest that the Romans built. You should see it for yourself.
Stadiums in Ulan Bator
Ulan Bator Stadium
Ulan Bator Stadium is home to the most important national festival of Mongolia ... The Nadaam Festival. If you want more information about the festival of Mongolian Olympics, just visit my site. At this place, you can watch the famous wrestling. In Mongolian wrestling, they wear very peculiar clothes. The top part and two sleeves are joined at the back leaving the wrestlers' chests bare and below, they wear a simple calzocillo. This is because a few years ago, a girl competed at the Olympics in the wrestling category and she happened to win. When it was found out that she was a girl, there was much discrediting of the wrestlers and it was decided that it would be good for the breasts to be visible, to stop this happening again. If you like this place and want to continue traveling in Mongolia, take a look at my profile! And if you have any questions, let me know and I'll gladly answer.
Temples in Ulan Bator
Choijin Lama
The Chojin Lama Buddhist Temple is a great place in Ulan Bator, is not as visited as the Gandan Temple, but well worth a visit, is located just a 5-10 minute walk from the main square in Ulan Bator. You have to pay to enter but you can see the architecture and a part of Buddhist history and often later they put on a show of dances and masks that may be of interest (although it is super touristy and a bit expensive)
Museums in Ulan Bator
Museum of the Victims of Political Persecution
The Museum of Victims of the Persecution Politics in Ulan Bator is not one of those ostentatious museums that have large displays of files and shelves. This is a humble museum that was erected thanks to the will of Tserendulam, who was the daughter of the assassinated Mongolian Prime Minister Genden. During the 1930's, the Popular Republic of Mongolia was ruled by a socialist government. Genden, who was the Mongolian Prime Minister, was "advised" by the Soviets on topics of government and administration the country. Around 1937 Stalin wanted to carry out purges within the Mongolian territory. Genden objected. When he was on a visit to Moscow, the Mongolia prime minister was assassinated by Stalin's order, and Mongolia was under strict Soviety supervision for almost 60 years. This small museum, which opened in 1996, reminds us with its photos, posters, letters and other personal accessories, of those terrible first years of the Soviet repression, the slaughter of thousands of monks Buddhists and opponents to Moscow, and shows that any authoritarian regime going in against individual freedom.
Train Stations in Ulan Bator
Trans-Mongolian Railway
We took the train from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, where we stopped for a week to take a tour through the steppes of Mongolia with visits to the Kharkhorin monastery, Orkhon River valley, and Lake Ogii. We also booked takhi horses in the Khustain National Park. We went back to Ulaanbaatar, visited the Gandan Buddhist monastery and attended a performance of traditional music, and took a train back to Irkutsk, where we stayed in Listvyanka, by Lake Baikal. From Irkutsk we continued our journey by train to Moscow, stopping on a rainy afternoon in Yekaterinburg to stretch our legs and have some dinner on dry land.