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Things to do in Marken

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The top 7 attractions in Marken

Villages in Marken
Marken, an island with a pretty nice town, a picturesque village with many similarities to Volendam and Edam. I remember getting off the boat and finding a souvenir shop where you could try on some huge clogs, which was funny. One of the curious things that I noticed in Marken is that people decorate their houses differently. I remember seeing decorations that I saw on no other house of other people, for example, two pots wearing pants and a tank top with jeans. Since there, there are also small channels it belongs to Holland. Another curious thing about this island is that it is long but narrow. There are 2 ways to get there, by boat or with a vehicle passing by the dam that connects it to the rest of Holland. A beautiful and wonderful place that you shouldn't miss.
Bus Stations in Marken
Input and Output in the Island Bus
Although I think the landscape is much more beautiful when you go by ferry, that does not mean that the landscape along the embankment is ugly or offers bad views. It is very nice too and you'll find something that Holland is not missing, water and more water. From the island you can go by bus to Amsterdam Central Station, albeit with many stops ahead. Enjoy the journey to rest.
Of Cultural Interest in Marken
Lighthouse of Marken
Marken is a lovely village, as if taken from a children's story, with all the green wooden houses. It's a small town that you can see most of in a short time, so take a trip to the lighthouse (sometimes forgotten as it's somewhat removed from the center). It is approximately 2 kms. The walk recalls the very journey of the Wizard of Oz movie. It is narrow, cobblestoned and brightly coloured because it is surrounded by green, lots of green. It exudes calm and silence and transmits peace. On your way you typically find a local, cycling past with their clogs.
Of Touristic Interest in Marken
Ferry A Marken
If we want is to get to Marken by water or simply we're in Volendam, we have to catch the ferry to Volendam itself. If I remember correctly, it costs € 15, which isn't too bad, especially since during the walk you can see beautiful scenery. To my mind, it was a pretty nice trip, which I prefer rather than go by bus. Enjoy the views from the dock.
Harbors in Marken
Port of Fishermen
Originally 18th century Frisian monks settled on this island. Residents were devoted to fishing. In 1932, they built the Afsluitdijk, ending their way of life. You can visit the homes of fishermen, where you see how narrow the houses are.
Of Touristic Interest in Marken
Of Touristic Interest in Marken
Activities in Marken
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