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Things to do in Alta

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The top 6 attractions in Alta

Of Touristic Interest in Alta
Northern Lights in Alta
The aurora is a glow that appears in the evening sky in areas near the poles. It's due to the impact of solar wind particles on the magnetic field of Earth. In the northern hemisphere it is known as the aurora borealis, named by Galileo Galilei, in reference to the Roman goddess of dawn Aurora and her son who represents the northern winds. The are the most intense from September to October and from March to April. In the southern hemisphere the are known as the aurora australis. According to Norse folklore: The glow is from Vikings going to war, mounted on horses and armed with spears and helmet ... When traveling their armor reflects a strange glow that illuminates the northern sky, making what men call the "aurora borealis", or "Northern Lights". Though it is recommend to see them in the city of Tromso,the further north you go the better. Alta is a superb place to see the "lights".
Nature Reserves in Alta
This is a perfect place to see Northern Lights and to discover the cold and snowy landscapes. The best time to visit is from October to April. It is advisable to rent a car and discover on your own the landscapes of the North Cape. An unforgettable journey.
Fjords in Alta
We departed for Äkäslompolo early morning, with the feeling that perhaps we would never get there. We had stayed in lapland for about 13 days. We drove for several miles along narrow, but well-paved roads. Our trip was spent mostly among the fir trees of the forests and at one point it did begin to rain. Our original intention was to have something to eat in the city and visit the city center. Mission impossible. The GPS went crazy and even though there were signs indicating the word "Centrum", we were unable to locate the place. However; we did come to a nice port, where we went for a pleasant stroll, so all was not lost!
Of Cultural Interest in Alta
Rock Art at Alta
In the year 1973, almost by accident, in the village of Alta, a series of rock carvings were discovered, which offer visitors an insight into the life of the people who lived there more than 6000 years ago .These representations were made over many years. The earliest drawings date back over 6200 years and the latest are 2500 years old. The museum is 4 kilometers from the village of Alta, divided into a structure that is home to the entrance of the resort, the souvenir store, ticket booth and all services in a museum. Once you go inside, the view is fantastic. From this elevated wooden walkways above ground, we were directed to all attractions of the museum, following a chronological path from the oldest recorded to the more recent in time. You can sense what the ancient inhabitants of the zone did, or see where they lived.We see images of moose, reindeer, ducks, hunting men, rituals .... A magnificent journey through the ancient history of the inhabitants of the area. The prints have been restored and painted with pigments that resemble the originals as they should be. In this way we find red paint in the engravings, not original. These prints have been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. An interesting visit and highly recommended if traveling through this area.
Museums in Alta
Canyons in Alta