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Things to do in Finnmark

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Villages in Honningsvåg
Villages in Gjesvaer
Villages in Skarsvag
Villages in Norvagen
Villages in Talvik
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The top 40 attractions in Finnmark

Cliffs in Honningsvåg
There are many travelers who don't recommend going to North Cape (or Nordkapp) because the site itself isn't worth it in their opi
Cliffs in Nordkapp
Cabo Norte
It’s not about nordkapp itself, it’s about the journey to nordkapp. Breathtaking scenery, total lack of vegetation at those latit
Nature Reserves in Gjesvaer
Of all the tourist attractions of the island of Mageroya, this is definitely my favorite. The Bird Safari in Gjesvaer takes about
Villages in Honningsvåg
After arriving at the island of Mageroya, we went for our frist morning visit where we had our first contact with the platform of
Of Touristic Interest in Alta
Northern Lights in Alta
The aurora is a glow that appears in the evening sky in areas near the poles. It's due to the impact of solar wind particles on t
Nature Reserves in Alta
This is a perfect place to see Northern Lights and to discover the cold and snowy landscapes. The best time to visit is from Octob
Villages in Gjesvaer
We were camping in Nordkapp on the Island Mageroya when we decided that until sunset we would climb to the platform of North Cape,
Cliffs in Honningsvåg
Cape Knivskjelodden
There is a legend that the North Cape or Nordkapp with a latitude of 71 ° 10 '21 "N is the northernmost point of he Europe. Though
Of Touristic Interest in Honningsvåg
The Midnight Sun
In Norway there are two natural phenomena: The midnight sun and northern lights. The 2nd I do not know how it will be, but the mid
Fjords in Alta
We departed for Äkäslompolo early morning, with the feeling that perhaps we would never get there. We had stayed in lapland for ab
Villages in Skarsvag
It was the last afternoon of the two nights we spent on the island of Mageroya, before arriving to the North Cape, and we decided
Villages in Norvagen
Having spent a few hours in Honningvag, we saw that the road continued westward. Without thinking twice, my desire to visit new pl
Of Cultural Interest in Honningsvåg
Monument of the World's Children
On Tuesday October 23, 2012 I went to Nordkapp. There in full North Cape began what would be the 1st snowstorm of the year: a stro
Of Cultural Interest in Alta
Rock Art at Alta
In the year 1973, almost by accident, in the village of Alta, a series of rock carvings were discovered, which offer visitors an
Nature Reserves in Honningsvåg
The Island of the Birds in North Cape
A 15 km west of the North Cape cliff is Gjesværstappan Nature Reserve, is one of the most important seabirds in sub-arctic regions
Fjords in Honningsvåg
Traveling Between Reindeer: Road E69 Destination Nordkapp
The E69 highway connects Olderfjord and Nordkapp (North Cape), runs parallel to Porsangerfjorden or Porsanger Fjord which is the f
Fjords in Russenes
We start in Alta with more pain than glory, but every step we are closer to our final destination: the island of Mageroya and the
Of Cultural Interest in Karasjok
Husky Training
The place is fantastic, it was constructed by only 1 person, an artist named Sven Elghon with his hands and creativity he has cons