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Things to do in Stavanger

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Activities in Stavanger

The top 28 attractions in Stavanger

Of Cultural Interest in Stavanger
Gamle Stavanger (old Town)
Cruise ships often dock at the Vagen Havn, which is just 200m. from the entrance of the old city. The main attraction of Stavanger is the old Gamle Stavanger, composed of small wooden houses painted white. It is west of the harbor and facing the Valberget tower. I should make a special mention of Stangate Ovre Street, you have to spend a few minutes walking along it. It is very entertaining stroll, down the narrow cobbled streets of the old neighborhood of 173 wooden houses, built in the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It is only 5 minutes from the cathedral, as everything in this city is within walking distance. I highly recommend it.
Harbors in Stavanger
Stavanger Port
The port of Stavanger is the most prominent in this beautiful city in the south of Norway. It is a good starting place to visit "The Pulpit" (Preikestolen), the amazing vertical rock 604 meters high located on the Lysefjord. The relaxed and calm atmosphere of this city, its beautiful streets with brightly colored houses, the old town and its museums are incentive enough to spend a couple of days here. It's the perfect spot between Oslo and Bergen.
Fjords in Stavanger
I had traveled 8,000 km on bike as we went to make our way to Preikestolen. We arrived at the parking lot and waited 3.8 km climb to get to Preikestolen. The road was difficult to access, and more than just walking across the trepabas rocks, we had to climb 604 m. high. It took us 3 hours to climb it but it was certainly worth it ..
Streets in Stavanger
Calle Øvre Holmegate
When we were walking through the pedestrian area of ​​Stavanger, we stumbled upon this street. The whole pavement is really beautiful. And no wonder! Did you see that house? The street is very short, with only about 7 houses on each side, but it has more charm than any other street. All these colorful houses have a business: a cafe, a clothing store, shop decoration ... I walked twice from the top to the bottom. One of the most beautiful memories I have of Stavanger.
Cathedrals in Stavanger
Stavanger Cathedral
Stavanger city center is mostly modern (except the old town that is opposite it). The exception here is the cathedral, Stavanger Cathedral, which dates back from the 12th century, after Sigurd Jorsalfar Stavanger gave it the episcopal rank. Built originally in Anglo-Norman style, it has been restored several times since then. The late-s was later added. XVII includes a flamboyant pulpit and an ornate series of commemorative plaques hanging in the aisles. Walking around this area is very nice, you will get to see various vegetable stalls and flowers, or souvenirs with mostly wool clothing, which proliferate in the vicinity, the cathedral is almost at the port and is along the Breiavatnet.
Museums in Stavanger
Norwegian Petroleum Museum
In Stavanger, there are many museums but the Norwegian Petroleum Museum is especially interesting. North Sea oil has enriched Stavanger since the 1970s and today it is known as the main oil city of Norway. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum shows how oil is formed, how it occurs and what it is used for. The museum also has a well stocked gift shop and a cafe with tasty dishes. It is unmissable if you are in the area. Info available in English and Norwegian.
Waterfalls in Stavanger
Hengjanefossen Waterfall
If you go on the route Lysefjord Fjord, be sure to hire a captain cruise because you will be taken closer to this beautiful waterfall of 400 meters high. Depending on the time of year that passes by here you'll see more or less copious waterfall, if it is too mighty (which did not happen in my case) invites Captain proven natural water pouring this waterfall, pure mountain water 100 %, we were disappointed the truth.
Lakes in Stavanger
Behind the 12th century Cathedral, Stavanger and the ancient cathedral, is the City Park amidst the artificial lake called Breiavatnet, which has a fountain at its center. It is the green area of ​​the city where people and school children stroll around and feed the pigeons. It's a nice place to have a stroll, and it has beautiful old buildings all around that are dependents of the municipals.
Historical Monuments in Stavanger
Valberg Tower (Valberget)
Crossing the square from the cathedral and along the Kirkegaten, we can find Valber tower. Before it was the highest point of the city, the watchmen began using it in the year 1853 as a fire monitoring point. Going down to the dock port towards the Skagenkaien stores you will see today 60 of the 250 that were originally there. You can visit the tower paying an entrance. The views are great.
Gardens in Stavanger
Stavanger City Park
Near the Street Øvre Holmegate, one can find Stavanger Park. In the center is a lake filled with swans and ducks, which is super clean, like everything else in the city. The park is green, full of trees and places to sit. In fact, within the park is also the Cathedral of St. Swithun of Stavanger, giving it even more of a special touch. In Stavanger nothing is easy to find and we came across this park on accident. It has to be the biggest in the heart of the city.
Shopping Malls in Stavanger
Magasin Blaa Shopping Center
If you need an umbrella because it's pouring (which is what happened to me), or to buy anything else, this shopping centre is great. It's located off the coast, in the harbour, not far from the oil museum, and is a modern glass building with fantastic shops, florists, cafes and other things. It's very convenient for re-energizing or having a warm coffee.
Museums in Stavanger
Stavanger Museum
Besides the famous [poi = 560761] Oil Museum [/ poi], there are several interesting museums that you can visit in Stavanger. In the area there are many traces of the past. The Archaeological Museum exhibits various findings and it can recreate life on a farm in the Iron Age, or 1500 years ago. In the [poi = 560771] Old Town [/ poi] will find the only museum preserves the world, and also the Maritime Museum, showing the city's maritime history over the past 200 years. Look how organized the kids are painting on their easels! Leedal is the royal residence and it also doubles as the Manor House Museum. The Norwegian Telecom Museum focuses on the history of communication. And The Rogaland Art Museum houses a collection of Norwegian art from the 18th and 19th centuries. Go check them out!
Cemeteries in Stavanger
Eiganes Cemetery
It's not uncommon to visit a city cemetery; there are some that are very famous, like Highgate in London. This came up in the Stavanger tourist guide. It is a small inner-city cemetery, and the beauty comes from the style of the tombstones, made from lovely stone, and decorated with flowers and little else. Stavanger is small, so you might as well pay a visit here.
Shops in Stavanger
Søstrene Grene
This store has everything. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. There are boxes, food boxes, dishes, stationery, jewelry, candles, toys, etc. And it's very well organized. The store is super cozy and super, super cute. And that's not all! The store is ultra cheap. Come on, you can get a basket full of stuff for only 10 euros. It's a chain with locations in Stavanger and several other cities in Denmark. There are also locations in Iceland and Sweden. Let's see if it comes to Spain so we can buy gifts or decorations for the house. It's great.
Of Touristic Interest in Stavanger
Shops in Stavanger
Unusual Places in Stavanger
Shopping Malls in Stavanger

The best things to do in Stavanger

As soon as you arrive at the port, you'll immediately come across one of the most important things to see in Stavanger: Gamle Stavanger, or the Old Town. It consists of 173 enchanting wooden houses painted all in white and the area is also home to many of the most popular Stavanger attractions like the Stavanger Cathedral and

Another of the best things to do in Stavanger is spending an afternoon exploring the museums. The most popular are the Archaeological Museum, the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, and the the Canning Museum (the only one of its kind in the world), which explains step by step history of the city's traditional canning industry.

In the outskirt of the city, you'll find one of the most spectacular places to visit in Stavanger: Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen), a massive rock jutting out over Lyse Fjord. While you're there, don't miss the Kjeragbolten, a huge rock wedged between two mountains and one of the most famous attractions in Stavanger.

If you're still wondering what to do in Stavanger, use minube to find recommendations from real travelers and locals and discover all the best Stavanger activities and unique attractions like Valberg Tower (from which you can enjoy the best panoramic view of the city), Lake Breiavatnet or the
Sankt Petri Kirke.