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Things to do in Sør-Trøndelag

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Activities in Sør-Trøndelag

The top 37 attractions in Sør-Trøndelag

Cathedrals in Trondheim
Nidaros Cathedral
Nidaros Cathedral can be found in Trondheim and it's truly a majestic sight to see. It's situated right next to the river and I, for one, was surprised by its size, because Trondheim is a Midwestern town where there are only 150,000 people. It's tiny size is due to the fact that it was a place of pilgrimage for Protestants because in it lies the tomb of St. Olaf, who was a Viking king who died on the battlefield. Gothic cathedral is the world's northernmost known in the Middle Ages as "the heart of Norway". Next to the cathedral, in what was the old stone quarry where the parts are working the sacred temple constructed, has opened a cafe, where you can have a latte (huge as in the whole country) contemplating the medieval stones and quiet breathing, yes, the fresh (as you see in the photos, the traditional blankets are everywhere in Norway for daring to socialize despite temperatures. My trip was in August was accompanied by ever higher temperatures at 14 degrees) If you go to Norway, Trondheim recommend a jump to the cathedral and many other reasons ...
Harbors in Trondheim
Port of Trondheim
The Port of Trondheim is a great place to go for a walk near the sea. This port is where ships dock and cruise ships passing through the area dock. From the Nidaros Cathedral, you can walk there in only 20 minutes. However, a bus left us there on our tour route of the Cathedral, and took us walking to the port, giving a nice walk. Practically was little that we saw in the city, and that led us to sleep in a hotel away from the city, so that is what I remember I keep.
Cities in Trondheim
Castles in Trondheim
Kristiansten Fortress
The Kristiansten Fortress is located just outside Trondheim, Norway. We visited it after eating at [POI = 617821] Kristiansund [/ POI], on the way to the centre of Trondheim to see the cathedral. It's a fort that was built in 1681 and is currently under renovation. From the top of the mountain, there is an excellent view of Trondeim and the mountains. This is undoubtedly the biggest attraction of this stop. Entrance around the exterior and the courtyard is free.
Streets in Trondheim
Bridges in Trondheim
Old Bridge in Trondheim (Gamle Bybro)
The Old Bridge in Trondheim is one of the symbols of this city. The bridge was built in 1681 as a step towards Kristiansten Fortress, one of the sights from where we can get an excellent view of Trondheim. Originally this was a wooden bridge supported on stone pillars at the ends were guard houses that served as customs and gave or denied passage to anyone who was traveling there. If we make a dance number and go to the year 1861 when we got to the bridge was remodeled adding to the concrete substrate structure and reinforcements with metal fences and other items. In turn became the drawbridge accessing walking with wooden sidewalks or vehicle via a paved driveway. The Old Bridge Trondheim rises above the waters of the River Nidelva uniting the two parts of the city. The bridge is known as the "Door to Happiness."
Neighborhoods in Trondheim
Rivers in Trondheim
Río Nidelva
The beautiful Nidelva River rises in Hyttfossen, where waterfalls share the same name. About 40 kilometers away from its mouth is where you'll find Trondheim, the third most important urban center in Norway. Along its route are waterfalls and many places to find the much valued addition Norwegian salmon trout. We are facing the deepest river in Norway. The photos in this article belong to Nidelva River passing through Trondheim, some of them are made from La Fortaleza Kristiansten and others from several bridges that are on it and serve as a link between the different areas of the city. Along the stretch of river that runs through the city you'll be able to see, in addition to the charming and colorful houses on stilts on the river, some beautiful places to walk around. Many of these walks lead to places of interest such as churches, parks, museums, etc. This is the ideal jumping off point for you to discover this glorious town in Norway! Go see it!
Squares in Trondheim
Torvet Square (Market Square)
Tovert Plaza or Market Square is the heart of the city of Trondheim. It is close to attractions like Nidaros Cathedral and the Palace of Justice and the nearby streets are the bustling heart of the city. The most prominent feature in the square is the Monument Triggvason Olav. For those not familiar with the story, Olav was the founder of Trondheim. Russian-born colonizers brought Christianity to the Norwegian territory and he was forced to leave the country. On his return to reclaim his throne, he died in the Battle of Sticklestad. After his death he was buried somewhere in Nidaros Cathedral and became a saint and martyr of the Catholic Church. This monument also consists of a large granite column on which stands the statue of St. Olav Triggvason which is also a sundial, the world's largest. At Plaza Torvet you can find markets, shopping centers, restaurants, coffee shops and banks. Close by you can also find the Tourist Office, fast food outlets and bars.
Museums in Trondheim
Sverresborg Trondelag Folk Museum
The truth is that we had planned to go to this museum, it was recommended in the tourist office and even though it as a ways away from the heart of town and we had to take a bus , we went. . Similar to Spanish Village in Barcelona but Norwegian style, Norwegians do not have much grace in creating museums but in this case they were right. I thought it was interesting, to go in and out of a lot of homes, shops, dentists halls, post offices, etc. .... that represent the past and present of the traditions. i made a visit with a family living as they did in the last century, and they were represented by really nice actors that make you wonder whether the characters were real, they explain and show you their photo album or songs with an organ, you must visit this house where the family lives, without doubt the best part. Once you have visited the outside you can visit the museum inside where hanging on the walls and in glass cells are objects that represent Norway .. . metallic plates, coffee grinders, clothes etc field. The walk back we did by foot because it was downhill and in this country you have to see everything you can!
Cathedrals in Trondheim
Villages in Røros
The most unique, inspring town you will ever come across; Roros, Norway. This old copper mining town is a World Heritage Site, where people live and work as normal, in the grass covered houses that lay within the town.
Markets in Trondheim
Of Touristic Interest in Å
Fjords in Trondheim
Nature Reserves in Røros
Hiking in Trondheim
Of Touristic Interest in Trondheim