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Things to do in Ayacucho

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The top 12 attractions in Ayacucho

Cities in Ayacucho
Ayacucho town
I traveled bound for the Catalina Huanca mine, when suddenly something lovely caught my ye, I stopped for a moment and I could see how lovely nature was, impressive sand formations, I recommend it
Historical Monuments in Ayacucho
Pampa of la Quinua
Pampa where the battle took place in Ayacucho, Peru last that would give the desired independence. To mark the centenary of independence in this Pampa the people built an obelisk dedicated to those who fought for the independence of Peru. It is about an hour north of the city of Ayacucho.
Ruins in Ayacucho
Wari Ruins
The most important ruins of the Wari culture are located north of the city of Ayacucho and close to the towns that were devastated by terrorism. The Wari culture was born in the centre of Ayacucho, from which it expands. It was the first empire in Peru. The excavation has hardly advanced, not only because of terrorism, but also because there were remains, but the excavation was left unfinished, jeopardizing the conservation of the ruins. The road in the middle of the ruins is both noticeable and unfortunate.
Villages in Ayacucho
Quinoa is a village located about an hour from the city of Ayacucho. It's near the Inca ruins and the Peru Independence Memorial. Because of the proximity of these two tourist attractions, the town is full of shops and restaurants. It's a charming place.
Valleys in Ayacucho
Glacier Valley of Yanama
We began going up the mountain about 4665m. The scenery is fantastic, adjectives we used to describe the show! It's unreal! All these photo look like something out of a dream. Here we can see how the snow covers our feet . And after another step, the landscape changes. After a long decline in a wide valley that resembles a little the Vercors. We stopped at the stage of Totora: gorgeous!
Streets in Ayacucho
Ayaucho Street
I think walking to find an vation space in my head was what led me to walk through zones where it had not done for many years. It was short, but it was gratifying that i rediscovered part of my land, and I saw that the best way to save the time was through a picture and I took one. Now I have a small collection of memories.
Villages in Ayacucho
It is a photo where there are memories of a town of line, that by the way is pretty and where my Grandma Virginia lived. It was a time where violence didn´t exist and the people were nice.
Museums in Ayacucho
Historical Monuments in Ayacucho
Viewpoints in Ayacucho
Villages in Ayacucho
Villages in Ayacucho