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Things to do in Guadalest

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The top 14 attractions in Guadalest

Villages in Guadalest
The town of Guadalest lies on both sides of a tremendous rock that looks like a knife sitting on top of the ground. The valley to the northern part of “the knife” is covered in spectacular vegetation. The “knife” serves as protection for the southern side, which is rugged, rocky, and even tropical in some places, where palm trees and cactuses grow. Walking down the streets we enjoy a unique experience. The views are diverse depending on the direction you head: on one side there’s the lush forest, on the other there’s the sea, suddenly there’s a bell tower on top of the highest rock, the views of the valley, etc. Sometimes it looks like a medieval sight. Nature has been generous with man and has spread its infinite beauty all over the place. Although there’s a good amount of tourist activity here, bars, restaurants, hostels, stores, and a large variety of museums, you can’t miss out on visiting one of the most beautiful places in Alicante. The town of Guadalest is found on both sides of a tremendous and jagged rock which sticks out of the earth. The valley which forms to the north of the giant rock is filled with spectacular wildlife. The rock serves as protection and has created some semi-tropical areas full of palm trees and cactus. As we walked through the streets, we enjoyed an unequaled panorama. The views are great, but depend on where you are: ferny forests, high rocks, the sea in the distance, valleys…it’s like being in a medieval epic! Here at least, mother nature has been generous with man and gifted him with beauty all around. Although the beast of tourism is making itself felt in the form of bars, restaurants, hostels, and shops, you should definitely visit this beautiful town in the province of Alicante.
Wetlands in Guadalest
Guadalest Reservoir
Looking to the north from the middle of the dam, you can see the entire surrounding area -- the mountains, Guadelest, the other towns in the distance, etc. The views are magnificent. If you turn and look towards the south, you can see the valley of Guadalest and its outflow to the sea. From this perspective, the sea doesn’t look like a giant blue mass, rather a thread of blue light that intertwined from the mouth of the valley to the distance. The road seems like it dead ends at the dam. If you have time and are traveling by car, you can cross the dam and take the road on the other side. It will take you to the entire area surrounding the reservoir. You’ll be in Guadelest in just 30 minutes. It’s a narrow, recently paved road with many curves. Not many people take this road, but if you drive slowly, you’ll have no problems. It’s a great feeling to visit this area, right in the middle of the valley.
Castles in Guadalest
Castle of Guadalest
Before crossing the tunnel dug in the rock, Guadalest Castle rises dramatically in front of you. It is worth spending some time enjoying the panoramic views towards the sea and much of the Marina Baixa. When you reach the medieval castle, feel free to approach the large square, which also serves the nearby lookout over Guadalest reservoir and the mountains, with its changing light throughout the day. Cottages http://www.Toprural.Com/comunidad-valenciana/alicante/casas-rurales-guadalest_rm-es-3075.htm Guadalest
Viewpoints in Guadalest
Viewpoint of Guadalest
We enjoyed a fantastic day here, strolling around the streets of this town of "medieval dyes" with its slopes and paved roads. There is also a fantastic viewpoint where you can see a spectacular view of the valley. For children it is fun, a different kind of day for them, of course there are shops, restaurants and everything you need to make your stay comfortable.
Museums in Guadalest
Museums in Guadalest
Villages in Guadalest
The Riu Restaurant
This place ofers excellent value. Children have a lot of space in which to play and plenty of entertainment. You must try the lamb chops with garlic - Olleta of blat (a very traditional dish) - Tarte (coca), almond and orange
Museums in Guadalest
Orduña House (municipal Museum)
The view from this house-museum is an experience that will surprise you because it's been restored and is owned by the community. The neighbors bought the house from the owners, the Orduna family. The dependencies of the house correspond to the moment of maximum splendor and the influence of the Orduna family, and Joaquín María de Orduna. The decor meets the aesthetic tastes of the bourgeoisie in the second half of the 19th century. They were building a large house in a small town in a rural setting, and it's far removed from the city's geographical middle. You can admire the 19th century furniture and decor, as well as some paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries. There's also an interesting collection of ceramics, an Ecce Homo by an unknown author, which represents a double figure of Christ reposed, or the processional image depicting Our Lady the Virgin of the Assumption.
Streets in Guadalest
Viewpoints in Guadalest
Penya del Cullerot Viewpoint in Guadalest
Guadalest is inside a mountain and you can not imagine it, when you approach the town you see a mass of stone and you have to go through a narrow passage or door between two huge rocks. Another surprise is that the tower stands on a rock and isn't on the church - it wouldn't have been possible to notify the people in case of invasion. Its origin is Arabic and it has spectacular views.
Hiking in Guadalest
Monte Aitana
We arrived at this parking area in Benifato at around 3 pm. We got out of the car and climbed to the top of the Sierra. To do this we had to go via Benifato, a detour that goes from the C-3313 after Guadalest. At the entrance to this village you have to follow directions to Partegat Font, a recreational area where you will arrive after 3.8 km of curves and a steep climb. Here, surrounded by rock walls full of cavities, there are tables, barbecues, ideal for picnics. Here the asphalt ends and you have to continue up the trail that goes to the left.
Sports-Related in Guadalest
Churches in Guadalest
Museums in Guadalest