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Things to do in Novelda

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The top 17 attractions in Novelda

Churches in Novelda
Sanctuary of St. Mary Magdalene
This religious building was built as part of a project by D. José Sala Sala, a modernist engineer from Novelda. Construction began in 1918 and was done in three phases, finishing in 1946. On the front entrance, there are two 25m towers topped with crosses which stand out, as well as the cupola and high arches. The decorative motifs have their roots in the medieval and baroque eras, as well as in nature itself; these influences led the architect to combine pebbles from the Vinalopó river, polychrome tiles, bricks, red tiles, and masonry throughout the structure’s exterior. The interior is comprised of a central chamber with two flanking rooms. In the apse, you’ll find the chapel of St. Mary Magdalene, Patroness of Novelda, and behind the altar there’s a beautiful painting attributed to Gastón Castelló. Restoration and maintenance work is constant, with the most recent one having taken place in 2006 to restore some of the decorative tapestries and the famous work by Gastón Castelló which hangs over the altar. This religious building was constructed by the ingenious D. José Sala Sala and follows the Catalan Modernist style. Construction began in 1918 and was eventually finished in 1946, after three different phases. The front façade has two 25 meter towers with a stone cross above (that also can be seen in the cupola and above the façade’s superior arcs). The decoration follows medieval, baroque, and natural influences. José Sala Sala used pebbles from the Vinalopó river, polychrome tiles, reddish bricks and masonry, which are all visible on the outside of the building. The interior has a central rectangular aisle with two adjacent lateral spaces. Behind the altar there’s a great Gastón Castelló painting. Maintaince and restoration works are constantly being performed on the sanctuary. The last one took place in 2006 and was a pictorial restoration of the many canvases found in the temple, including the Gastoón Castelló piece located in the center of the altar.
Castles in Novelda
La Mola Castle
In the outskirts of Novelda, there’s the La Mola peak (360m. above sea level) which, to be fair, isn’t especially high, but really stands out taking the flat Mediterranean coastline into account. It’s easy to get to in a car or by doing a 2hr. hike. The castle is in the Almohad style of the 12th century but also has some Christian additions from after the Reconquista at the end of the 14th century. It’s a symbol of the city and was declared to be of National Cultural Interest in 1931.
Villages in Novelda
Do not forget to try the gachamiga, a local specialty. Novelda is a lovely place to visit in mid-July, coinciding with the local festival of St. Mary Magdalene. You must also see the beautiful and unique three-cornered castle of La Mola, and the sanctuary. Enjoy it.
Squares in Novelda
Replaceta de la Aurora
This is one of the most graceful spots in the village of Novelda. In the parish of San Pedro, it is a meeting place and a wonderful place to sit and watch the people of the village of Novelda. Without doubt, the most comfortable and fascinating place around.
Of Cultural Interest in Novelda
Casino de Novelda
This casino was built in 1888 as 'the world's most expensive destination' and is now a kind of club for the richest people in town. They are reluctant to allow you to take any pictures inside and old and outdated standards remain, such as the rooms for men and women separately, which in our day, is a bit surprising. Anyway, stroll through the outdoor facilities, which are free and very nice. Here, sit on any bench and below, grab a bite to eat in various shadowy corners and you can almost certainly enjoy the good Mediterranean climate which prevails here. A highlight is the beautiful temple, an example of C20th iron architecture.
Viewpoints in Novelda
Lookout Tower of the Three Peaks
This viewpoint is within the walls of the Castle of La Mola. Accessed after crossing a small bridge and climbing very narrow stairs with just a little light from the outside. The real name is the Torre Cuadrada (square tower) but it is popularly known as the "la de los tres picos" (three peaks), as it isn't square, it's triangular and has, of course, only three corners. From here you enjoy the best views of the vast Novelda valley and the municipality. The building is fourteenth century Christian, it's a perfect triangle and although a little bland, it's worth taking a break to look at the city from one of the highest points.
Squares in Novelda
Plaza de España
It's what we all know as Plaza del Ayuntamiento but here it's also called "plaza vieja" as the town hall was built here in 1696 that once was the Lonja water. On one side is the parish of St. Peter (built between the XVI and XVIII centuries). The bell tower isn't terribly old as it was built on the former at the beginning of the XX century. In the square's center stands a statue of one of the city's favorite sons Jorge Juan and Santacilia, mariner, mathematician and one of Spain's most complete scientists (XVIII century).
Museums in Novelda
Modernist House Museum
The Modernist House Museum is located in Alicante. The museum is dedicated to an architectural gem, a magnificent mansion. The mansion's construction was commissioned by Antonia Navarro in the early twentieth century. The land on which it sits was purchased by her father, Luis Navarro and was later inherited by his only child, Antonia.
Of Cultural Interest in Novelda
Route by Novelda
I recently did a route with the people in my class to Novelda, we had several guides and were testing a new tourist route to promote tourism. The route has very good places to visit, the only thing I missed were more practical guides. Here are a few pictures.
Of Cultural Interest in Novelda
Wineries in Novelda
Heretat de Cesilia Winery
Heretat De Cesilia is a winery that has guided tours where tourists can enjoy visiting their vineyards, elaboration phase, aging, bottling and of course, wine tasting. You can find white wine, pink and reds, all with wonderful views of the Sanctuary Santa Mª Magdalena. The house is an unnoticed eighteenth century work and inside there is a mill of the time. The winery has its own restaurant and function room. Surely visitors to Novelda can not pass by the ONLY winery in the village.
Villages in Novelda
Modernism in Novelda
This population, which occupies a valley in the Sierra, has a few tidbits that are worth visiting. One is the ruins of its Moorish castle, with some preserved walls. The ruins also have two towers, one triangular and Gothic and the other integrated into the sanctuary of Santa Magdalena, where great devotions place for local residents, it also has a nice modern design. Walking through the streets of the quiet village we discovered some interesting modernist residences. Alicante Cottages http://www.Toprural.Com/comunidad-valenciana/casas-rurales-alicante_bd-es-03.htm
Valleys in Novelda
Spot Salinetas - Station
The nice thing was looking at the perfect composition and shape of the station, while we were waiting. good temperature in October in spite of it. Lovely area, that is despiste of its aridity. It has areas that continue to impress.
Temples in Novelda
Festivals in Novelda
Moors and Cristians
Late in July 2010 with lots of heat and covered up eyes. (That look says it all.)
Streets in Novelda
Of Touristic Interest in Novelda