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Things to do in Cullera

91 contributors

The top 38 attractions in Cullera

Villages in Cullera
It is one of the places I like to visit as it is amazing, especially in summer! We stayed in a great apartment. In the Star building on calle Caminar de los Hombres, it is amazing, super good and dealing with the owners is really great as they are super friendly, the surroundings too precious - especially the castle. If you want to contact the owners and spend your holidays in this apartment the contact number is: 645983294
Beaches in Cullera
Cuera´s Lighthouse and Sorroundings
I spend summers at the Olivos beach by the lighthouse and I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world. It’s a clean and calm beach. Although it gets packed with people on the weekends, it still doesn't have that claustrophobic feel like the rest of the beaches on the Valencian coast. The beach forms a small gulf, maked by the island of thoughts. Thanks to the island, the beach doesn’t tend to have big waves, it’s nice and calm. The water along the shore is shallow and is perfect for the kids who want to play in the water.
Beaches in Cullera
Castles in Cullera
Cullera Castle
I have been visiting Cullera Castle and Cullera viewpoint, and this stretch of coast to the Montgo in Denia, is magnificent. But once up, after paying for visiting the castle, I was slightly disappointed because I thought it was expensive for what it was.
Gardens in Cullera
Botànic Cullera - Botanical Garden
Visiting the garden happened by coincidence last summer when I was going with some friends from Valencia to Cullera and looking for a place to eat. Reaching Cullera and by the entrance to the village, on the road from Faro, we saw a garden, got curious, and wanted to enter. On the outside you can not imagine the size of it. The info plaque said it's around 25,000 m2, with plants we'd never heard of and trees that are well adapted to the Mediterranean climate. It has a lovely lake and is full of ways to get lost in the greenery. At the entrance, there's a greenhouse where you can buy plants and a parking lot. We could also see the museum in an old house dating from the late nineteenth century, which had been restored and is worth visiting in and of itself. The garden has two very curious areas of cactus and others, which were under repair at the time. Luckily, we were able to take a guided tour, which was very interesting. The garden is beautiful and before we left they recommended us a good restaurant.
Sports-Related in Cullera
Kite Surfing in Cullera
Along Valencia, Cullera, Gandia and Oliva you'll find the top 3 spots for windsurfing and kite-surfing and several school specializing in these activities. I attached photos of Cullera beach: the best area is on both sides of the nude beach. If you look at the forks in the road between San Lorenzo and Cullera lighthouse you can see the colorful kites. It's a good afternoon show when the wind and waves pick up. It's really a thrill to see all the surfers out there on the waves doing tricks and jumps and occasionally go toppling down into the water. It makes me want to learn to surf!
Bars in Cullera
A nice place on the Raco beach in front of the Florazar 2. The views of Cullera Bay are nice and having a drink in a hammock with your feet in the sand and music playing is one of the best things of summer. The best time is at night.
Caves in Cullera
Of Cultural Interest in Cullera
Cullera Town Hall
The Town Hall or the Vila Ca dates from the year 1781 and is in the Plaza de España in the middle of downtown. It was built by Carlos III and has a similar style to the Italian palaces due to the long stay of the monarch in Italy. The Plenary Hall stands out for its decoration. The structure now houses the town meetings, the Cullera City Council, and serves as the local police station. The Plaza de España and with it the Town Hall, is the starting point for the parade and musicians during the celebration of the Virgen del Castillo in the spring.
Lakes in Cullera
Of Touristic Interest in Cullera
Tourist Train
Near the end of the promenade, you'll see these trains stop, there are 2 options. The best, if you go with young children, is to go to Cova del Dragut, or else climb to the mountain to reach the Castle, recently restored after endless years of reforms, and the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Castillo. It seems to me that after the beach, these little trains are a major tourist attraction of Cullera, because if you want to go quickly they keep circulating.
Flea Markets in Cullera
Flea Market of Cullera
Every Thursday in the early morning, the municipal market fills up with stalls selling all kinds of goods: clothes, shoes, bathing suits, linens, churros, etc. In summer, the heat is sweltering to they change the time of the market to Friday afternoon. You can't miss the newly renovated food market, a bold architectural intervention in the former two ships of the park, next to the newly-opened auditorium (which is also fantastic).
Nightclubs in Cullera
Number One Disco
Best party nights in Cullera! The nights are truly magical out there in the moonlight with nothing to end the part in this amazing environment with great music. The people of Cullera come together and this spectacle takes place year after year at the Number One Disco in the great community of Valencia!
Markets in Cullera
At the foot of the steep beginning of Calle Calvario, there's another wonder of architecture: the Municipal Market and its paths and gardens. It forms a picturesque complex of four pavilions in the form of a cross. It's the best example of modernist architecture that still remains. The construction took place from 1899 to 1903 under the direction of the architect Luís Ferreres. In the central part, there's a stone fountain that's home to ducks and turtles and is a popular stop for children. The market and the surrounding area is also home to a regional marketplace that was ordered by Royal Decree in 1320 to occur every Friday, although it currently happens every Thursday. They also hold concerts and orchestras in the Market Auditorium and various other cultural activities. The design of the markets is a large rectangle with cross-shaped paths that intersect in the middle. Each section is dedicated to a good group: the meat section, the fish section, the fruits and vegetables sections. The fourth is what's now considered the Auditorium.
Sports-Related in Cullera
Valencian Escola Kiteboarding
If you love adrenaline sports, sign up for our Kite-surfing Courses at our Kite-boarding School in Cullera Valencia. Sail on natural beaches with tons of wildlife. We provide all the materials needed. Courses are individual or in groups, adults and kids and have a duration of 1, 2, 5 or 7 days. Our instructors have experience and are certified by the Valencian Sailing Federation. The school is accredited by the Federation of Community Sailing. We have a rescue boat and impart classes in a safe and enclosed area with an output channel to a gorgeous natural beach Brosquil. Courses with qualified instructors take place throughout the year. In Cullera, you can enjoy the sea and wind until late October. You can enjoy nature with your friends doing adrenaline-filled adventure sports.
Churches in Cullera
Los Santos Juanes Church
This parish church is Gothic and was built in the 13th and 14th centuries, as shown by the only surviving bell tower left on the grounds. The present church consists of a single hall that's done in a neoclassical style. It was built in the 17th century. The church is named Los Santos Juanes and the two patrons of the city of Cullera preside at the altar: San Juan Bautista and San Juan Evangelista. It was the only parish church in Cullera from 1248-1953. It is in the Patio de la Iglesia in the popular downtown area.
Of Cultural Interest in Cullera
Santa Ana and the Pou Quarter
Separated from the neighborhood of the town by Market Gardens and Liberty Square is Santa Ana, called this because it is at the bottom of the Tower, Chapel of Santa Ana or Reina Mora . This neighborhood has had many names such as Arrabal del Mar, Santa Ana and San Jaime. Outer core is the first to be constructed outside of the enclosure Christian. It was also the oldest fishing town, which were earlier century barracks typical Valencian tile Mediterranean straw, a small and picturesque element tile altarpieces maritime tradition. It is documented that in the Late Medieval Ages there was a Jewish, ie a Jewish neighborhood where Jews lived apart cullerenses until conversion or expulsion in 1391. This we know for certain indications. It has also been part of the environment called Pou Quarter (Barrio del Pozo). The entire timber is an attractive package for the necessary protection, with narrow streets and traditional buildings well adapted to the topography of the mountainside. Also, today is part of this place the popular Barrio de Sant Francesc, which celebrates its festivals each year in which the streets are decorated with competition included. Top Municipal Market and near the area described, municipal offices are in the City of Cullera, in the Plaza de la Virgen No 5.
Of Touristic Interest in Cullera