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Things to do in Badulla

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The top 21 attractions in Badulla

Villages in Badulla
It is a tiny town in the mountains which you can arrive to taking a direct bus from Matara to Wellawaya, Ella and Wellawaya. It is
Historical Monuments in Badulla
Muthiyagana Vihara
Muthiyangana Devale is a Buddhist temple situated in the center of Badulla. The Buddhists visit the whole island on a pilgrimage,
Of Cultural Interest in Badulla
Estupa de Muthiyagana
In Muthiyagana temple, you can find a big white stupa, which is the focal point of prayer in the temple. Muthiyagana is one of the
Villages in Badulla
Badulla City is in the mountains, an area called Hill Country. There you can see a nice market, and also many important temples, w
Of Cultural Interest in Badulla
Frescoes of Kataragama
The frescoes of Hindu Kataragama temple are on the outside of the temple, to the bottom of what is inside the main hall. It's a pi
Bus Stations in Badulla
Bus Station
The Badulla bus station is in the center of the city, on King Street. It is used only for local travel, and we came and returned f
Historical Monuments in Badulla
Badulla Clock Tower
The clock tower is the focal point of Badulla, like you can find clock towers in Kandy or Galle. This kept its beautiful colonial
Churches in Badulla
St Mark Church
St Mark's Church was founded in 1857 and recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. At the junction of Badulla which has the clock
Churches in Badulla
Catholic Church
The diocese of Badulla was built fairly recently, it dates back to the year 1972. Before that the village had a Catholic community
Waterfalls in Badulla
Dunhinda Falls
Dunhinda Falls are situated 10 miles away from Badulla. You can get there from the bus station, where there is a vehicle that runs
Viewpoints in Badulla
Train Stations in Badulla
Train Stations in Badulla
Badulla Station
The Badulla railway station is a bit far away from town, but you will easily be able to find your way as there is only one road ou
Shopping Centres in Badulla
Lower Street
Lower Street is one of the main commercial streets of downtown Dambulla. It's easy to find since the colonial blocks and streets w
Markets in Badulla
Market of Badulla
The Badulla market is on and around King Street and Lower Street, not far from the bus station. The market is quiet as it's a simp
Streets in Badulla
Bazaar Street
Bazaar Street is in the centre of Badulla, near the bus station. It runs toward the clock tower, and is lined with small shops and
Hiking in Badulla
Excursion to Dunhinda
If you decide to go to Dunhinda Falls by foot from Badulla, it's better go on foot there than on the way back because of the slope
Temples in Badulla
Kataragama Devale
Kataragama Devale, or god Kataragama temple was constructed in the 17th century in honor of the king Vimaladharma, who had won a b
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