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Things to do in Mugla

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The top 43 attractions in Mugla

Cities in Bodrum
Bodrum is a town on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and one of the world's most famous holiday destinations, seen as a sort of Turkish Ibiza. Bodrum's history goes back to ancient times, but today it's a modern Mediterranean city full of beauty and spirit. It is a favorite meeting place for artists, dissidents and bohemians from all over the world its bazaars, Mediterranean stone streets, nightclubs, and galleries are full 24 hours a day. The city is dominated by the Bodrum Castle from the Middle Ages that is well preserved and worth a visit. There are lots of small shops selling Turkish goods where you can haggle with the merchants and buy some of the famous natural leather. When you get tired, duck into one of the many seafood restaurants or try Turkish cuisine like kebabs or baklava cakes. At night, you can go to one of the many clubs or walk along the coast to one of the Mediterranean's largest yacht marinas. Recommendation
Tourist Information in Marmaris
Here you will find a wonderful natural environment and landscape because of this site's location at the meeting point of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Marmaris is, in addition to being an important natural harbor, one of the main tourist destinations in the area, with this latter activity being their main source of income, since it is a major yachting center which is very popular in winter. It consists of two major and several smaller marinas. It has a ferry service to the Greek island of Rhodes, and is a stop for cruise ships. It also has a castle up at the top, sophisticated marine terraces, and a typically intricate Turkish souk with a variety of things of all possible qualities, the fake and the real thing are just a few meters away in separate stores, it's quite surprising. It is a fantastic place to visit and enjoy in all respects.
Of Cultural Interest in Minare
Pinara is the Rocky Necropolis of ancient Lycia, in Turkey, which was the cradle of civilization and one of the richest countries in pre-classical and classical archaeological treasures. The Lycians, among other people, chiseled the Turkish mountains to make its memory immortal. The ruins of Pinaras haven't been excavated despite belonging to one of the most important urban developments in Lycia. Pinara was from the 5th century B.C. Traces of the city can be found on 3 different hills. On the eastern wall there are hundreds of Lycian-style carved tombs. The theater is embedded in another hill, and it was the first Greek development, but it was later renovated by the Romans.
Viewpoints in Marmaris
Bar Restaurant Panorama
On the way along the small road toward the castle, you will see these little ads that read: "Panorama Restaurant, recommended by Lonely Planet." It's a great place to unwind with a bottle of beer or a pint, or to try a combination with natural orange juice, which is what the waiter recommended. From the top, you can see all of the coast. The dubious cleanliness of the kitchen that you can see on the way to the bathroom, doesn't make it very appetizing to stay for lunch.
Museums in Marmaris
Marmaris Castle
According to the historian Herodotus, there was a castle in Marmaris in the year 3000 BC. During the Hellenistic Age, Caria was invaded by Alexander the Great and the castle was destroyed. It was reconstructed from scratch in the year 1522 by the Ottoman sultan Süleyman the Magnificent when he set it as a basis for his campaign on Rhodes. From the year 1979, renovation work has taken place and still continues, in order to bring it back to its original form. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, the castle became a museum. There are 7 galleries, and the biggest is being used as an exhibition hall and the courtyard is decorated with flowers giving it a lovely setting. Admission: 3 euros.
Cities in Fethiye
Day Cruise through some deserted islands off the coast of Fethiye, in the Aegean Sea. Tourists only have to worry about drinking beer and sunbathing on the ship's deck. The scenery and the warm turquoise waters make you forget about everything else. In 2009 it cost € 12 with food included.
Canyons in Fethiye
Saklikent Gorge
Before going to Saklikent Gorge I had seen pictures with people walking through the canyon, there wasn't a lot of water in the river, which I guess is normal in the summer months. In May, however, the river was very high. It was really spectacular, but it was impossible to pass through the barrel. Only one hundred yards gateway you deeper into the canyon with walls more than a hundred meters. What I found most striking part of the water coming out of the very walls of the throat.
Valleys in Olüdeniz
Parachuting in Olüdeniz
Olüdeniz Lake
One of the things that stand out from Ölüdeniz is the wide range of non-typical sports which can be done for example travelling by boat for fishing, diving and paragliding. I had never jumped before but such is the influx of paragliders flying over the beach every day that it piqued my curiosity and I thought that it was a good time to start because the views of the sea and the lake from 2000 m are impressive. For around € 60 you can jump. First go up a nearby mountain in van and then there is not much time to think, then you're bound, and you're in the air. There is no time to be afraid and experience is highly recommended.
Of Touristic Interest in Olüdeniz
For only 20YTL you can take a boat from Oludeniz beach and visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the area which are accessible only by boat. The food usually comes included in the price and although the atmosphere is a bit crowded the beaches are worth the visit.
Beaches in Olüdeniz
Oludeniz Beach
Just imagine paradise: a beach surrounded by calm turquoise waters and large green mountains. I bet that whatever you're imagining is a lot like what you'd find at Oludeniz, one of the prettiest beaches in Turkey. Oludeniz was even named one of the five best beaches in the world, not at all surprising! Doing a para-glider flight to take it all in from above is one of the best things you can do here and one of the most popular tourist activities. Who doesn't love a good adrenaline rush? Oludeniz is an ideal place for it because the Babadag Mountain is right up against the beach and it's very, very big. There are lots of local companies that do it but I opted for one I booked at my hotel.
Historical Monuments in Bodrum
The Roman Governor
Walking through the streets of Bodrum, you can see the statue that was once the Roman governor who, much the same as any politician, he was loved so much that they tore his head off. You can take pictures with the statue, such as the one I have included.
Markets in Marmaris
Bazaar of Marmaris
This little place has it all, a spectacular natural harbour, a castle and museum in one, a mosque, European style bars and restaurants, and a souk or an Arabic indoor bazaar where you can find rings, "tangue" bags in the store beyond. You can lose most of the morning in the covered maze between haggling, and what there is to see and search.
Castles in Bodrum
Bodrum Castle
Bodrum Castle dates from the Middle Ages and was one of the first bulwarks against advances of the Ottoman Empire. It was held for several centuries until the Knights of St. John, under attack by the Turkish Army, were forced to retreat to the nearby island of Kos and later to Malta. It's an extremely well-preserved and beautiful medieval fortress which you can visit for a small fee.
Beaches in Bodrum
Bitez Beach
Bitez beach is located near Bodrum , in the same place Bitez . This is a very popular beach for family outings , many cafes and restaurants offer everything needed for a family vacation ...
Ruins in Bodrum
Myndos Gate
Former old gates which lead into the ancient city of Halicarnassus, in what is now Bodrum. They are the most important remains of the ancient city. There was once another gate on the other side of town but its hasn't been preserved.
Beaches in Bodrum
Camel Beach
Camel beach is a beach in the Bodrum area that's very popular with tourists. The beach is clean and has the crystal clear water, a number of cafes for refreshments, and free sunbeds if you order some drinks. The main attraction of the beach are the camels, which make for a great photo op.
Archaeological Sites in Fethiye