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Things to do in Kentucky

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The top 34 attractions in Kentucky

Caves in Cave City
Mammoth Cave National Park
The visit to this national park is one of the highlights in any trip to Kentucky. Not only is it the largest cave system in the world, almost 300km and there still counting, but the whole area is a huge nature reserve. Its name means 'not to dwell'. Here, Mammoths have never been however, the size of these natural caves is mammoth. They were also inhabited by Native Americans. There is a very wide range of types of visits, varying in length and difficulty, and routes ranging from simplest to those requiring advanced knowledge of caving. What I found funny was that in one of the visits we used paraffin lanterns used by the ancient miners of old, but in the end, as we were with kids, we decided on the most basic, it is easy to develop for all ages, except for people with disabilities. Although you only delves just a few hundred meters into this underground labyrinth, it's more than enough to get an idea of ​​its gigantic dimensions. I can assure you that when the Ranger leading the group ahead of us mistakenly turned off the lights and we spent five long minutes in the dark you suddenly realise just where we are.... The centre of the earth!
Of Touristic Interest in Louisville
We all know about the public art show that's called Cow Parade because several Spanish cities participated in it. There were large fiberglass cows decorated strikingly were on display in the street. The Louisville local has a version of one of the many imitators that have arisen since the Cow Parade called Gallopalooza. These sculptures are of horses with colorful and unusual ornaments. Louisville being the home of the largest equestrian event in the world, the Kentucky Derby, but horses can't be chosen. It's a nice initiative that gives some color to a rather dull city center.
Gardens in Lexington
Jacobson Park
The bluegrass and Kentucky bluegrass, is a herbaceous plant from the region whose center is Lexington. It covers the fields witha green blanket (the blue color refers to its flowers) and is amazing. During and last trip I had time to devote to nature and bluegrass could only see it from a distance, usually from the car. So I took a visit to this park to have some kind of contact with this landscape that only can be found in this part of the United States. Jacobson Park is a large public park (19 hectares) in the center of which is a large lake in which you can navigate renting rowboats. It is located on the outskirts of Lexington, towards Boonesboro. Access is by car as there is ample space to park inside. It is a park very carefully, perfectly mowed grass with many facilities. It is designed for people to spend the day here, so there are barbecues and a picnic area. There are also plenty of ducks, follow you everywhere and even accept food from your hand. And brown, wide meadows of bluegrass that even in the month of August are uniformly green and shiny.
Shops in Lexington
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
This large bookshop is part of a chain of independent stores from large U.S. publishers, based in Lexington, Kentucky. More than a bookstore, it is the dream of every book lover (and media): A giant space devoted to literature. Over two large floors are spread a huge amount of books you can read without any qualms. You only go near the till if you have to pay. The place is littered with chairs. There's even a cute little bar with a fireplace in the winter that burns a magnificent log fire. The library is located at Lexington Green, a mall in the ring road of the city which is different as the most important store is not a Wal-Mart or Sears, but a space dedicated to book lovers. Just like it should be.
Airports in Lexington
Blue Grass Airport
Compared to many airports around the world, and in the United States, the Blue Grass airport is very local because it only offers domestic flights. For passengers that need to travel international, they will need to connect somewhere else. Perhaps because of this, it is pretty easy to get through this airport and security is not even essential. It has basic cafe, souvenir shop and I must comment playground impressive decoration and posters from you land begins to see, putting on top of the horses, knowing that the riding is one of its strengths and traditions .
Museums in Louisville
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory
If you're a baseball lover you've come to the right place. In Louisville, Kentucky they've been making bats for over 100 years. Also, it shouldn't go unnoticed that they've built the world's largest bat and put it on their building. Admission includes a visit to the museum and the bat factory.
Museums in Louisville
Muhammad Ali Center
Who hasn't heard of Muhammad Ali? Known early in his career by his real name, Cassius Clay, he's considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time. He later converted to Islam. Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and it's here in his hometown where they've built a museum in his memory. It's intended to honor his career and its highlights, but if functions primarily as a cultural center where events and exhibitions are held. The visit will be especially interesting for those who like boxing and know Ali as a boxer. But best of all is the building that houses the museum. It's simply spectacular. The museum opened five years or so ago and is exemplary in all aspects. My son enjoyed going up and down the steps of the amphitheater outside. It's very well designed with a waterfall that ends in a fountain. For a rather gray city like Louisville, this place is a gem to have as a cultural center of its kind.
Of Touristic Interest in Lexington
Kentucky Bluegrass
Kentucky is a state known mainly for two things: horses and bourbon. However, its greatest treasure is called Bluegrass area in the north of the state and whose geographic center is the city of Lexington. It is a landscape of undulating fertile soil and ideal for the grass, in which the dominant species is a herb called Blue Grass. Around Lexington and extending to several dozen kilometers, the landscape is like showing my photos: Pastures, fences and horses. I took these photos in winter, so you can't quite see how lovely the pastures are because they are covered in snow. The Blue Grass is called blue grass because if it grows to its maximum, the grass turns green. But this is something that never happens in Kentucky, where the grass is always perfectly mowed. It is amazing to see the vast expanses of meadows, sparkling green, with its elaborately painted white fences and huge amounts of horses grazing and roam freely. It is a lovely place to visit and take some nice photos.
Museums in Louisville
Kentucky Science Center
The Science Center is a place dedicated to science and scientific research in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. It's on Main Street, a short walk from the Slugger Museum, which is a museum that attracts tourists to the city. In the entrance hall there's an concave part with mirrors that make funny reflections of people. They have several areas of activities and exhibits, such as; The world we created, the world within us, the world around us and the kids area.
Bus Stations in Louisville
TARC Trolley
The TARC (Transit Authority of River City) Tramways function as public buses and are a part of the urban transport network of Louisville. The Trams are made of wood which gives the city an old and charming atmosphere. There are 6 different routes of interest that run daily and on the first Friday of each month, from 5:00 to 11:00 p.m., they feature a free hip hop program on the Museums and Trade route to facilitate and promote mobility in a cultural city.
Museums in Fort Knox
General George Patton Museum of Leadership
Military tourism enjoys great prestige in the United States. People go to the battlefields of the Civil War or War of Independence. This fervor is not only limited to historical sites but is also extended to the many thematic museums open to the public. One ofthem is the museum dedicated to the Cavalry and, more specifically, one of the most famous generals of the gun vault, George S. Patton. It is located in Fort Knox, right in the center of the state of Kentucky. Fort Knox is one of the largest military bases in the world. Fortunately, the museum is set apart and the public do not have to enter the military compound. The staff serving the public does so in uniform. The museum is not very large, but very well appointed and, especially, has some real historical pieces of great value. Basically it is divided into the four seasons of the Cavalry: Its origins, World War 1, World War 2 and the present day. It is impossible to list all the tanks in the inventory, but the most valuable pieces are some of the first tanks that participated in World War 1. Most dramatically are the German tanks of World War 2 and a M1 Abrams of the Gulf War. Perhaps it is a theme that appeals to many, but the sight of a perfectly restored Tiger König, can delight the most demanding modeller. The exhibition not only includes tanks but also anti-tank weapons and equipment of the various wars. One room is exclusively devoted to Patton, with many personal items and even the vehicle he was killed in. There is also a shop with souvenirs, models and thematic books. Opposite the museum is a real 'garden of tanks', with a couple of dozen tanks relatively new and not used. Very dramatic. Moreover, it is worth a visit, for which take little interest in the matter. As for me, I would repeat, but this time without kids ...
Of Cultural Interest in Georgetown
Historic Georgetown
Georgetown is a small town in central Kentucky known for its significant architectural legacy. With over 300 buildings listed as historic, one can get a pretty good idea of ​​how the small southern town was 100 years ago. A lot has changed since then, but you can still walk down the street and see wooden rocking chairs on the porches and get an idea of what it was like.
Of Touristic Interest in Louisville
Belle of Louisville & Spirit of Jefferson
After visiting the center of Louisville, we went with the idea of ​​cruising the Ohio River. The Ohio wouldn't be the Mississippi, but it is a major river. And, of course, navigable with it's long stretch. It was to arrive up to Belle, but as we approached the river walk, the sky was getting more and more black. ... We left for shelter from the rain and the trip was saved for another time. The Belle of Louisville is a historic steamer operated by the municipality of the population. IT'S just like the classic paddle-boat gamblers from the films in Mississippi. It's the oldest of these boats still in operation and is considered a national monument. It performs river cruises, some only for 'sightseeing' and others for more formal occasions including lunch or dinner and live performances.
Of Touristic Interest in Lexington
Kentucky Ale
One of the main attractions are its state of Kentucky Bourbon distilleries, most of which offer guided tours. They are big companies with huge facilities, many of them historic. In the United States are now fashionable micro-distilleries, small companies that offer high-end products in small print runs, for demanding consumers. Kebtucky Ale is one of these small distilleries, although workhorse not the bourbon (who also produced) but cerverza, an ale (top fermented beer). It is in a small facility and visits are generally short, but it is still worth a stop to get an idea of how the process works. Outside are several hops plants, the plant whose flower is flavored beer, which I had never seen. I enjoyed getting to touch the hops flowers ... At the end of the trail there is a small Tasting and an opportunity to purchase. Although the doses being served are minimal, it is important to be careful because they are quite strong beers..
Museums in Lexington
Lexington History Museum
The Museum of History is in a beautiful building that was built in 1901 and once housed the offices of the judiciary and the courts of the county of La Fayette, located in the heart of Lexington, is now the Museum of History of the City of Lexington, in the region of Blue Grass and Kentucky. Inside are permanent and temporary exhibitions. The exhibitions guide you through the history of America.
Museums in Louisville
Frazier History Museum
The Frazier International History Museum can be found on the main street of historic downtown Louisville and just steps from Slugger Museum. The museum has a permanent exhibition of artifacts that belonged to politicians, celebrities, native warriors and soldiers. There are also temporary exhibitions, a souvenir shop (with products that are also available online), and daily educational historical dramas.
Of Cultural Interest in Frankfort
Jesse R. Zeigler House
Most would say that having a chance to see the architectural work of Frank Lloyd Wright is a dream for many architects, myself included. During my first trip to Kentucky, I had the opportunity to go to Frankfort and I could see the house that Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the Rev. Jesse Ziegler, but sadly it is private property and you can only see the outside. The house, which is an excellent example of the type of creation designed by the architect Wright, was declared a National Monument in 1976 and is the only work by Wright in the state of Kentucky.
Horse Racing in Lexington
Equestrian Park in Kentucky
There was an impressive cold spell in February 2008. This did not stop us from going one morning to the Horse Park, a landmark in the city and a "must" if you are from Lexington, because we get excited by the any subject that involves horses, riding skills, stables, meadows, races. In short: this hobby is common in Blue Grass. The sculptures of horses are beautiful, each representing a champion, a hero. In the administrative area there is a souvenir shop, and what else is there to say, you can find everything: pillows, blankets, books, photos, posters, glasses, liquor, games, clothes. An endless list of products with the equestrian seal!