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Things to do in New Mexico

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The top 57 attractions in New Mexico

Deserts in Alamogordo
White Sands National Monument
This was not the first time I've seen sand dunes, but it was the first time I saw miles and miles of white sand dunes. It was incredible, fascinating, and mesmerizing. A path, clearly marked (that I didn't end up doing because of the extreme heat) creates a circular path through the dunes.
Of Cultural Interest in Silver City
Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument
After driving through a pine forest for 2 hours (where I saw lots of deer), we arrive at this small park. The journey took us to the base of a cliff where you can visit six caves with Indian ruins inside. Being a little out of civilization, it is a peaceful park where the guards treat you like royalty.
Gardens in Albuquerque
Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Mesa Verde, in Colorado is one of the best preserved native Indian ruins in the United States. With two entrances,the northern one is paved I believe (I went to the south, with 20 miles of dirt road, but in good condition). Once inside the park there is a good quality 9 mile road through the Indian Villages (special reference to Pueblo Bonito). There is an easy walk that takes you through the top of the mountains to Pueblo Bonito from above. The road takes more than two hours and the views are breathtaking (we had to ask permission at the tourist centre before doing this though)
Forests in Silver City
Gila National Forest
On my way from Silver City to the National Monument Gila Cliff Dwellings, I came across this vast forest. I was delighted when I saw some small fawns grazing at the roadside and the stunning view of the valley caught my attention, the occasional lake and several rivers ..... I only saw it in passing, but I got the impression it was a good place to spend a few days camping.
Skiing in Santa Fe
Ski Santa Fe
I work at this place, I had never seen snow before and I can assure you that there is a lot here, though it's nothing compared to the movies. Everyone is very very friendly here - it is a small place but has good facilities.
Airports in Las Vegas
McCarran International Airport
When you think that Las Vegas is really a small town in the middle of the desert, it's funny to consider the size of its airport. But of course the huge airport is needed to accommodate all the tourists. First of all...yes, there is a casino in the airport! There are a plenty of slot machines in the boarding lounges, if you still have any money left! The place is so clean, spacious and organised. There are several restaurants and cafes, including 5 or 6 Starbucks stores. And there are plenty of rental cars available. The staff are all very helpful, and the queues move quickly.
Nature Reserves in Carlsbad
Carlsbad Caverns National Park Visitor Center
It's amazing how Mother Nature creates these amazing and sublimely beautiful places that we're so privileged to admire and enjoy!
Museums in Albuquerque
New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
The New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science is in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. The museum was founded in 1986, has permanent showrooms where you can admire the illustration of \ "time travel " which includes the birth of the universe about 13.6 billion years ago. This is a great place you have to visit.
Churches in Santa Fe
Loretto Chapel
The Loretto chapel is located in the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA). Built in 1872, the chapel is best known for its marvelous staircase, a true masterpiece of architecture from 1887. The spiral staircase makes two full revolutions and has no nails or center support, nor is it attached to the wall. Sadly, the name of the designer of this staircase is unknown!
Shops in Las Vegas
Society for the Preservation of new England Antiquities
This tip is more for boys than for girls. Know that show Pawn Stars? A pawn shop family, buying and selling old products? That's right! This store became famous because of the program, so much so, that nowadays you have to queue to enter! When they are filming the queue increases, as it is all done right there in the store. The store on TV looks much larger than it is in real life, but inside you'll find lots of interesting historical objects. There's jewelry, too, and if you have something old to sell, why not take it there and maybe you can appear on TV?
Museums in Albuquerque
Maxwell Museum of Anthropology
The Maxwell Museum of Anthropology is located in Albuquerque. Reflecting a broad mission, it covers the entire history of mankind. The museum's collections are global, including exhibits from North, South and Central America, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands. With its primary emphasis on the Southwest, the Maxwell is renowned worldwide for its properties in this region.
Shows in Las Vegas
O - Cirque du Soleil
Simply the most amazing show I've ever seen in my life! I saw it in Las Vegas at the Bellagio hotel. It is the most expensive of all Cirque du Soleil shows, with the cheapest tickets about $120. There are no discounts available, but it's worth every penny! Be aware that in the theatre, the views from the cheaper seats aren't great. It's better to sit higher up so you can see the entire stage (and avoid getting wet!). The show is all related with water, with a HUGE pool in the middle of the stage. Sometimes it flows quickly, sometimes slowly...it's an awesome show. Don't miss it! * you cannot photograph or film the show.
Of Touristic Interest in Los Alamos County
Bandelier National Monument
Bandelier National Monument was once home to the American Indians who inhabited the state of New Mexico. It is located in Frijoles Canyon near Ecoton.
Shows in Las Vegas
Zumanity - Cirque du Soleil
Another Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas is Zumanity. First of all, it's not a show for children as the theme is sex. And believe me, there is a lot of it! The dancers are naked and some of the movements could make some people uncomfortable. But it is Cirque du Soleil so it's still very tasteful with lovely scenery and very cool clothes designed by fashion designer Thierry Mugler. Seats are good anywhere in the theater but if you don't want to be involved with any jokes, choose the second section. Price is up to $50. No photographs or filming the show.
Of Touristic Interest in Las Vegas
Big Bus Tours
It's a mistake to think that Las Vegas is nothing but hotels and Freemont Street. The city has so much more to offer, with plenty of museums that most tourists don't bother to visit. On the tour bus, it's possible to reach the most distant points of the city. We can ride it to the Las Vegas Sign that sits at one end of Las Vegas Boulevard and also to the Museum of the Mafia, right at the other end. For those who want to go shopping, it stops at the North Outlet, which is expensive by taxi. There are two lines, and each one takes about 1h to give a full tour. 1 day tour costs $ 35 and 2 days, USD 40.
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Roads in Las Cruces
Highway 70
I have found that most of my inspiration comes while I am alone in my car. The open road offers so much time for reflection, and I enjoy taking advantage of that time. This picture is just a snapshot meant to convey how calm the road can be and how much inspiration it has to offer, if you only give it a chance.
Museums in Albuquerque
Meteorite Museum
Meteorite Museum is located in Northrop Hall on the main campus of the University of New Mexico. It contains many meteorites from the extensive collection from the Institute of Meteorites. The highlight of the museum is a piece of a ton of rocky meteorites that fell in Norton County, Kansas in 1948. It's located in Albuquerque. Admission is free.
Museums in Albuquerque
Telephone Museum of New Mexico
The Telephone Pioneer Museum of New Mexico consists of a Mushroom City 1880 of silver. It was closed in the early 1920s, and all windows and doors were sealed up. It stood so untouched for almost 70 years. Later when it opened, the goods, including food matter was still on the floor.
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