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Things to do in La Asunción

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The top 8 attractions in La Asunción

Beaches in La Asunción
Manzanillo Beach
This is a pretty little beach in Costa Rica. The experience becomes a desire beyond what one seeks. It's an exquisite place for beach lovers. It's a very cozy beach with a breathtaking view, where a sunset captures all the love of creation, and where the sun, the breeze and the beautiful scenery unite in the ideal place full of the universe's beauty. I also think it's ideal for writers or readers because it's full of inspiration where you can create your own world among the unparalleled beauty. You will fall in love with the breeze, the sun and the sea view.
Beaches in La Asunción
Parguito Beach
Parguito Beach is a beach where young people love to go to surf. It's the most popular island in the area. It has restaurants with awnings and some vendors are there selling things, too. At one end of the beach there is a small hill where you have a beautiful view of the beach. Make sure you enjoy the pretty seashells! ;-)
Shops in La Asunción
Giorgio Bini Antigüedades
La Casa de Antigüedades de Giorgio Bini en La Asunción es uno de los secretos mejor guardados de la Isla de Margarita. En el casco histórico, de la Asunción encuentran esta maravillosa casa muy discreta que casi nadie conoce solo los margariteños vecinos del señor Bini que muy amablemente les dirán como llegar. Desde tocar la puerta específicamente la casa numero 35 es viajar en el tiempo a la época colonial de Venezuela. Recibidos solamente con previa cita la siempre muy simpática Aura Merchan los atenderá y les dará un recorrido por la casa donde encontraran tesoros para la decoración de sus casas o para algun proyecto que tengan en mente de art, design & lifestyle. Sin ningún compromiso pueden ir a visitar esta casa con unos jardines espectaculares una piscina color rio orinoco y grandes pasillos quedaran enamorados de la casa del señor Giorgio un ciudadano del mundo que eligió la perla del Caribe como su pied-a-terre!.
Shops in La Asunción
Museums in La Asunción
Museums in La Asunción
Museums in La Asunción
Shops in La Asunción

The best things to do in La Asunción

Wondering what to do in
La Asunción? This wonderful city in Venezuela is ideal for strolling, since all of its streets are for pedestrians.
Strolling around the city is also the best way to get to know all the things to see in La Asuncion, and stop along the way to taste their fantastic tropical fruits. On the one hand, there are the tourist areas, that is, getting to know the culture of the city through
La Asunción attractions. Therefore, places to visit
La Asunción include: the Legislative Palace, the Municipal Palace, Santa Rosa Castle, where you'll be surprised at the city's views, the Tropical Labyrinth, which, because of the wells inside, has been maintained as a garden with lots of plants typical of the island. There's lots of stuff to do in
La Asunción as well, including viewing the many organized
exhibitions for tourists. The other very common plan of things to do in
La Asunción
is spending the day at the beach. The
water is clean and clear and the sand is fine and white. You can find everything from
very touristy and crowded
beaches, to other remote, solitary beaches where you can even go fishing. Visiting the more secluded beaches is the perfect plan to enjoy the best
La Asunción activities:
relaxing and taking fantastic photos. But if you're still searching for more
La Asunción attractions and activities, plus
you love surfing, go to Parguito Beach. It's a youthful and fun place to enjoy paradise.