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Things to do in Ciudad Bolívar

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The top 19 attractions in Ciudad Bolívar

Viewpoints in Ciudad Bolívar
Tepui Roraima
A gigantic table mountain belonging to the Guyana plateau, Mount Roraima is one of the most beautiful tepuys (table mountains) of southern Venezuela and Northern Brazil. O On its top surface, Roraima its landmass with three countries: Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. A hike up takes six days round trip. Its landscape became legendary after Scottish author Arthur Conan Doyle immortalized it in The Lost Word book, which became an inspiration later for Disney's UP movie.
Of Cultural Interest in Ciudad Bolívar
Ciudad Bolívar Old Town
The Ciudad Bolivar is, in my opinion, the most beautiful city in Venezuela. The historic centre is a pleasure for the eyes with the pastel houses. Its streets are steep. It's very hot, day and night, so I recommend having a midday nap in a hammock hanging on an airy porch. The best is the sunset over the Orinoco River from the Angostura lookout. Unfortunately, after dark, downtown streets are deserted because of the fear of crime.
Rivers in Ciudad Bolívar
Squares in Ciudad Bolívar
Plaza Bolívar
This pretty square has a lovely garden and in the center there is a statue of Simon Bolivar representing the five countries that were freed: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. The square is surrounded by low, pastel colored houses and an interesting library, the House of Governors of the Colony, and the House of the Congress of Angostura. On one side is the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows, where Manuel Piar was shot on one of the walls. In front is the Piar Museum which is closed on Mondays. Some say it is a dangerous place for travelers, but we didn't see any danger.
Rivers in Ciudad Bolívar
Mirador Angostura
Best place to see the Orinoco River, both during the day and at dusk. In the distance is the longest of only three bridges over the river there. When visibility is good, you can see one of the most spectacular sunsets.
Nature Reserves in Ciudad Bolívar
San Jose de Bolivar
San José de Bolivar is an exquisite place surrounded by nature; moors, mountains, rivers, lakes and a variety of vegetation where nature meets colonial architecture. A simple walk through its streets is a delightful experience. The gabled houses, cobbled streets, the Church and Plaza Bolivar are sites that anyone can enjoy. You could go to one of its villages, where natural wealth delights with landslide mountain scenery for the viewer. The sector also has significant dairy farms, and a large natural attribute: The Paujiles waterfall at 60m high to the wonder of the visitor. No doubt the water temperature is warm, but whoever can manage it could sit right under the waterfall and have a unique experience. And the more adventurous can camp in its surroundings, and remain there as long as you see fit. However, there is an even riskier and rewarding opportunity, as have those who have had the opportunity to live: The Páramo La Cimarronera, located in the Juan Pablo Penaloza National Park, with the presence of more than one hundred periglacial lakes. Those wishing to make the trip, please contact the local Tourist Office located in the vicinity of City Hall. There are excursions organized into groups according to their availability. Undoubtedly, San José de Bolivar is an excellent choice for those wishing to relax and enjoy the majestic scenery. Importantly, there are cozy inns to accommodate tourists. But it was already booked up for this season well in advance, so those interested, book way ahead of time, especially in peak season.
Cities in Ciudad Bolívar
Villages in Ciudad Bolívar
Cities in Ciudad Bolívar
Gardens in Ciudad Bolívar
Of Cultural Interest in Ciudad Bolívar
Museums in Ciudad Bolívar
Shows in Ciudad Bolívar
Of Cultural Interest in Ciudad Bolívar
Of Touristic Interest in Ciudad Bolívar
Cathedrals in Ciudad Bolívar
Beaches in Ciudad Bolívar
Shops in Ciudad Bolívar

The best things to do in Ciudad Bolívar

Are you looking for places to visit in Ciudad Bolivar? This Venezuelan city is the capital of the state of Bolivar in southeastern Venezuela. This river-side city is hot year-round and has a population of more than 350,000.

One of the most important attractions in Ciudad Bolivar is Plaza Bolivar, which includes a statue of Simon Bolivar representing the five countries liberated from Spanish rule: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. Around this area there are many Ciudad Bolivar attractions, such as a range of shops, bars, and restaurants.

Continuing the tour of the historic centre of the city, you will notice that all the streets are steep, with townhouses and villas of different colours - a great photo opportunity and one of the best things to see in Ciudad Bolivar. Take a step from the centre of town and eat at one of the many restaurants serving local cuisine. One of the best Ciudad Bolivar activities is to visit Angostura, which is in privileged part of the city in which you can see much of the route of great Orinoco river passing through the city.

If you're after more stuff to do in Ciudad Bolivar, just outside of the town centre is San Jose de Bolivar, a place of plains and mountains which is a popular destination for tourists. The surroundings have many kilometres of trails that take you through different wooded areas.

Finally among the best things to do in Ciudad Bolivar is to visit the Jesus Soto Museum and the town of San Francisco de Yuruani. Also, you must not forget to visit to the botanical garden of the Orinoco, which are breathtaking.

If you're still wondering what to do in Ciudad Bolivar, visit Minube, where you can see the favourite spots of users who have visited the city.