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    Where to stay in Córdoba

    Hotels in Tanti
    La Hosteria de Sarkis hotel
    Travel to Cordoba, Tanti, to rest and you'll find the ideal place. Next to the mountains, leaving the inn you'll see the river, you can have mate in the morning, and meditate (with just the noise of the birds). In winter (more or less in July) it snows, and the landscape is just incredible, snow-capped mountains, superb. I'd give it a 10.
    Hotels in La Falda
    Eden Hotel
    I set off to go anywhere with my camera, until fate brought me to the city of La Falda, where its story begins at the end of the 19th century with the creation of a Hotel for two German families associated with the Nazis. At the Hotel Eden I found luxury amongst very questionable ideologies, that poet Ruben Dario questioned in his works. The beauty of the place is magnificent, named Eden as it is considered to be like the Garden of Eden.
    Hotels in Villa Carlos Paz
    Eara Apart Hotel
    In Villa Carlos Paz, exclusive apartments with maid service, breakfast, WiFi, parking, pool, TV, heating, safe, full kitchen.
    Hostels in Villa General Belgrano
    Casa Portuguesa
    Just south of Portugal is where you'll find a town called San Bras de Alportel, where you can see the mountains or the sea. Its people are very pleasant, warm and they'll welcome you with open arms. They really keep that blend of ancient traditions and modernity that making the time from stopping. From there left over fifty years ago Antonio Lopes and Maria Luiza Viegas, to a country called Argentina, where they built their home and where they also had their children. Today, more than ten thousand miles away from Portugal, is where you'll find the Posada San Bras de Alportel, a place that is responsible for maintaining the Portuguese tradition, recreating the customs, music, literature and landscape of that place and there. For all this we invite you to experience Portugal at Villa General Belgrano, in Cordoba, Spain, where they will spend pleasant moments enjoying the Cordoba hills, so similar to Portugal.
    Campsites in La Falda
    Club de Lago Las Siete Cascadas
    The name of this complex, which was completed in 1979, is due to the artificial formation of the seven cascades originating from the slope of the dam-reservoir La Falda. They display their fresh crystal their beauty in the heart of the Valley of Punilla, on one of the foothills of the Sierras Chicas, there in the vicinity of the town of La Falda and only 70 km from Córdoba. Surrounded by leafy groves, is a recreational complex in the middle of a wonderful landscape of mountains and green water. It offers dining alternatives, health facilities, parking, a grocery shop and beer garden. A natural basin consists of the waterfalls, three Olympic-size swimming pools, playgrounds and water slide. To get there take the Avenida Italia to its completion, where there is a 26 meter high dam holding this magnificent body of water. The site is ideal to be enjoyed all day long.
    Hotels in Villa General Belgrano
    El Painé hotel
    We went with Cecilia to the villa for two days and as every time we go to these beautiful parts, we try to get cabins that meet our tastes. This is not your average tiny Germany cabin, but rather its location with an excellent view of the mountains, the tranquility broken only by birds' songs and the occasional rabbit running past, make this a great place to stay. You can't help feeling happy when you wake up in the middle of the mountains in such a beautiful place. It's very nice to eat a roast, make mates spend time watching or playing tennis. Recommended by 100%, the price is also great, $ 180 double in-season, it would be U $ S 46.75 or EU 32. Go, a friend recommends them. -
    Hotels in Cordoba
    Azur Real Hotel Boutique
    One of the best hotels in Cordoba - truly impeccable. A hearty, delicious breakfast, helpful staff, spectacular rooms in terms of design and great services (swimming pool, small gym, and spa), and all a few blocks from the centre of the city. What more could you want? Tastefully decorated and luxurious, one of the best hotels I've ever stayed in.
    Hotels in La Cumbre
    Alcázar de Sevilla Hotel
    This is one of the more traditional luxury hotels in La Cumbre. Nestled in the beautiful neighborhood of Cruz Chica, the Alcázar has a very particular history. It was built by a wealthy man as a gift for his wife and then had several owners. A few decades ago, it was converted into a hotel but the wonderful thing is that it has maintained the many elements it originally had as Alcázar. Staying there gives you the feeling that you´re visiting an elegant family home. The hotel is surrounded by an amazing garden that is dotted with trees, flowers and fountains. The guest rooms, the pool, the tennis court and the terrace views of the mountains are all beautiful.
    Hotels in Rio Cuarto
    El Encuentro hotel
    This place is special for those who enjoy tranquility and for those who like personal attention. Viviana and David will provide a special service: the dish you want to eat. Order it and she does it, with flavors that make you want to come back and feel spoiled. I advise all those who enjoy tranquility to visit.
    Hotels in La Cumbrecita
    Cabañas hotel
    La Cumbrecita in the snow is a spectacle, and one of the most valued things of the trip was to sleep in the cabin (all glazed) surrounded by the snowy coniferous forest. The bungalows are called Cerro Cumbrecita and really were beautiful and were worth it (I don' know how much now but when we were therenot more expensive than elsewhere in Cordoba for four people, for two people cabins are always expensive) .
    Country Houses in Capilla del Monte
    Quebrada de la Luna
    It is a wonderful place, full of peace and nature. If you go through this route, be sure to visit the painter of pictures, painted, beautiful. Every day we woke to the sound of the stream, and every afternoon, we were sure to watch the sunset. . We lived as peasants .. And because we had nothing else to do, we were walking 4 km daily.
    Hotels in Villa General Belgrano
    Cabañas Lorelei hotel
    Really beautiful cabins, warm and comfortable that make you feel like not going outside. It has a typical breakfast room of central European decor, it is served by its own owner giving it special treatment. In the summer you can enjoy a beautiful pool and the park with their grills is a luxury. It´s a good place to go in pairs or with the family. It is fair to say that the cost and the quality is unbeatable.
    Hostels in La Cumbre
    Hostal Toledo
    The construction of this impressive mansion was commissioned by Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear in 1923, when he was president of Argentina. The mansion, called Casa Unzué - Alvear before becoming a hotel, has a Toledo style which has been amazingly well preserved and it boasts some beautiful antique furniture. It is surrounded by a spectacular park with a pool and tennis court. Another dreamy and very romantic place in the center of La Cumbre.
    Hotels in La Cumbre
    Hostería San Martín hotel
    Unlike most of the charming little hotels in La Cumbre, the Hostería San Martín is not in the neighborhood of Cross girl, but rather right in the heart of the town. San Martin, or the 'Tower House' is a former summer residence converted some years ago in beautiful little. Decorated with antique furniture has a warm living room, a large patio, and pool. It also has a nice garden with playground.
    Country Houses in Las Jarillas
    Asado en
    Before leaving this place,we share a simple but delicious roast with the field managers, who live in a simple house, that is very neat and tidy. With the warmth that characterizes the Cordovan, we are welcomed into their home to enjoy a roast with tomatoes and a lettuce salad, with wine and soft drinks ..... And a delicious sweet pumpkin dessert. We chatted animatedly for a very long time and then went to sleep,as we had to leave early to get to Minaclavero, which is in the High Sierras, also known as the High Peaks in the Province of Córdoba.
    Hotels in Mina Clavero
    Gran Hotel Nono
    This traditional 3-star hotel colonial-style hotel was recently renovated. It was built on the lands that belonged to Quechua until 1578, and it is located on the banks of Nono from which its name and has two landscaped acres that give a flawless galleries red and yellow tiles and wooden comfortable seating. They offer half room and board and the restaurant prepares artisan food made with local produce, excellent and rich breakfast. In addition to the delicious restaurant, the hotel features a confectionery, solarium, swimming pool somewhat small and paddle tennis court, football and playground. There are rooms available for 2, 3, or 4 people as well as apartment available for 5. TV, heating, telephone, covered parking and WiFi are available as well. We played a few days with snow and it was very cold, and while in the place was very warm and welcoming, we went to see the beauty of snow-covered pines and discoveedr how they survived the frost flowers that endured, the show was great and we really enjoyed it a lot. In this winter holiday a double room, with breakfast and dinner costs for four nights € 188 per person
    Hotels in Capilla del Monte
    Getting to see the cumbrecita, theres no need to go anywhere else. It is to find a place where time and life go differently, the rule is that the the light rules the day and the fall of the fog at sunset ... everything happens slower, you must walk to discover this place, like walking through the woods and up and down narrow streets of earth and rock, forests surrounding space, as well also the German structures, comfortable and quaint. We got to at a small clear water qa foot cabin complex just 20 minutes away and the clear water gate leads down a path of grass and daisies with splashes of color, and the cabin was clean, warm, full of details and a big library to enjoy reading while looking out of the window to see the river and the hills ... we spent the afternoon on deck preparing a barbecue .... The morning will be a wonderful welcome ... with breakfast prepared by their owners .... with cakes, sweets and goodies, it will be a good day
    Bungalows in Cordoba
    Casa Bramasole
    We were on holiday in January of 2008. This was an incredibly calm place in the mountains of a lovely village. Restaurants not to miss in the area include THE MORITA, FOUR WINDS, THE AGUARIBAY and EL QUITAPENAS. The beautiful house is comfortable and has a great pool for the whole family to enjoy.
    Hotels in Cordoba
    Sheraton Cordoba Hotel
    The Sheraton Cordoba Hotel is situated in Cordoba in Argentina. It was constructed in 1997 and has 16 floors and is in a very convenient location next to one of the most important commercial centers of the city. It is divided into 183 rooms and 5 suites that panoramic views. It has a meeting and conference room, and also offers banquets.
    Hotels in Cordoba
    Sacha Mistol Art Hotel
    At the Sacha Mistol Art Hotel, the rooms have names instead of numbers and all rooms are different and feature at least one work of art (usually a paintings or a mural). The building itself is beautiful and dates back to the early twentieth century. The owner is friendly and can help you with whatever you need. The only flaw: our breakfast was pretty lacking. But, they had just opened and had few staff so that might explain it.