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Sleep in Venezuela

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    Where to stay in Venezuela

    Hotels in Merida
    Valle Grande Hotel
    This spacious hotel is surrounded by nature and has various types of accommodation, including comfortable mountain chalets with fireplace for a family or for an entire group, and double rooms, triples and suites. The hotel is state-owned and therefore has quite economical rates. The facilities include a bar, a nightclub, a conference room, a playground and a spacious lobby with central fireplace and several dining rooms.
    Hotels in Niquitao
    Posada Paramito del Medio
    Francesco and Maria, a Venezuelan-Italian couple, left a busy life in the city to go to Niquitao. It's a small town surrounded by mountains in the Venezuelan Andes. They manage an inn that exudes family atmosphere, is tastefully decorated, and also has Maria's meals and coffee prepared by Francesco.
    Hotels in Canaima
    Campamento Ucaima Hotel
    Luxury Camp [poi = 45874] Canaima [/ poi]. to call it a camp really is misleading. The facilities have nothing to do with camping in a tent. Yes, with some cabins (not very luxurious but very charming) fully PN [poi = 45874] Canaima [/ poi], it is a privileged place to access the [poi = 45699] base of Angel Falls waterfall [/ poi] or make a [poi = 43925] flight over the waterfalls [/ poi]. Both are experiences that are difficult to forget. The camp also known as Jungle Rudy, after the first owner of the place, a Dutchman, who founded the hotel in the 50s. There are old family photos decorating the common areas like the bar or office. The detail of the hammock in the cottage is noteworthy.
    Hotels in Puerto Ordaz
    Posada Kaori
    The Kaori is one of the best options in Puerto Ordaz, a primarily industrial city from where people often take flights to Canaima. Although the town itself is nothing special, there are two very interesting parks in the neighborhood called Mist and Cachamai. The inn is clean, the staff very friendly and resourceful.
    Hotels in Santa Elena de Uairén
    Campamento Hotel Wakupata
    Our holiday to La Gran Sabana, Canaima National Park in Venezuela, was one to remember. I think it's one of the most beautiful and special places on the planet. We stayed at the Hotel WakuPata Residential & Rural, 3 k from Santa Elena de Uairen, the last inhabited place within 15 miles of the Gran Sabana to 15 km.It was a very relaxing experience and this hotel is one of the most unique accommodations in the area It's ideal for a rest and to forget about everything.
    Hotels in Maracaibo
    Maracaibo Cumberland Hotel
    The Maracaibo Cumberland hotel offers good facilities, excellent service, and a place to rest from the heat in Marabino. Very good room-service, good food and the breakfast was very tasty, a great way to start the day with a delicious meal in a cozy atmosphere.
    Hotels in Ciudad Guayana
    Posada Churum Meru
    The Posada Churum Meru opened in June of 2011 in one of the most central areas of the city. The inn enjoys easy access to sightseeing and the shopping areas of Puerto Ordaz. The inn has 17 rooms, all with air conditioning, closet, private bathroom with hot water, internet (wi-fi) and 23" LCD TV with cable.
    Campsites in Caño Grande
    Campamento de Aventura Guamanchi
    The camp is at the foot of the Venezuelan Andes and Siniguis by the river, in a very quiet tranquility. You can see the highest mountains of Venezuela, Humboldt and Bolivar peaks of 4900 and 5000 meters respectively. It is a colonial house with 10 rooms with private bathroom. Total capacity: 50 beds.
    Hotels in Maracaibo
    Maruma Hotel
    After many years without traveling abroad, we were able to go to Venezuela for 20 days, Maracaibo specifically. We had the opportunity to spend 5 days in this magnificent 5 star hotel, upon entering reception is very impressive and wide, as in all hotels the reception staff are very helpful and friendly. We left our bags we saw a beautiful room, with all services required for a hotel of this category. Overall a very good hotel but it has some details that leave a bit to be desired, I guess that's due to the maravinos and the situation in the country. For example: one of the elevators did not work during the five days we stayed, it was the elevator closest to our room so we had a long walk down the hall to take the steps which were very, very dirty (as not many people used them). The self-service restaurant had no bottled water, which I missed so much, well, it had water but with gas. The disco fun and the drinks were very cheap compared with Spain. The service staff was excellent and very friendly to us. I personally found it a little expensive for what was offered, were in other 4 star hotels superior to Maruma at half the price. Be sure to visit the casino, IMPRESONA. The hotel is just fine. Nothing more.
    Hotels in San Rafael de Mucuchíes
    Sándalo Posada
    Sandalwood is a rural accommodation among the mountains. It only has 4 rooms and so is a very exclusive service. It provides breakfast, that you can enjoy overlooking the mountains! Silence, peace and tranquility are the hallmarks of this area, nothing like the rest of the country! There are opportunities to go horseback riding, hiking, on trips to theme parks, visits to the snowy peaks, etc. ,The ideal way to stay in Mérida. Not to mention the food - which is also fabulous.
    Hotels in Puerto la Cruz
    La Posada de la Playa en Puerto Piritu
    This Posada is excellent for its facilities: pool, with hammocks, comfortable rooms with cable TV and air conditioning, parking with electric fence. It is also great because it is only 15 minutes Kariña Water Park and located in a fishing village: PUERTO spirit. It is an ideal place to stay when visiting the beach of Puerto Piritu islets. An added benefit is that you can use the inn's kitchen to prepare light meals. The service is excellent. I liked it a lot and I highly recommend it.
    Hotels in Chichiriviche
    Posada Villa Gregoria
    This is a very reasonably-priced inn, located near the Tortoise National Park. It is possible to enjoy a comfortable night sleep at a good price, without any frills. Its owner is a Spanish named Aurelio who is very helpful but you have to ring the bell several times to get heard. Persist! At the inn there is a little golden puppy who is quite naughty but very cute and funny. The inn has the advantage of being located close to the shops of the town, the beach, the boat keys and a bus stop .
    Hotels in Canaima
    Posada Kavac
    Traveling to Canaima is always expensive. It is one of the most special places in the world, without road connection. The only way to get there is by plane from Puerto Ordaz, Ciudad Bolivar, Daisy and other destinations in Venezuela. We hired a flight. the package was 3 days / 2 nights with Kanaimo indigenous community, which manages the inn and the agency. We save up to 50%. The inn is modest but very clean, the people are very friendly and the food delicious. The second night sleeping in hammock at a camp at the base of Angel Falls. I advise flying from Puerto Ordaz, since the approach includes the flyby Canaima Angel Falls. Apart from the classic tour to jump, there are other island excursions like orchid, visits to indigenous communities, etc.. If you're lucky and you get a tour guide as Churún-Carlos, your visit will be doubly satisfying.
    Hotels in Canaima
    Campamento Rústico en El Salto del Ángel hotel
    This is simply sleeping in a hammock facing Angel Falls. You can stay overnight near the base of [poi = 45699] Angel Falls [/ poi] in camps that Pemon Indians have in the area. The accommodation is pretty basic, it's just a campsite with hammocks (called a Jolly). The environment is great and at night you can admire the waterfall under the moonlight. The Pemon are exceptional people who have a very rich culture and yet have adapted to the times and offer tourist services. It's very easy to approach them to hear their local legends. The most interesting, no doubt, is the origin of the name of Canaima. For the Pemon, the "canaimos" are evil spirits that possess people and make them hurt themselves, they could even kill a person under its influence. I personally had never slept all night in a hammock before, but it's really an interesting experience. You sleep pretty well. There are a number of tour operators that do this route. We went with KAVAC Expeditions.
    Hotels in Merida
    Posada Guamanchi
    John and Joelle are a couple who are personable and professionally, with a great love and care for the inn, which is just 100 meters from Mérida by cable car, the highest and longest in the world, but now closed, and it seems to have been for quite a while . The inn is actually a family home, with several kitchens that guests can use, and a beautiful terrace with carved wooden furniture. Some rooms have a hammock on the balcony, which are the sunniest ones and the highest recommended.
    Hotels in Merida
    Posada Guamanchi Los Nevados
    The experience of sleeping at the inn, at 2700 meters high, is something that cannot be valued, and the site is perfectly designed for maximum relaxation, with hot water, a huge balcony with hammocks and a panoramic view over the valley of Los Nevados. It has a wood-burning oven where they cook great food for its guests.
    Hotels in Merida
    La Casa de John
    John is originally from Barbados and has lived in Venezuela since 1991. His house is in an idyllic valley of Merida, and offers something unique in an annex: A sauna and steam room with cold water pools, all set in an area of lush vegetation.
    Hotels in Merida
    Posada Atsegindegi
    The owners of this house gave it a Basque name, Atsegindegi, and the place exudes peace, tranquility and harmony, with a beautiful garden that leads to the river, where there is a barbecue for holidays. The house has two floors, the lower one is a living room / open kitchen, and there is an attic above, to accommodate an entire family. It's in the entrance of the Mucuy National Park, one of the best places for bird watching, and with good paths to have a stroll.
    Hotels in Merida
    Posada Casa de Pedro
    This isn't a true inn, it's a private home, now owned by the grandson of Domingo Peña, the first person to climb the Bolivar peak, with sandals and little else. He built his house in the place with the best views of the PN, and hosts people who make the trek to Los Nevados. Both the sunset and the sunrise are spectacular from here, because oftentimes the sea of ​​clouds that covers the city of Mérida is below the house, which is at 2700 metres in altitude.
    Youth Hostels in Ciudad Bolívar
    Posada Don Carlos
    This Inn used to be a colonial mansion with a lush garden. In the courtyard, there are rooms with a fan and inside, there are rooms with AC, which are more expensive. If the rooms are all full, you can sleep in a hammock on the second floor, which is also a perfect place for a nap after lunch, because it's the coolest place in the house. It's located in Boyaca Street, about 5 minutes from the Plaza Bolivar and 10 minutes from the viewpoint over the Orinoco River. Once there, you can book a trip to Canaima and Angel Falls.
    Activities in Venezuela