Things to see in Rio de Janeiro

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  • Christ the Redeemer
    Río de Janeiro
    Christ the Redeemer in Río de Janeiro
    The most popular place in Rio de Janeiro and one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The statue of Christ has a viewpoint where one can stay looking out from for their entire lives. A spectacular view of Rio de Janeiro and t...
  • Sugarloaf
    Río de Janeiro
    Sugarloaf in Río de Janeiro
    The Pao de Azucar, compared to the view from the Corcovado, is not as high or as spectacular, but it is more conveniently accessible, has fewer lines, and is cheaper than el Cristo Redentor. I was there on December 31st, which is pr...
  • Ipanema Beach
    Río de Janeiro
    Ipanema Beach in Río de Janeiro
    Ipanema Beach is world famous. During my stay I could not enjoy it because of bad weather, but if the weather is good, it is filled with surfers, tourists, and athletes. Obviously if you go to the River you have to stop by, althoug...
  • Buzios
    Buzios in Buzios
    Beautiful beaches and beautiful sunsets, good diving, and people. If you go to Brazil this is not to be missed. You are advised not to come in the high season (January and/or February). These two months are too full of tourists, but...
  • Angras Dos Reis
    Angra dos Reis
    Angras Dos Reis in Angra dos Reis
    Angra dos Reis is a city Litorânea located in the State of Rio de Janeiro, 151 km from Rio. The best form of entertainment is boating around the islands. There are many choices of companies that make these trips, but they all go t...
  • A large UFO that is situated on the landscape, it adds a contemporary design to the area and remains in dialogue with the landscape. The building breaks up the horizon and transforms it into a Martian landscape, ready to be discovered.
  • Paraty
    Paraty in Paraty
    When I traveled to Brazil I walked to three places: Rio de Janeiro, Paraty and Buzios. I assure you that Paraty is the most beautiful of the three. I rented a boat in the port along with some friends and we went to visit uninhabited...
  • Copacabana Beach
    Río de Janeiro
    Copacabana Beach in Río de Janeiro
    This is another great beach in Rio next to Ipanema. It is very long and when there´s warm weather, it´s a great place for tourists to enjoy the sun and water. It´s also great for surfing and other water sports. At night, the environ...
  • Rio de Janeiro Cathedral
    Río de Janeiro
    Rio de Janeiro Cathedral in Río de Janeiro
    The Cathedral of Rio is, above all, surprising. It has a conical and pyramidal shape. The truth is that it is a nice for a tourist to come and see those bright windows in a space that seems so weird to be a church. It was built in t...
  • Escadaria Selaron
    Río de Janeiro
    Escadaria Selaron in Río de Janeiro
    One of the hidden gems of Rio de Janeiro is the Selarón ladder located in the decadent neighborhood of Lapa. These beautiful stairs that connect the neighborhood of Lapa with the Convent of Santa Teresa are the work of Chilean artis...
  • Ipanema Hippie Fair
    Río de Janeiro
    Ipanema Hippie Fair in Río de Janeiro
    I just returned from my 41st trip to Rio, and each time the city and people are more beautiful. In the Fair I bought a wooden angel and I would like to communicate with the person that sold it to me because he was the artist, who m...
  • Rio de Janeiro
    Río de Janeiro
    Rio de Janeiro in Río de Janeiro
  • Ilha Grande
    Río de Janeiro
    Ilha Grande in Río de Janeiro
  • Lopes Mendes Beach
    Angra dos Reis
    Lopes Mendes Beach in Angra dos Reis
    It is one of the most famous beaches on the Brazilian coast, especially among the surfing community. Its location 2.5km ocean beach of white sand, with waves have made it a favorite among Cariocas surfing. Today it's a deserted beac...
  • Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas
    Río de Janeiro
    Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas in Río de Janeiro
    This is a giant lake in the middle of the city that you can walk/jog/rent a bike and travel along. It is very beautiful
  • One of the most beautiful beaches in Buzios Ferradurinha is 10 minutes from the Ferradura beach Geriba way. This corner of golden sand enclosed by lush vegetation and large stones, is a paradise for swimming, snorkeling and sunbat...
  • Maracana Stadium
    Río de Janeiro
    Maracana Stadium in Río de Janeiro
    It is one of the most famous football stadiums in the world and it also has a space in which the great Brazilian soccer stars of all time have left their mark. It is curious to walk around and see the feet of Pele, Ronaldo, Zico and...
  • Praia do Forte is the most emblematic area of Cabo Frio as it is located in the heart of the city. It is impressive due to its 7.5 km long and white sandy beach. Its name comes from the Fort of San Mateos which is located on the lef...
  • Arpoador Rock
    Río de Janeiro
    Arpoador Rock in Río de Janeiro
  • Santa Teresa Neighborhood
    Río de Janeiro
    Santa Teresa Neighborhood in Río de Janeiro
  • I never thought I would be there, but I was. Walking through the streets of the favela of A Rosinha is a lot safer than one may think it is. At least, going with someone else. It is important to follow the rules: do not take picture...
  • Who never wanted to fly? And what better place to do that than in the city "Maravilhosa", Rio de Janeiro. There are several places to practise this sport, in this case the jumps are made from the "Pedra Bonita" at 520 meters high, l...
  • Many people spend every day in the most famous street in Buzios, Rua das Pedras. There are many nationalities, different styles and beautiful people that make the street a great place to meet and flirt. Here you can find the best re...
  • If you do not like riots, leave behind the great Praia de Joao Fernandes (full of restaurants, hotels and bars on the beach), and walk from there to your right. Soon you will find Joao Fernandinho , which is a divine beach, more pop...
  • Beach Barra da Tijuca
    Río de Janeiro
    Beach Barra da Tijuca in Río de Janeiro
  • Arriving to Praia do Forno is not easy and neither is explaining it, because as one arrives, there are countless tracks and none of them are marked. The effort to keep asking for the way is worthwhile, since the beach is paradise. I...
  • Provetá
    Angra dos Reis
    Provetá in Angra dos Reis
    Due to fishing that has made it the second largest economy after Abrao, Ilha Grande, it is one of the most populous cities. When we arrived, people looked at us questioningly and seemed very unfriendly, which is something rather str...
  • Ossos Beach - according to the many local stories that try to explain somehow the real origin of its name, the common denominator is that it could have been given because of whale bones found on its shores. On the left side are the...
  • Farol Beach
    Arraial do Cabo
    Farol Beach in Arraial do Cabo
    2 years ago I had the chance of climbing in a tree over 150 years old, an inhabitant of Praia do Farol, a tiny paradise in Arraial do Cabo ubicabo Rio. To get to this beach one has to go by boat with permission from a local marina w...
  • Closed, the huge bay of Ferradura is characterized by its calm waters, perfect for learning to windsurf and sailing in tiny boats. The beach is quiet and familiar, each both have rustic stalls where you can buy fruit and drinks. Th...
  • Copacabana
    Río de Janeiro
    Copacabana in Río de Janeiro
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