Things to see in India

Tips from real travelers about attractions and what to see in India.
  • Taj Mahal
    Taj Mahal in Agra
    There are no words to describe its long history, its vast architecture, the purity of its materials. During my visit, a minister or the someone was supposed to be visiting, so the exhibition closed to the public in mid-morning. Beca...
  • .. Staying at the temple Hari Mandir Sahib in the evening is a joy! You feel like you are on fire, as at any time your life can just fly away. We sat in the crowd and matched totally mesmerized the tremendous beauty of the small tem...
  • Agra Fort
    Agra Fort in Agra
    In the city of Agra, surrounded by the river Yamuna, you can find the monumental Red Fort, which was built in red sandstone by the Emperor Akbar Mongol. From here, there are great views of the Taj Mahal, it is beautiful. It is one o...
  • Mehrangarh Fort
    Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur
    One of the best castles, fortresses and views I've seen in my life; a beautiful place in Jodhpur City. The strong castle/fortress on the mountain has a sublime view of the city. On a sunny day you will enjoy a whole lot from here; y...
  • Amber Fort
    Amber Fort in Jaipur
    The fortified palace of Amber was the citadel of Kachhwaha until 1727, when the capital was moved to Jaipur. Successive rulers continued to go to him on important occasions seeking the blessing of the goddess of the family, Shila De...
  • Ganges River
    Ganges River in Varanasi
    You can see people cremating their dead, and also bodies which have not been cremated floating down the river. People bathing in it to purify themselves. A crazy tourist jumped into the river without fear of mutation: D When you th...
  • Varanasi
    Varanasi in Varanasi
    Varanasi is a city where earth and mysticism combine. It's one of the holiest cities of Hinduism and a place of one of the first preachings of Buddha. In the city you can find everything from the most typical small bazaars to small...
  • This was one of the most incredibly powerful experience I've had during my travels. The ghats are terraced stairs that give people access to the Ganges river. They're always bustling with activity from the crack of dawn when the wom...
  • Thar Desert
    Thar Desert in Bikaner
    The Thar Desert is a large sandy region in the northwest of India and east Pakistan. Far from the preconceived idea of ​​what may be a desert, there are wild camels roaming the Thar, herds of goats, donkeys and the people's cows. It...
  • Hawa Mahal
    Hawa Mahal in Jaipur
    The Hawa Mahal or Palace and the Winds, was built in the esthete 1799 for the Swai Pratap Singh, it is a whimsical structure that adds to the rich architecture of Rajasthan. The ornate facade, an emblem of the city today, is a baroq...
  • Jaipur
    Jaipur in Jaipur
    On my arrival in Jaipur I found a great traffic jam that was caused by a demonstration of the electric company workers. The curious thing about the scene was how orderly it all was as they had to manifest all of them into two rows i...
  • Jama Masjid
    New Delhi
    Jama Masjid in New Delhi
    The majestic mosque was built on a natural promontory in 1656 by the emperor Shah Jahan, with three imposing white marble domes and twin black minarets that flank its majestic central arch, it took six years and 5,000 workers to com...
  • Udaipur
    Udaipur in Udaipur
    Udaipur or you might call the city of lakes and palaces. In my case I visited the so-called "City Palace", and the museum has valuable collections of miniatures and "Gardens of the Maids of Honour". Here you can find the workshops ...
  • Raj Ghat
    New Delhi
    Raj Ghat in New Delhi
    Raj Ghat is the tomb of Mahatma Gandhi. It's simple, just like the leader of the independence movement of the Inda would have wanted. It's a marble platform located on the site of Gandhi's cremation, a day after his death on January...
  • The Red Fort
    New Delhi
    The Red Fort in New Delhi
    One of the main tourist attractions of Delhi, the famous Red Fort, is declared an Unesco World Heritage Site. Its architecture has several different influences, including Islam. Inside there's an Indian history museum. It's easily ...
  • Mumbai is full of colonial buildings, the most representative being the grand central station, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria station). It is the heart of the railway network and a symbol of the colonial era with tu...
  • When we went to the Amber fort we were offered the possibility of riding an elephant, but our rickshaw driver recommended we wait because being a tourist site the tour was not going to be very long and it would also be expensive. Wh...
  • Pushkar
    Pushkar in Pushkar
    Following the north exit of the city and only 5 or 6km. You can see sunsets real parades combined with animals. First there were monkeys and foxes, which quickly went past us right in front: After hundreds of birds of many breeds, a...
  • To enter this place you have to cover your hair with a scarf and take off your shoes. The Sikh religion is very interesting. Men do not cut their hair or beards and they wear turbans. They also knot the beards under their chins and ...
  • It was during our visit to Fathepur Skri, when we were in one of the rooms of the palace, that it came to our attention that some kids who we were watching what they did, and as if it was in a film one of them threw themselves int...
  • City Palace
    City Palace in Jaipur
    The City Palace in the heart of Jai Singh II has been the residence of the government since the first half of the eighteenth century. The large complex is a fusion of Rajput and Mughal architecture, with wide open public buildings o...
  • Jaisalmer Fort
    Jaisalmer Fort in Jaisalmer
    Jaisalmer is a beautiful city located in northern India. The city, sandy-colored, is located at the entrance of the Thar Desert, an amazing place where you seem to be in the Sahara, not in India, with camels and oases. The town is d...
  • Pondicherry
    Pondicherry in Pondicherry
    Pondi, the nickname of the city of Pondicherry, is the state capital of the Pondicherry region, south India. It used to be a French colony, which consisted of 4 cities on the coast, somewhat in the style of Ceuta in Morocco. These c...
  • India Gate
    New Delhi
    India Gate in New Delhi
    The India Gate is located just at the end of the long Raj Path. It's about 4 kilometers away, across from the presidential palace. On this huge avenue people come together to have picnics in the afternoon when it's not so hot and to...
  • Jag Mandir is a beautiful palace situated in the city of Udaipur, a city also known as the Oriental Venice due to the fact that it is partially built on water. The palace has three floors and is built with yellow stone and white mar...
  • Hampi Temples
    Hampi Temples in Hospet
    It's easy to get lost among the temples of Hampi, but despite how much time has passed, the conservation of the 350 temples is very good, so there are no ruins. There are also fortifications, a vast and elaborate irrigation system, ...
  • Who hasn't seen in any of the many newscasts in our life, a piece on the over night border closing ceremony between India and Pakistan. This memorable day was hot and humid, it was busy and I was very tired, but I could see was cert...
  • Jal Mahal
    Jal Mahal in Jaipur
    The Jal Mahal is situated 8 miles north of Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan. This palace can be listed under one of the advantages of visiting India during the monsoon season. Why? Because only when it rains abundantly does the Ma...
  • Lotus Temple
    New Delhi
    Lotus Temple in New Delhi
    This temple was built in 1980 and is the center of the Baha'i religion, a kind of philosophy based on respect and communication between various religions. Visiting is free, but it's strictly regulated (no shoes inside, only a few pe...
  • Mumbai
    Mumbai in Mumbai
    The photograph was taken with a Canon film camera. The reel itself contains photographs of everything from the end of classes, some of the trip (including this one) and the beginning of the course. It is based on the fact that for m...
  • Pushkar Lake
    Pushkar Lake in Pushkar
    In this small town in India is the sacred lake. Thousands of pilgrims come here. The lake has a loudspeaker where prayers will not stop all day. The lake has many ghats, and to go to any of them, not all can be visited, you have to ...
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