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165 reviews of The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon


Is it still really necessary to present the Grand Canyon? I doubt it. This canyon dug by the Colorado River is one of the seven wonders of nature and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. We arrived at the Grand Canyon National Park at 7pm because the best times to see the canyon are at sunrise and sunset. A friend told us, "I went to the Grand Canyon several times, and each time I saw something different." That's right, the diversity of shadows and lights offered by changing sun are breathtaking. You will soon feel very small. The Grand Canyon is obviously a must! You can't miss it!


The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is huge to a point where no photo can do it justice. It started as a fault along a tectonic plate that was slowly eroded by the Colorado River over the centuries. As you head down into the massive canyon, it's like traveling through the history of Earth. You discover all kinds of plant life and fossils from every era. Make sure to bring something to snack on and a hat to beat the sun!


The Grand Canyon

From Las Vegas, I was lucky enough to take a helicopter to fly over the Grand Canyon. I went by the Hoover Dam, flew over the desert, and finally had the chance to see one of the greatest wonders of the world from above. I recommend that everyone visit. It costed about 250 dollars, but it was worth it. It is one of those unforgettable experiences you'll keep for a lifetime.


The Grand Canyon is one the most beautiful places you can go in North America

The Grand Canyon is one the most beautiful places you can go in North America. It is so vast and it's beauty is immense. This was once a flat land until the Colorado River carved it into the canyon. As you travel down into the canyon, you can see each layer of history of the canyon and can even see fossils. It is truly a sight to see!


One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

The first time I saw the Grand Canyon, I was in awe. It is absolutely breathtaking. Of course, it's beauty could never be captured, but I tried my hardest in these photo's. I wanted to show all the canyon has to offer. It has so many different angles and hidden treasures, I could spend weeks there and never get bored.

Unbelievable View

The Grand Canyon, no matter how many times I visit, is one of the most spectacular things that I have seen. To think that water made this massive canyon over time is amazing to think about.

I think it is the canyon's sheer size that makes this spot so inspiring. You can stare into it for hours let the inspiration come to you.

Indescribably spectacular

Indescribably spectacular. The many different trails (hiking, walking, biking) can satisfy hikers, tourists, or families.


From the inside...

Walk a few hours (5 or 6 ...) in order to see the Grand Canyon from the inside and the waters of the Colorado River even closer. Save your energies (or a few dollars for a mule) for the end, as entering back into the real world is the hardest thing of all.


Its a beautiful place

It takes a full day to get yo know it, it's worth it! You need: camera, short, water, a few food, sunscreen, tennis, cap and glasses.

Awe-inspiring views at the Grand Canyon

Going in the winter time might be inconvenient with having to deal with the cold and snow, but I was pleasantly surprised by how the snow made the scenery even more majestic.

Over the clouds!!

This was one of the rare days for Grand Canyon! There was a cloud inversion, and luckily I was able to bleakly capture a rainbow in the cloud inversion inside the canyon!



We lived in Phoenix for about 20 years visiting the Grand Canyon was must when visitors came, when we want to enjoy the outdoors.

We had many adventures at the canyon. A wonderful time was always had being there even for a weekend. The Park has so many things to do. Even if there a lot of people there was plenty of space to enjoy yourself.

Immense...a mystical place

Nice to see how the changing lights and shadows of the clouds altered the landscape.

Amazing, beautiful, awesome!


Grand Canyon

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