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Restaurants in Greece

663 contributors

237 places to eat in Greece

Restaurants in Mikonos
Kiki's Tavern
This is a Greek-style beach snack bar. Apart from the calm waters, on the beach [poi = 76268] Agios Sostis [/ poi] you can enjoy the stunning beach bar. The site has no electricity or anything, just a coal-burning stove where they prepare grilled meats and fish. It's simply priceless to enjoy a good meal, with good local white wine and rejuvenate with sea views of Mykonos. I don't have any information on schedules or a phone number, but if you go by Agios Sostis and it's open, you have to visit.
Restaurants in Milos
Medusa Restaurant - Ouzerie
One of the best ouzerias of Cyclades. I will not deny, for me one of the greatest attractions of Greece is its food, so similar to Spanish in its ingredients but so amazing in taste. One of the restaurants that I remember most fondly from there is the Ouzeria Medusa, in the village of Mandrakia of Milos Island. Mandrakia is a typical fishing village of Milos, is charming and a magnificent beaches around. Restaurant recommend almost everything, especially the grilled octopus, of the tastiest I've had in my life ...
Restaurants in Naxos Islands
Taverna o Apostolis
The Taverna O Apostolis was a very good choice for dinner in the [poi = 77697] Naxos [/ poi] This is the terrace of the restaurant. This restaurant has a great selection of Greek specialties including grilled octopus, feta, fresh fish, etc. It's a really nice place. Dinner for two with house wine can go for about 40 euros.
Culinary Interest in Oía
Wine Tasting in Santorini
Perhaps one of the least known aspects of Santorini are the wines produced on the island. They are volcanic wines with similar qualities to that produced in the interior of the island of Lanzarote. They are predominantly white wines, and I personally quite like the touch of carbon that these wines have. Of course, the ideal day is touring white villages or relaxing on volcanic beaches and watching the sunset while sipping local wines. One of the wineries we liked was the Sigalas, just outside the village of Oia. Getting there is quite easy if you have your own car, because there are many signs pointing the way to the winery.
Restaurants in Thessaloniki
Goodys is the Greek version of McDonald's. For it being a fast food restaurant, it has an amazing variety of dishes. For those of you who are on a tight budget you can order the salad bar. It costs 4 euros and you get a plate and a bowl that you can fill with anything you want, such as different fresh and healthy salads. Cold water is available, as well as sauces and all types of oils and vinegars. It depends on where you go, but in general there's a lot of variety in the spices as well. For the classic menus, burgers and fries are prepared with a Greek touch, and with quality local produce. Goodys is proud of that, and they're right to be proud. I liked the whole meal. It was also served in a real bowl, and not cardboard. It comes with meat, vegetables and potatoes, and fill you up more than a sandwich, costing between 6 and 8 euros, while the menu of burgers worth between 5 and 7. Negative, as in most Greek restaurants, the Goodys are smokers. But sometimes there are terraces out of smoke.
Restaurants in Oía
Taberna Katina
I want to tell you about Taverna Katina, in Amoudi Bay, at the foot of the village of Oia. We discovered it by chance. It was raining heavily and we wanted to see the sunset in Oia, but the sun wasn't visible, so we crossed the village and saw a sign to Amoudi port, the small town of Santorini. The first sensation was good, a tiny town with a mini beach, a mini port and full of taverns. In front of the small fishing boats small taverns topped the landscape. The village is in the caldera of a volcano, separated from Oia, which is at the top, by about 200 or so steps. As it was raining we decided to go for a drink, as the tavern terraces were covered with plastic sheeting, and as we were only a few meters from the sea we could see how much it rained on the sea. We went to Katina tavern, it was 7 pm and we had eaten late, so we decided to take just a coffee. Then we noticed the familiar atmosphere of the tavern, they were all family, Katina, the owner, dressed in black from head to toe, ruled the roost, and sons, sons and others, served the tables. They were sitting around a table drinking ouzo and talking, laughing. They asked if we had tried the yogurt and we said no, so tried it. It was the best yogurt I've ever tasted. As it had not stopped raining, we were there quite a while, we took a jug of ouzo, feta, olives and olive oil bread. When we went to pay they charged only for the coffees. We promised to come back for dinner the next day, and we did. The Seafood was good, just caught, golden delicious, delicious salads, and very friendly people, at a reasonable price.
Restaurants in Athens
Aspro Alogo
This restaurant is somewhat hidden on a one-way neighborhood street. It has about 6 tables, 3 inside and 3 outside. It is a bar-restaurant with homemade Mediterranean food. I have my doubts about whether it's a common choice among Greeks for dinner, but the time I went there were a few tables of Greeks. The menu is fairly simple, but has plenty to choose from. They were out of a few items, which is usually a good sign as it means the people are obviously enjoying it. Another curious thing is that there was only one person in the restaurant. The same man greeted us, made our food, served us and brough us the check. It was pretty incrredible. Recommended if you're eating ona budget but still want to try all the Greek delicacies: Greek salad, tzatziki, Greek meatballs, fried fish and garlic-herb bread.
Restaurants in Athens
The James Joyce
The James Joyce Pub is, without doubt, the most popular Irish pub in central Athens. It's been open since 2007. It has a privileged location, just one street away from the Acropolis. Here, local traditions blend with a friendly Irish pub vibe, good music and a modern menu. In fact, many locals come to the pub exclusively for its food. The menu is a perfect introduction to Irish cuisine, offering everything from steak to guinness pie, bangers and mash, fish & chips...everything well-presented in a modern, stylish way. For those not so keen on Irish food, the menu also has typical Greek salads and roasted eggplant or "vegetable wraps" (great!). The price of the dishes range from 6-10 €. It is a very nice pub, the music was just loud enough to allow for conversation, not too busy (fair, tables and sofas filled, the more people standing at the bar), and there was also live music (concerts at least once a week).
Restaurants in Mikonos
Sea Satin Market
This is luxurious fresh fish next to the Mykonos Mills. Mykonos is Greek's cheapest island, but the restaurant Caprice - Sea Satin Market is not the cheapest on the island. However, we can recommend the restaurant for its prime location (just below the famous [poi = 64091] Mykonos Windmills [/ poi]), with its beautiful views of the [poi = 77156] city [/ poi]) and its food quality. I loved the layout of the tables, on the same beach as the city, the soft lighting with candles, and the romantic atmosphere. I recommend it for a special island supper.
Restaurants in Milos
Utopia Cafe
Even the name is beautiful at this restaurant in Plaka although most of the customers come for the views. But that view! At sunset bay Milos is dyed gold in what is one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Aegean. All this accompanied by chill-out music in a super laid back.
Restaurants in Mikonos
We went to this restaurant during our visit to the beaches of Mykonos, specifically Eliá beach. We ate well, Mediterranean dishes: salads, pastas, pizzas, ... all these together with typical Greek dishes such as moussaka, dolmades, and others. Aside from the food, which is freshly made and very good, you can enjoy wonderful views of the beach and over the Mediterranean landscape of Eliá Mykonos. Good food, overlooking the Mediterranean magic of the Cyclades Islands ,and you done in good company, you will round off the day in a perfect manner! The restaurant is on two levels, the lower one which is inside, and upper one, which is half inside and half on the terrace where you can enjoy great views. I don't rememer the price very well, but students always looking for places that are affordable and I recall this worked out to about 15 euros per head. That said, if you want to spend a nice evening,or just breakfast, lunch or dinner, I recommend this restaurant for eating well, nice and cheap. Also after a good meal, you have the beach right in front with a chillout area to relax in and take a coffee ... Mmmmmm
Cafés in Athens
PagotoManía Cafe
This great coffee and ice cream shop draws you in with its modern décor and a variety of ice creamsin the windows. It's on corner of Odissea Androutsou and the Zinni Anastasiou pedestrian street. The nearest metro stop is Sygrou-Fix (line 2). The cafe has a wide selection of cakes, ice cream, pancakes, and pastries, as well as mixtures of the above. It was a wide variety of coffee (like all bars in Athens) where they highlight the popular Café Frappe and Cappuccino Freddo . The coffee ranges from 2 € to 4 €. A scoop of ice cream costs € 1.80. If you don't know Greek, they have menus in English as well. The servers are friendly if not a little slow and clueless. If you go try to tell you that you're in a bit of a hurry and maybe they'll go faster.
Restaurants in Athens
Brettos Bar
This bar-distillery is highly recommended. It's in the Plaka, in Athens. It is the oldest in Athens and has been making their own spirits for over 100 years. It consists of a high (4-5 feet) square, with an entrance and the rest of the room with a bar for customers. Luckily there are tables and chairs outside as there's no more room for them inside as they can't fit more than 15-20 people (standing next to each other). Although not recommended, already the bar attracts crowds because of its colorful bottles which fill the interior walls and windows. The bar is frequented by many locals, with varied backgrounds, from Egyptians to the Greeks themselves. A few years ago the head bartender and boss was Mr. Brettos, but he retired, leaving a new team in charge of the premises. What you can have to drinks is very varied, but the spirits (divided into flavors) and brandy are the most popular. The place is said to make one of the best brandies in the region. The brandy are, when you enter, to the top right, in large oak barrels. They are numbered # 1 to # 7, which shows how many years they've been maturing for. Almost always (if not always) the bar is full, so it's worth sacrificing and get there right on time, never after 22h.
Restaurants in Corfu
Venetian Well
If you're looking for a place to have a romantic dinner in this city, this is your place. The Venetian Well restaurant is located in the Venetian Well plaza (which is in English). This place usually has tables outside, usually for two, with lovely decor. This restaurant is beautiful. There's a small plaza with an antique look because it's in the old part of the city, with a tree that drops its leaves onto the tables. In summer it has beautiful pink flowers that bloom and give the restaurant a special touch. When night falls, the whole place is flooded with candlelight and ambient music, which is the final touch. The interior is lounge-style, with oriental touches. The food is traditional Greek and the usual prices or perhaps somewhat higher.
Restaurants in Folegandros
O Kritikos Restaurant
The O Kritikos Restaurant is a fantastic Greek tavern in the [poi = 79615] village of Folegandros [/ poi]. The restaurant has a great atmosphere with a super-lively terrace that's a good place to be. We ate here several times and I thought the price to quality ratio was excellent. I do not know the exact address, but in a town the size of Folegandros, it shouldn't be too hard to find. It's in the square where the other restaurants in town are.
Restaurants in Heraklion
Barba Giorgis
Barba Giorgis is a restaurant on the main road of Amoudara. Its a medium sized place that serves pretty good food and the couple who run it are very friendly with tourists. It has both covered and uncovered terraces and checkered tablecloth just like a traditional Greek taverna. Good place, worth a visit.
Culinary Interest in Thessaloniki
Agapitos is a traditional candy and cake shop in Thessaloniki, making magnificent cakes and chocolates since 1944. The shops just outside make you want to go eat and buy everything. There are themes, sometimes almond and marzipan figurines, cakes with the picture of the birthday person, or with a really well done decorative theme, looking like toys that can be eaten. There are also traditional cakes, with inspiration taken from Istanbul and the time when Greece was part of the Ottoman Empire. For those who are hungry, there are ice creams to take away, by scoop or kilo, and if you take the opportunity to look at the varieties of chocolates and other sweets, they are beautiful. Agapitos has several stores in the city center, and also in Athens. It is recognized as one of the best bakeries in Thessaloniki.
Restaurants in Athens
Tavernas in Plaka
The "tavernas" in Greece are like the bars in Spain, there are some on every corner, especially in the Plaka neighborhood. Here you can find some lovely, tiny bars with little tablecloths, terraces and live Greek music. In fact, the streets here are full of taverns and restaurants, with trellises, plants, and tiny squares full of tables. The one place I liked was the bananas tavern at the foot of the Acropolis. There are grape leaves stuffed with rice, saganaki (fried cheese) exquisite, with a good resin to accompany the meal and dessert, yogurt (thanks to this place, I came weighing two kils more, since I seemed to wake up with yogurt on my mind). Good ambiance, good atmosphere, and in the courtyard of the square, there is Greek music with a nana mouskuri singer, and above the lit Parthenon. What more could you want?
Activities in Greece