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Stais in Greece

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    Where to stay in Greece

    Hostels in Milos
    Milos Studios
    A great place to stay in Milos is Halara Studies. They are apartments in the village of Plaka, which is the most charming village on the island and are on top of one of the hills of the village. It exudes a quiet impressive, although it is true that if there is no car it is not too practical for a place to stay. Especially noteworthy are the views of the bay of Milos.
    Hotels in Oía
    Chelidonia Villas hotel
    Curiously, a tourist site as crowded as Santorini can adhere so strongly in one's memory. Yet it is hard to shake the sense of wonder you have to contemplate the sea from the top of the volcano caldera. And it's almost impossible not to feel wonder at the photos - really, was I there? We were lucky to stay in these wonderful caves dug into the hillside itself the Santorini caldera. The caves were a charm, but the views from the terrace were breath taking.
    Hotels in Rafina
    Attica Beach Hotel
    This accommodation on Attica Beach is 30km from Athens. It is a great establishment located just 4 kilometers from the second biggest port after Athens, Rafina. We decided to stay here, precisely because of its proximity to the port and because we left the next day at 7am from there to head to Mykonos. The truth is that we expected very little from the hotel and they were wonderful with us. We picked up our ferry tickets and they arranged taxis from the airport and the port they gave us breakfast long before the restaurant was open. I do not know if I would return here because Rafina does not have, in my opinion, t much to see. But you can surely trust the hotel staff.
    Hotels in Athens
    Plaka Hotel
    This hotel is in the center of Athens in the Plaka neighborhood. Besides being in downtown, it is very economical. Watch out though, as it's always full in the high season. It also has a roof top terrace with spectacular views of the Parthenon. Don't hesitate to stay there...it's a no frills place, but the quality and service are very good.
    Hotels in Athens
    Hotel Grande Bretagne, a Luxury Collection Hotel
    The Grande Bretagne is a luxurious old-fashioned hotel. It is a five-star hotel in Athens, located in the city center, just a kilometer from famous monuments like the Parthenon, the Royal Palace and the Natural History Museum. The hotel offers two pools, a gym with personal trainers, hairdressers, a spa and a business center. It has multilingual staff, free parking and high speed internet. It has several restaurants such as the Roof Garden, where you can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with views of the Acropolis, a conservatory which offers international cuisine, and the Corner, with Mediterranean cuisine in a formal and sophisticated. It hosts 321 rooms that are divided into different types and suites, some with a 24 hour butler service, and they are all exquisitely decorated with antiques. The rooms also offer views of the surrounding historical monuments. The Queen of Spain even stayed there on her recent visit to Athens, and no European celebrity who visiting Athens has not stayed here.
    Hostels in Folegandros
    As you can see, it's [poi = 79606] impossible [/ poi] to improve the location of the Castro Hotel. It can be found within the city Kastro called [poi = 78346] Folegandros [/ poi]. The views of the Church of Panagia and the cliff that overlooks the city which you'll have from the terrace and from the rooms are amazing. The hotel has only a few rooms and the atmosphere is very cozy, which is really nice. The rooms maybe sound a little small, but it's certainly more than enough. When you're traveling with heavy luggage, I recommend a room on a ground floor because the stairway leading up to the top is pretty narrow. I recommend especially the upper room, which has a private terrace with stunning views.
    Hotels in Sifnos
    Kamarotí Sifnos Suites hotel
    This hotel was built by a Spanish architect on the beautiful Greek island of Sifnos. It is an example of absolute respect for the surrounding area. Its architecture blends with the environment, creating a haven of peace and tranquility which is perfect for enjoying a holiday with friends or the family. All of the rooms have a small terrace or private garden offering sea views. In the common area, next to the cafeteria, there is a fantastic swimming pool, a playground and a swimming lane of 25 m! The service is great (it was opened on 1st July 2011). They are the same owners of the hotel which is managed in situ. I fell in love with the island of Sinfos for several years .. it is the most authentic of all, I feel like I have spent years there, with its narrow streets, its taverns on the beach / cove and its wonderful people . The traditional cuisine is also delicious, Tselementés, Greek chef considered a precursor of modern Greek food, was born there! I leave you with the website: http://www.kamaroti.com
    Apartments in Oía
    Aris Caves
    It is a small hotel, with different rooms that look like caves. The location in the village of Oia is perfect, right at the entrance to the pedestrian area. The hotel is at the edge of the cliff with views of the caldera, and the nights, sunrises and views of the bay and the islands in it are beautiful. Especially recommend for the hospitality of the owners, always friendly and willing to help. The comfort of the facilities along with the great reception shown to us makes this hotel one of our favorite ones we´ve stayed at thusfar.
    Hotels in Athens
    Hilton Atenas Hotel
    This hotel's terrace is simply spectacular. A view over all of Athens accompanied by cocktails and scary music. A must.
    Campsites in Paros
    Surfing Beach Campsite
    The Surfing Beach is a campground on the Greek island of Paros. I arrived by inter-rail through Greece and Italy, on a ferry from Athens. We stopped at the island without really knowing what it had and really tired from the whole trip, and sleeping there was the best choice we could have made! It was Next to the beach, the facilities are pretty good, and it has a pool with bar inside, almost like we were in Punta Cana campsites . It was a surprise!
    Hotels in Malia
    Kalimerakriti Hotel
    KalimeraKriti Hotel is more than 40 km from Iraklion in the eastern part of the Island. Sissi is a small fishing port where you can try some of the local and fresh fish. The hotel is 5-star and I recommend the Bungalows as they are spacious and quiet. Excellent food and wonderful customer service. It's a great place to rest. Best to rent a car so you can explore the island.
    Hotels in Athens
    Phaedra Hotel
    I have no photo of the inside of the hotel, only from the balcony we had. It's a simple place, more of a hostel than a hotel, but it is brilliantly located in the middle of Plaka, close enough to walk to everything and the price is very cheap compared to the absurd prices at some hotel, most of which don't look like anything special from the outside. It was very clean and Manolathos, the owner, was nice and charming. We were treated great and when we returned from the Greek islands, we had a whole day free and they let us store our bags there and explore Athens. Our room had a large bathroom with no shower curtain, which I guess is common in Greece. The balcony was great. We had breakfast there, overlooking the Acropolis and a synagogue. At night, you could see people going to Mass and we fell asleep to the songs. I recommend it if you're looking for a simple, well-located, and clean hotel with and friendly service.
    Hostels in Thira
    Villa Agas
    Today I want to talk about this hotel in Santorini. It's simple, but it has everything you need. It's kind of a pink villa, and is divided into two buildings. The rooms have a terrace on the ground level, meaning you can move to the neighboring terraces, and courtyard, surrounded by vineyards, overlooking the sea, with air conditioning, refrigerator, and they are quite spacious. It is clean, although the bathroom is pretty old, and of course there are no curtains. We bought food and we kept it in the fridge and in the little terrace we had breakfast. Nicolino, the son of the owner is very friendly and gives you what you need, he took us to the ferry for free and let us leave the room an hour later. It was very, very familiar, all employees are part of the family, father, mother, brothers, etc ... And most hotels around share the pool. The pool is very nice, is large and comfortable, and is 500 meters from the house, near the other houses that are also hotels. We could say it is a kind of hostel, no frills, and the best thing is the price. For 7 nights we paid 120 euros for the double room. Ah! And another thing to consider is the location, not right in the center of Fira, where prices are exorbitant, but it is very close, in Karterados which is only a 10 minute walk and in a very quiet area. Not worth it?
    Hotels in Heraklion
    Korifi Suites Hotel
    If somebody is planning to go on holiday to Crete I recommend staying in this hotel which is made up of small houses with a view of the coast. It is in Piskopiano, about 25 km from Heraklion. Piskopiano is a village of Greece, surrounded by a mountain. It transmits peace of mind both daytime and nighttime. Piskopiano is a perfect place to have a nice dinner with the best Mediterranean food. Also you can have a drink, for those who want to party, Hersonissos is the place to go, it is 2 km from Piskopiano. The bad thing is that it is crowded, especially with Dutch, go to drink alcohol. The Best is hotel's relaxed enironment, the terraces of the houses full of flowers, ahh and there was a kitchen ... There was a day we made tortillas, we picked olives, and had a martini . The Worse part was the treatment of the head of everything. When we arrived to the hotel we were told that there was no party and here is where people relaxed..... But the stupid to have believed that. Anyway, we were there 5 days and gave no cause for complaint to the boss. The best thing was every night, we ate dinner on the terrace as the nights were breathtaking ... After dinner we had a few drinks, chatting and with no fuss. The price at that time was between 45 and 50 and night. To say that the place is a good place to go with friends ...
    Hotels in Folegandros
    Anemomilos Apartments
    This is undoubtedly the most spectacular hotel on the island of [poi = 78346] Folegandros [/ poi]. The Anemomilos Apartments would not be out of place if they were transported stone by stone to Santorini. The views from the rooms are amazing, as they are also from the terrace, which is one of the most charming places in Folegandros. You can have a drink while watching the sunset and it's attractive enough to stay at this hotel. Accommodation here is extremely popular and you usually need to book well in advance to get a room in high season.
    Hotels in Thessaloniki
    Hotel El Greco
    Undoubtedly one of the best options out of the variety of hotels on Egnatia Street, making a qualitative leap compared to most of them. There were 4 of us and we had 2 double rooms connected by a hall so that by closing the hall door, they were joined forming a kind of apartment. One room had a balcony overlooking the Via Egnatia. Two bedrooms, parking and breakfast cost us 105 euros in March 2011. The parking was great, although we did not see it. You left the car outside the hotel and the bellman put it on an elevator that disappeared into the lower floors. We went back to pick it up on the street. Breakfast was fine. The location is quite good and you can walk to the major sights of the old city.
    Hotels in Kókkinon Khoríon
    Galini Hotel
    This is a beautiful spot overlooking the beauty of the boiler, on the island of Santorini, with its amazing and stunning landscape. It's really spectacular! A definite stop if you're touring the Greek islands! They have lovely clean rooms, most with balconies and fabulous views. Also, there is a small cafe on the roof with wonderful sea views and sunsets, which is where I took the photo. The food is excellent and we were very impressed with the staff. We would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone wanting to stay in a small hotel with excellent amenities, easily accessible to buses or taxis, and wanting to explore more of this beautiful island of Santorini.
    Resorts in Athens
    Arion Resort & Spa, Astir Palace Beach Athens
    If you visit Athens in summer, don't spend more than 1 or 2 nights in the center of Athens and spend a night on the beach: Hotel Electra is in the Plaka neighborhood in downtown. From there you can walk to the Acropolis in only 10 minutes. It's important to get up early and see the Acropolis in the early hours of the morning when there isn't a line or a lot of people. A good time to go is 7:30 / 8:00 in the morning, but not much later. Once you've seen the Acropolis, take the little tourist train that is on the street. You can catch it right there at the exit of the Acropolis and it takes you back 1 hour through the city. It makes two stops and drops you off at same place it picked you up. The ideal is to ask around for lunch or stop in Plaka for lunch in one of the thousands of restaurants located there. You have to visit the New Museum (at the Acropolis). Again, if you can, it is ideal to go early. At 09:30 there are no lines and no crowds. This museum is really beautiful, not only for their priceless pieces but also for the architecture and the way some parts are exposed. Here's my recommendation: If you only have one day left, do not stay more nights in Athens. There is a hotel on the coast, 30 minutes from downtown by taxi, which is perfectly affordable and where spend a day and a night for 320 €. You can spend the day at the hotel, at the pool with Balinese beds and run right out and jump into the sea. You can also eat there. At dusk, get a taxi in the hotel to take you to see the sunset at the Temple of Poseidon (45min.).
    Hotels in Kos
    Kosta Palace Hotel
    The Kosta Palace is located in the beautiful city of Kos. It has clean, spacious rooms, all equipped with a minibar, and a terrace on which you can relax. You can enjoy beautiful scenery from the terrace of the coasts of neighbourhing Turkey. There are two pools, one for adults, and the other for children. It has a well-stocked bar, the staff are friendly and professional, and the price is very low. Suitable for the whole family!
    Hotels in Mikonos
    Hermes Mykonos Hotel
    The Hermes hotel is run by a family who makes you feel at home. They helped us make reservations and talked with a rental car company to bring the car to our hotel, where we made all the arrangements and paid. They also came to get us at the port of Mykonos, as taxis are hard to find. It has a gas station nearby, which is very convenient because usually everyone rents cars or quads. It's so close to town that you can walk (about ten minutes), but it's slightly uphill, which means you can enjoy great views, especially from the pool. The rooms are simply furnished, but comfy and nice, and have a private balcony. The buffet breakfast is very good. It is a 4 star hotel that is raising their rates because of the fame it's getting, but it's still affordable. If I visit Mykonos again, I think I would stay here.
    Activities in Greece