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Restaurants in Sardinia

416 contributors

160 places to eat in Cerdeña

Restaurants in Alghero
Poco Loco
This restaurant opens in the evenings, we ate a half meter of pizza between the two of us and we were quite satisfied. You can choose two different kinds (gustos), in the half meter and three kinds in the meter. I think it cost 14 euros, and it's a very quiet place with a comfortable terrace.
Restaurants in Cagliari
Ristorante di Andrea e Graziella
This was a pleasant discovery after several unsuccessful attempts to find a typical Sardinian restaurant in the streets of Cagliari. The Piazza Yenne has several restaurants with terraces in the square, but they are full of tourists and that's not what I wanted. You will find Ammentos and "typical cucina sarda" on the facade. We let the hostess to order us whatever she wanted. We had antipasti to start served on pieces of oak cork found on the island's mountains, then local grilled vegetables, cheeses and sausages. For the entree, a large plate of pasta, fragole with mushrooms, and for dessert, a muscat liqueur with traditional sweets. A feast in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere for about 20 euros per person, everything included. A nice place to stay.
Cafés in Cagliari
Caffe degli Spiriti
It is located in the terrace of the Saint Remy Bastion, below the neoclassical facade, in the Castelo area. Open Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 3:00 pm, you can enjoy either breakfast or dinner, a drink or a coffee, while enjoying the terrace overlooking the city.
Restaurants in Alghero
Pizza a Pranzo
We found this restaurant by chance on the freeway from ALghero to Bosa on the island of Sardinia. It was a hidden place although you can see it from the highway. It´s perfect to have a drink and an appetizer before continuing the journey. When I went it was half under construction and there wasn´t anybody else. It has a terrace with some pretty views of the Mediterannean. It´s in a quiet place, surrounded by vegetation and on the side a mountain. The inside is very big with many tables. The prices are accessible and pizza is their speciality.
Tapas Bars in Alghero
Terraces in Alghero
Alghero, like any good Mediterranean and Italian city, it has enviable warm weather. Both day and night the people invade the streets, the typical shops and the terraces. It's very similar to Spain, as the bustle of people and how to enjoy is very similar. One of the best places to have a beer outdoors is Port bars. Restaurants have also installed terraces, so you can eat outside overlooking the sea.
Cafés in Cagliari
Caffe Libarium Nostrum
It has an exceptional location at the top of the citadel, the walls and the incredible views from these. Entering Elephant Tower on the left you'll find it. Its modern outdoor furniture, good atmosphere and delicious cocktails contribute to make it a perfect place for an evening drink.
Restaurants in Bosa
Verde Fiume Restaurant
Th Restaurant Green Fiume is situated on the banks of the River Temo, in the small town of Bosa Sardinia. The food that is prepared in this restaurant is typically Italian. It includes dishes such as fusilli, paccheri, risotto, cannelloni, lasagne ... The dishes are prepared fresh in the restaurant, and vegetables predominate, but there is also meat and fish available. The place is very cozy and offers a nice view over Temo. They also offer a great selection of wines, and this is one of the attractions of the place. The prices are affordable, but they are not the cheapest in Bosa. Most dishes cost about 12 euros. The only thing we did not like was the service, particularly our waitress, maybe she was having a bad day, but we found her quite unfriendly and sometimes rude.
Cafés in Alghero
Neptune's Grotto Cafe
After going down the 656 steps leading to the entrance of the Grotto of Neptune (Sardinia) and then after climbing back up, I´m sure you'd pay anything for a cold drink. Well luckily they thought about this cafe, because around the grotto is there nothing. It also has an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy splendid views of Capo Caccia and the Mediterranean.
Restaurants in Oliena
Su Gologone Restaurant
The Hotel Su Gologone is a gastronomic experience not to be missed, if you find yourself on the island of Sardinia. And it is not just about a nice restaurant, although its traditional Sardinian style decor you could dedicate a whole commentary to, no, the Su Gologone not a touristy restaurant , but one of the key strongholds of the rich and varied gastronomy of Sardinia. Surprisingly you find here the wonderful traditional Sardinian pasta, accompanied by its fantastic (and homemade) sheep cheeses and hearty "porceto arrosto" (a roast suckling pig, go on try it). It's like a mixture of a Segovian roast mixed with a restaurant in Ibiza. Simply unique. Dinner for two with wine, dessert, etc., works out at about 40-50 €
Restaurants in Castelsardo
Rocca Ja Restaurant
A restaurant you can't miss if you are in the north of Sardinia. There are fabulous views, varied cuisine, and pizza for the kids all at very reasonable prices. It sits on top of a mountain and at night you see the whole mountain of Castelsardo. The service is quick and amazing!! Definitely worth a visit.
Restaurants in Alghero
Trattoria Al Refettorio
Today we ate in the restaurant that is supposedly coolest in Alghero, Al Refettorio. It offered a menu at 16 euros. We ordered the pasta of the day and fish of the day. The pasta was ... Macaroni with tomato! Very normal. The fish was tasteless with tomato sauce, garnished with two or three pieces of potato and a handful of olives. Nothing fancy. The Sardinian bread with olive oil, offered between courses was the best of the food. Attention: the bread left uneaten is given to other customers, seen with my own eyes. It's cool. The weather was bad, and the truth was that we were very cold inside the restaurant. We waited for the homemade dessert supposedly exquisite which took an age to arrive. Another disappointment: It was a tiny piece of cake that tasted like a supermarket muffin with chocolate sauce trickles. Grievous. When we finished, without drinking coffee (if we did we would have caught pneumonia), we paid 36 euros for 4, charged for the bad service. Of course we did not tip. Certainly. So if you want to eat well to avoid this restaurant Alghero. Much better to eat a few pieces of pizza in Pizzarium, as we did yesterday: We paid 14 euros for two with wine and it was pleasant. Simple, unpretentious, honest. Although not cool.
Restaurants in Cagliari
Ristorante Il Corso
This restaurant specializing in seafood offers a 20 € menu, and after talking with the owner, he included the wine, a really good white. We had three appetizers as starters, then the first course of either spaghetti with clams or the Sardinian specialty, and the second was fried fish with eels and crabs. Not bad, but not great. The spaghetti was delicious though. Coffee was included, and we left quite full.
Restaurants in Cagliari
Pizzeria Federico Nansen
We went to this pizzeria once and returned every day after that because it really is the best pizza in town. They have a variety of toppings and you choose a piece of the ones you like, weigh them and they charge by the total weight. They have all kinds of toppings: meats, vegetables, seafood. They have spectacular crust, the real trick to great pizza. And best of all is the value, two people eat well for less than 10 euros, with drinks included! Definitely highly recommended.
Restaurants in Sassari
Spaghetteria L'Oasi Di Nonne Giovannina
I told the charming waitress to bring me the spaghetti that she would choose from the extensive menu, and she brought the spaghetti to the "Alguerina". It was a delight. A huge plate of spaghetti accompanied by a tasty sauce as an addition to the pile of mussels and clams, a delicious dish that was not matched by any other pasta dish we had during our trip to Sardinia. I recommend the place and a drink where you'll find loads of Spanish people.
Restaurants in Oristano
Spaghetteria Risoteca Lo Zen
This place is small and close to the center of Oristano. You would never go by just seeing the exterior. This place was recommended to us by someone in town. He advised specialty dishes like spaghetti "all Areste". Its very cheap and busy. Really highly recommended.
Restaurants in Cagliari
Antico Caffè Dal 1855
We went for lunch here on some friends' recommendation, and I really liked it. The interior reminds me of the cafes you'll find in Trieste, so I felt at home. The service is very friendly, and the sun-shaped bread was a charming detail. We decided to sit on the terrace, which is nice if a bit noisy. The pasta with fresh seafood was delicious.
Cafés in Alghero
Caffe de Pazzi
Cafe de Pazzi has a staff that is always smiling and very friendly. It's a great cafe and is an ideal place to snack or drink before dinner. The cafe is dogfriendly, so it's easy to find people accompanied by their 4-legged friends. For me it's one of the best places for breakfast and to meet friends in the afternoon.
Restaurants in Arzachena
MamaLatina Restaurant
Mama America is one of the most popular restaurants serving fine cuisine on the Emerald Coast, even despite its unpromising name (I thought it was going to be a crappy pizzeria). Thankfully my doubts were dispelled upon arrival. It's a fantastic setting with very attentive treatment and a high quality kitchen. The staff here is more than accustomed to the rich and famous who moor their yachts in [poi = 100249] Porto Cervo [/ poi] or in a nearby exclusive Hotel Cala di Volpe, so casual wear is best left for another day. Apart from great appetizers, like the shrimp mousse, which was a glory to see and eat, I recommend their Sardinian cheeses and especially their fresh fish. Incredible as it may seem, you can eat like a king at Mama America for about 40 €/person.