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Restaurants in Distrito Federal

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706 places to eat in Distrito Federal

Restaurants in Cuauhtémoc
La casa de toño
For Pozoles, head to La Casa de Toño. If Pozoles aren´t your thing, try the quesadillas, tostadas, sopes, flautas, etc ... For dessert, try the flan made by and old woman (with caramel). If you go on a weekend go early because it gets super full ... but it´s worth the wait!
Cafés in Cuauhtémoc
CAFÉ de la Calle de TACUBA
It's a beautiful place. This cafe has a very typical Mexican decor and different classic paintings hanging throughout the room. It has been part of several historical events so has earned its spot in Mexican history. It is a very intimate place that I definitely suggest you get to know.
Restaurants in Cuauhtémoc
El Califa
It's what you expect for sitting on a terrace in Condesa: it is going to be more expensive than in other parts of Mexico City. But you can definitely notice the quality of the products. And not that as expensive as European prices, but above the average. I especially liked the crust (crispy cheese filling that you want on a tortilla)
Restaurants in Cuajimalpa de Morelos
La Calle Restaurant
Located in a shopping center in the district of Santa Fe, is a highly recommendable restaurant. It's decorated like a Mexican village from the 50s, and it's very welcoming and you can eat well. You have your own home-cooked dish. It's a little more expensive than a typical meal in Mexico but it's very interesting and visited by business people in the area.
Restaurants in Cuauhtémoc
Azul Condesa
A restaurant in the Condesa area, Mexico, with an excellent atmosphere. It´s modern and relaxed with a perfect combination of tradition and design. Mexican cuisine with a touch of today. It offers a superb wine menu, with wines from around world. I recommend the chile en nogada with both sweet and savoury sauces. Try the Jamaica water, a cold infusion of red flowers. Excellent!
Restaurants in Benito Juárez
In the city of Mexico, between Avenida Insurgentes and Dakota streets is the majestic building of WTC offices of the city of Mexico, on the 46th floor there's an Italian restaurant serving seafood with incredible views and a gin menu. It is not to be missed because during dinner it rotates 360 degrees so you can see the whole city, I'm sure that if you visit you will not regret it.
Restaurants in Miguel Hidalgo
La Hacienda de Los Morales
I have been here on several occasions: Weddings, conventions, intimate celebrations. It is a very romantic spot with a beautiful garden evocative of colonial times. It is quite expensive but it is a Mexican landmark and is worth it.
Restaurants in Cuauhtémoc
Salon Corona
A mythical and historic place in Mexico City. The Crown Hall is one of the main bars / restaurants to be found in this city of palaces and smog. A lot has been written about this place, but I will write very specifically about the BEST things, aside from their cañas and tarros (big and small beers). If you go, ordering the OCTOPUS TACOS is a must. Yes yes yes yes yes! They are wonderful! These meals are so delicious that you can not believe they come from a taco, or a place like the Crown Hall. The starters menu is: A dark tarro, an octopus taco and 2 pastor tacos, which coincidentally are also pretty good. If you dare, you can re-order the octopus and do so again and again ... To infinity.
Restaurants in Cuauhtémoc
Quim Jardi Gastropub
A design kitchen for less than 100 pesos (6 euros)? Amazing is possible! Located a short walk from the Spain Park is this 'gastro-inn' where for 89 pesos you can have a soup, a salad and an entree. You can choose the three courses to have strong or soft tastes. The friendly staff is professional and the fusion-inspired dishes as well. There is one weaknesses: no wifi and only ten tables .. which almost makes one appreciate it more! Definitely recommendable!
Restaurants in Coyoacán
La Barraca Valenciana
A great Spanish place in Mexico. Prepare yourself for amazing calamari. It's a tiny little bar next to the Jarocho cafe and is full of flavor. With a strong smell of fried food!
Restaurants in Miguel Hidalgo
El borrego Viudo
It is a typical place where they serve amazing tacos, throughout Mexico you will find fantastic tacos carnitas, al pastor, rachera and more from only 7 pesos, yiu might even enjoy my personal favorite: the suadero, which are not even 0.40 Euro.
Cafés in Coyoacán
Restaurants in Cuauhtémoc
Fonda el Refugio
This is a place that respects the traditional Mexican culinary tradition, with high quality features. It is highly recommended and located in Zona Rosa. It has been an open house for 57 years and great personages have passed and still pass through here. You must try the escamoles (ant eggs), maguey worms (crunchy, salty, delicious alone or tortillas), mushroom soup or meat Tabasco (roast beef with beans, red rice and fried plantains). It is one of the only restaurants that grind their own corn tortillas (in the metate) and make your own mole (non-industrial). yourself be guided in a mezcal tasting ;)
Cafés in Cuauhtémoc
Cafe Toscano
One of the most beautiful places of Mexico City is the Roma, and in it, perhaps one of the most fabulous is the Plaza Rio de Janeiro, one of the most relaxing walks of the area. Tuscan Coffee has a prime location on the corner of Orizaba and the corner of Plaza Rio de Janeiro. It has an enclosed garden with a central fountain, and to top it off, a copy of Michaelangelo's "David". The coffee makes visiting Toscano an enriching experience. Ideal for chatting with friends or with your partner, great if you want to meditate, plan, relax. There is a sensible selection of wines, beers, a nice coffee and a menu besides interesting also good. The service did not expect very good, but is common in the area, what matters is the location, and location. You'll like it.
Restaurants in Cuauhtémoc
El Taquito
Excellent choice! The area is rather ugly (street, trash, etc.) but the restaurant is just spectacular. From the decor to the nostalgic atmosphere we breathe, the photos of celebrities, bull articles (and I'm not a fan of bulls), you can enjoy being taken back to other times and it makes you forget the "mess" in the surrounding streets. And what about the food, very very rich, I wanted the chiles en nogada but they said they weren't ready so I ordered a cactus soup (very rich, they recommended it) to "make time". Finally I got my chile en nogada and it exceeded my expectations, delicious. Finally, a rich custard, also highly recommended. Excellent service (the waiters seem part of the decoration). The only bad point was that the toilet smelled pretty bad. In the end I highly recommend eating here bub Be careful as the area isn't pretty. For me it has become one of my favorite restaurants and I hope to return soon.
Restaurants in Cuauhtémoc
La Capital
A good friend of mine, recommended this place and we went to eat together. The decor is lovely: modern and bright. It's a great deal. The food is delicious, a mix of Mexican, Italian and international. The bucket of friend plantains with guacamole is simply spectacular. It's worth going just to try that. But of course, then you taste the roasted suckling pig and realize the common denominator is quality. Return, truly.
Restaurants in Cuauhtémoc
Balcon del Zocalo
There is no better view of the Zocalo of Mexico City than from the restaurant of the Holiday Inn. The splendid view and delicious food make this one of the best restaurants in the historic city center of Mexiko City. Everything is fabulous!
Restaurants in Cuauhtémoc
Taco Inn
They are in most countries in the Americas. It´s not bad if you need a little snack. Most of them have wifi. The specialty - if you can and you dare -- is to eat suadero tacos from the street stall or some of the tortillas. I recommend the suaderos.