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Restaurants in Asturias

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818 places to eat in Asturias

Restaurants in Llanes
Covadonga Restaurant
It's a restaurant where you seem to go for a rum because it looks good and yet it has 2 menus, one of 11€ with plenty of dishes to choose from and one of 18€ which is finger licking good. The fresh fish is great and well presented too. A good deal. It is a restaurant where you seem to go for a beer because it looks good but then it has two menus, one of which is 11 euros with plenty of dishes to choose from and one of 18 euros this. They are a great deal!
Restaurants in Gijón
Sidreria El Requexu
The Requexu is a restaurant that has been here in Cimadevilla for several years, always maintaining good quality food. They have a variety of salads, but the best things on offer here are the meat dishes and tapas, with some specialties being particularly highly recommended, like the scrambled eggs (four different varieties). The cider is good, the Trabanco brand. As for the price, it's in the middle of the range that you'll find in this area: you can dine will for about € 12 - € 15
Restaurants in Gijón
Gepetto is definitely a good place to eat pizza in Gijon. I've been coming to this restaurant for years, and although the quality has lowered at times, it's generally remained more or less the same. The locals are very nice, and the service is great, although recently they've introduced a rather stupid reservation policy in the restaurant on Calle San Bernardo (at least that's the branch where we experienced it). But nevertheless, it's a restaurant worth eating at.
Restaurants in Gijón
Pizzeria La Competencia
On my last visit to the city of Gijón we approach La Competition to see if their pizzas were just as good or similar to those that we love in Leon, and I can not complain because they were scrumptious. The pizzeria is in the middle Fomento with bars all over, its greatest environment is at night. We were 4 people and ordered 3 pizzas: the house, Roman and full moon, and 2 salads: mixed and seafood, along with coffee and a cheese mousse dessert that we loved, all for € 32.00, which I found wonderfully priced. One thing I did not know is that the kitchen has no closing time so you can go eat at 5 in the afternoon as we did.
Restaurants in Gijón
El Restallu
I've only gone once (by recommendation) and I was impressed with the dinner. The seafood is of the highest quality and is very well prepared. The price is a little expensive, but it is what it is - if you want quality you have to pay. And very wrong of him not to invite us for shots after.
Restaurants in Oviedo
Sidrería la Panoya Restaurant
The smell of smoke and the sound of the Horreos River surrounded the charming village. The streets are like puzzles, you find new things with every step. The main street, in the heart of the village, we found a heavenly breadbox. It was small, but cozy dining on Asturian food. The excellent menu had really delicious Asturian stew, one that was really, really good, and it continued with the second plate, the compango cod with homemade potatoes. Plus we had coffee, frisuelos dessert, and wine for the excellent weekday price of 10 euros.
Restaurants in Navia
Sidreria Antolin
A great place for tapas in Navia, we went for a dinner of tapas and it was very good, the portions were generous, warm cumin salad and very fresh squid. To top if off a huge piece of ice cream cake for two, with drinks and coffees all for 27 euros. It also has a menu and wifi, the attention is very good and it serves good Trabanco cider. Recommended.
Culinary Interest in Gijón
La Cuesta del Cholo
One of the most typical, traditional and emblematic places in Gijón to go out for a few ciders and a taps is called "Cuesta del Cholo". It's in a typical sailor/fishermen area, at the end of the marina, and is so named because it is a sloping street that climbs to the Cerro de Santa Catalina. The street is full of cider bars (called "chigres") and small bars where it's typical to have a few "culines" and weather permitting, have a gathering outside with cider and sunflower seeds. Some of the bars have a restaurant, but that mainly serve snacks, the most popular being grilled sardines. It is a very typical and there's lots of atmosphere, especially late in the afternoon.
Tapas Bars in Oviedo
Taberna Asador Casa Ramon
The Restaurante Casa Ramon is one of the most emblematic restaurants in Oviedo. Located in the Plaza del Fontan, it gets pretty crowded on market days due to its reputation and its delicious tapas dishes. They say that the character of its owner Ramon is a bit unpredictable, depending on the day! When you visit, you should order the seafood broth (if it is summer / spring) and a pincho. It won't disappoint!
Restaurants in Avilés
Casa Lin Restaurant
During Holy Week we were in Gijón and Avilés, we were recommended the old "The Inn" but we asked a girl in the street and she told us that the best place to eat was the "Casa Lin" and she was right. The dishes are authentic and XXL size is not an exaggeration. We ordered beans with clams and there was enough for 3 servings! As were the beans! We ordered a squid in ink which was also XXL and had an amazing flavor. The treatment was more than pleasant, it is one of those places that you recommend to everyone because you ate so well and it leaves you with a good taste. They pour a good cider ... but if you want to eat there is also a bar to have a drink and a little skewer. It is attached to the train tracks behind Plaza Carballo.
Restaurants in Cangas de Onís
Meson Puente Romano
The Roman Bridge Inn is situated on the Roman Bridge in Cangas de Onis, on the banks of the River Sella. It offers traditional Asturian cuisine, among its most famous are the bean stew, the "cabritu the inn" and rice pudding. It has an extensive menu of wine and spirits, as well as portions among which Asturian cheeses. It offers a daily menu and a special menu of the house, consisting of Asturian bean stew, beans with clams, rice pudding, custard and homemade cakes. At the store, you can buy local products and handmade items from the region. There is also a large terrace and parking.
Tapas Bars in Oviedo
La Paloma
This place is a classic, everybody in Oviedo knows the Paloma, a popular meeting place after work. It's famous for its Vermouth Sundays and its wonderful coated prawns. And what about the staff! There provide excellent service, all the time.
Restaurants in Villaviciosa
Casa Milagros Restaurant
I think people already know that in Asturias one can eat very well and hearty. Well, this place does not disappoint. Very good quality and better price. We were rolling and left menu. For € 13 per person you can not ask for more. Recommended if these by Villaviciosa.
Restaurants in Gijón
Los Molcajetes
It's next to my son's daycare, so I have eaten there several times while I waited for him. It's highly recommended. The prices are affordable and there are very nice deals. I can never remember the names of Mexican food, but I always ask for the dish in the photo of the first post. Delicious.
Restaurants in Oviedo
La Chalana
Yesterday, December 8, we celebrated our silver wedding anniversary with family at the Restaurant La Barge of Oviedo. Today (the day after) we are just remembering how good it was and trying to find some fault with something but we aren't able to! It was just perfect. The staff looked after us very well during the five hours that we were there and we paid a very reasonable price for everything we ate and drank, which was not a small amount. We didn't have to wait for anything, didn't need to ask for anything - the service was exceptional. I would like to sincerely thank all of the staff who contributed towards the wonderful memories that we will have of the day. Thank you.
Restaurants in Salas
Restaurants in Gijón
Big Joe Café Gijón
The Big Joe Café is a restaurant specializing in American food, with burgers, onion rings, coca-cola, etc ... very much like the Hard Rock Cafe, but with some local dishes too. The decor has a rock theme, with guitars and photographs of international artists. There are several types of burgers, starting with 180g of meat, and prices between € 7 and € 9. To accompany, there are real chips (+1.85 €), onion rings (+1.80) or salad (+1.20 €). There are other dishes besides, which I'm sure are good too, but with a hamburger and dessert you'll be left more than satisfied. For dessert, the homemade apple pie deserves a special mention. It is totally different from anything else that we've tried, and although it's very ugly, it's delicious! A good place to dine, the right price for what they offer. Even though they serve burgers, this is not McDonalds
Restaurants in Avilés
Viana Restaurant
We went to this restaurant on recommendation of a website and the experience was a good one. We ate a daily menu for 11 euros and the truth is that the portions were plentiful. Our starters and main meals were delicious. If you have an option do not hesitate to try this restaurant.