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Hiking in Neuquén

3 hiking in Neuquén

Hiking in Neuquén
A stay in a dreamy place. Very cold but warm in the environment field. The immensity of this magical place fills you. Surrounded by meadows and animals and subdued colours. A lovely place in the center Neuquen province, more specifically one of many estates near Catan Lil village.
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Guanacos on the Trail
When we drove along Route 40 to the Golf Club of Chapelco (which in Mapuche means a damp bush), we discovered an unexpecteda and surprising roadside show. In the dry grasslands and grazing among some green sandy shrubs scattered among gray rocks were six young (chulengos) guanacos, which are classic attractions in the area and who allegedly escaped from the protected fenced area somewhat further away from the route. Argentina has 96% of the world's guanacos, this camelid and ruminant herbivorous mammal which is also called "lama guanicoe" lives in a lot of South America, in places with bushes, thorns, deserts, mountains, hills and coastal areas. It has a woolly coat and thick, yellowish or cinnamon belly and white limbs with big eyes and long lashes and consume a wide variety of plant species. This camel meat and skin was used by prehistoric man to make his clothes, to keep him warm, make his huts and to make all kinds of utensils. The place is in Lacar.
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