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Islands in Dakar

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3 islands in Dakar

Islands in Dakar
Gorée Island
Goree Island is one of the nineteen municipalities of Dakar, only two kilometres from the port; it took us about thirty minutes to get there. You can't take your car, as there are no cars on the island. It was discovered by the Portuguese in 1444, and until 1848, when the French abolished slavery, it was the heart of the slave trade here. Today you can see a museum all about slavery, and there's plenty to appeal to tourists, with people selling traditional crafts, including some made from recycled materials like brass or battery parts. There are hotels and restaurants, with rather nice traditional music (especially percussion) that makes quite a treat after dinner. The church here is quite interesting, for all the saints are portrayed as black people. This was where Pope John Paul II apologised to Africa on behalf of the Catholic Church for the slave trade. Declared a World Heritage Site in 1978, it's well worth spending a day here, to enjoy its streets lined with bougainvillea.
Islands in Dakar
NGor Island
A piece of paradise 15 minutes from Dakar. I remember about 30 years ago as a child going on vacation to the coast of Andalusia where you could eat fried fish on the shore and stick your feet in the sand, watching the vendors trying to sell you necklaces of shells or even prickly pears. Anyway, I am sidetracked... if you want a similar experience, Ngor is the place for you.... it also has good, cheap beer!
Islands in Dakar
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