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Markets in Senegal

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5 markets in Senegal

Markets in Dakar
Marche Kermel
Kermel market which dates back to 1860 is one of the most important sites in Dakar. Here there is more than the bustling daily life of the Senegalese, with their purchases and back and forth from one side to another. It is also one of the most visited tourist places. To get there we take Sarraut Avenue to the east. You cannot miss it as it is a colonial-looking building, with bright colours on its facade and is very well preserved. Furthermore there are people moving nonstop. Its outer beauty of the building is amazing, but you have to head inside. It is full of captivating colours, shapes and smells. Here the quality of the product is the best, so that prices are more expensive than elsewhere in the city, although it shows in the quality. There are fruits of all kinds, thoroughly-cleaned fish, well-cut meat, all of which is exposed in a way that says "eat me". There are also more typical and non-typical products. Of course, the presence, with all those different colours calls out to the customer. Here you can see how the daily life is, with women doing the buying, choosing ... like in any market in the world. When the bags are full it's time to go home, but it's always the same story. It really is a must for it says something more about life in Dakar, if only to see how people shop.
Markets in Kaolack
Outdoor Market near Kaolack
If you go deep into the country, Kaolack is in the centre of Senegal from all directions (as you will know if you've been here before). You have to go through this town to get to the country's inner regions. On one of these trips, we came across a weekly outdoor market where locals buy and sell all kinds of food, animals and various other utensils. Enjoy dealing with people here in these makeshift markets, as this is where you'll find the real Africa.
Markets in Dakar
Markets in Joal-Fadiouth
Markets in M'Bour
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