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Ruins in Chiapas

6 ruins in Chiapas

Ruins in Palenque
The Mayan city of Palenque is something no one should miss when visiting Mexico. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is in the area of ​​Chiapas, Mexico in the south. The buildings here have been around since the 7th century, so this fact alone is an incredible sight. The buildings are characterized by peculiar "peaks" crowning the tops. Since the city was abandoned by the Maya, it was quickly covered by jungle vegetation, and was not rediscovered until the eighteenth century. Since then, archaeologists have discovered up to 34 buildings, but it is believed that there are still more than 1,000 structures covered by the forest. The place is just amazing, and it is impossible to imagine the scale of this enormous city in full swing. The most important building is the Temple of Inscriptions, a huge pyramid named after the tables with hieroglyphics found inside. Also, the sarcophagus of King Pacal is inside this temple. He once ruled the city. Other buildings are located around the central square, like the Palace, where there are sculptures and reliefs in stucco. Two baseball fields are there too.
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Ruins of Yaxchilán
In Yaxchilan, we had a 100% natural experience as we went on a sail boat on the Usumacinta River. It was quite a fascinating experience - the roar of howler makes you think of the largest cat of America: THE JAGUAR. We were surprised when, about 30 minutes into the journey, we found this beautiful feline swimming just a few meters from our boat and in broad daylight.
Ruins in Palenque
Palenque Palace
The building most characteristic of the ruins of Palenque is the great palace with its distinctive square tower with stone ceiling, an interior column and a spiral staircase. Experts agree that it was from here that Maya royalty and priests watched the sun set behind the Temple of Inscriptions, located diagonally opposite. This happened every December 22 or every winter solstice. There were many rooms inside the palace for the house of the ruler, his family and their relatives. It's a large building of 85 meters from north to south and 60 meters from east to west, so more than 5,000 square meters.
Ruins in Palenque
Inscriptions of Palenque Temple
The Temple of Inscriptions is very important for the archaeological find on the inside. King Pakal was buried here which shows us that these buildings were also used as tombs. It also establishes a link to Egyptian civilization. At the top of the pyramid, you enter an interior room which gives you access to a stairway down to a previously secret passage. This goes to the crypt located several meters below. This was discovered in 1952 by Alberto Ruz Lhuillier whose tomb can also be found in the pyramid now. The archaeologist found the skeleton of Pakal and a jade death mask inside the crypt. The temple 1, as it is known, is a ceremonial-funerary temple built in 675 AD.
Ruins in Palenque
Crosse´s Temples, Foliada and Sun Cross
Palenque has the features of a typical archaeological site: mysterious, solemn and well preserved and looming amid the jungle. There are 3 temples in the northern part. The Temple of the Cross, known for its delicate sculptures and its interiors, the Foliated Cross is named for a panel where an ear of corn appears as a cruciform and the Sun, which is the best preserved of the site, which sits on a pyramid of four bodies surmounted by a cresting of 4.40 meters. In Palenque there are hundreds of similar but less accessible structures, hidden in the jungle and maintaining its mystery ....
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