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The top 444 attractions in Center-West

Churches in Brasília
Catedral de Brasília
It was late, on 7 March 2011. I had just arrived after a short flight from Salvador. My hotel was situated near the source of the large Ministries huge. I met some friends, Brazilians, and then started to tour the beautiful monuments. They looked like there were from another world
Historical Monuments in Brasília
National Congress of Brazil
In the new capital of Brazil (Brasilia), inaugurated in 1960, the Legislature won a new venue, the House of Congress. The author of the project, Oscar Niemeyer, defined its architectural design as "Architecture is not simply a matter of engineering, but a manifestation of the spirit, imagination and poetry." At the House of Congress, for example, the construction will be realized in accordance with the following criterion: the advantage of architecture and urbanism, volumes, opportune spaces and visual perspectives, and above all, the intention of making it monumental, with the simplification of elements and the adoption of clean technologies and geometric shapes. The entire project of constructing the House, and the use of local conformation, was executed in order to create an esplanade flanking the avenues and a monumental complex in which hierarchy should be characterized.
Churches in Brasília
Don Bosco Sanctuary
Brasilia is full of unique and beautiful things to see. It truly is a photographer's paradise where it seems that architects are required to give their best to blend with the works of Niemeyer. Whoever designed this church certainly succeeded. It's hard not to get overwhelmed by so much plain and simple beauty.
Squares in Brasília
Praça da Torre de TV
The TV Tower Brasilia, apart from being a television transmission tower, has a free panoramic viepoint 75 metres high. You can enjoy a 360 degree view of the city. At 224 metres, the tower is the second highest structure in Brasilia. It is one of the few important buildings in the capital that was not designed by Niemeyer, instead being the work of Lucio Costa. Unless you go by car, getting there can be complicated - this isn't a city designed for pedestrians.
Of Touristic Interest in Brasília
Memorial JK
A pretty gray sky and intermittent rain accompanied us that morning on our visit to one of the places you must see in Brasilia. The JF Memorial was built in 1981 by Oscar Niemeyer, who was one of the architects who created this city. He built this monument to house the remains of which was one of the most beloved presidents brazilian, JUSCELI Kubistchek. JK was born in Diamantina un September 12, 1902. After several political positions, was sworn in as President of Brazil on January 31, 1956. Apart from creating the capital of Brasilia in this country, during his presidency there were numerous civil construction works that were carried out. His presidency lasted until January 31, 1961, which is the date his successor and political opponent Jânio Quadros was sworn in. According to the official version given by the then military government, JK was killed in a traffic accident in Resende on August 28, 1976. People were concerned that if his death had been anything other than a traffic accident there would be serious repercussions. If building outside and imposes by its size, the interior impresses. Pale, light blue reflections appear in the pinkish red light that illuminates the grave and gives the place a feeling of being in another world.
Caves in Bonito
Bridges in Brasília
Cities in Pirenópolis
Cities in Bonito
Museums in Brasília
Cultural Complex of the Republic
The museum is a spherical structure that presents exhibitions of modern art, photography and sculpture. It's free, and is close to other attractions in Brasilia, like the beautiful Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Claudio Santoro National Theatre. The museum offers fine art exhibitions in a modern, beautiful building, with a breathtaking view of Brasilia.
Of Touristic Interest in Goiás
Historic Center of Goiás
The Goiás municipality is a Brazilian state in the central west of Brazil. It is famous as it has a large number of hot springs with therapeutic properties, as well as being part of a beautiful natural setting with mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. It is frequented by nature lovers and people ve like to practice sports. Goias has a great natural wealth, but it's historical center is where much of its beauty lies. In the streets and buildings we can find a witness to the occupation and colonization of Brazil in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was predominantly a mining town, well adapted to its environment, with modest architecture. The buildings are still harmoniously constructed, as a result of a proper use of both the materials and construction techniques. Its cobbled streets retain their original appearance and historic buildings of colonial architecture, with little influence of the Baroque. In its streets, there are old churches and other buildings, as well as their sweet, religious events and celebrations; you can appreciate the cultural roots that still prevail in this place.
Nature Reserves in Alto Paraíso
Temples in Brasília
Templo da Boa Vontade
The Ministry of Tourism of the Federal District has provided a list of the most visited monuments in the capital, and top of the list is the Temple of Good Will (TBV). Since its opening in October 1989, this place has become a must for visitors to the city. It's a place of reflection, providing people - regardless of their beliefs - a place of peace where they can pray or meditate freely. The monument is open to the public 24 hours every day.
Sports-Related in Brasília
Cities in Goiânia
Nature Reserves in Alto Paraíso
Churches in Brasília
Parque Ecologico Dom Bosco
Nature Reserves in Cáceres
Pantanal Matogrossense National Park
There's beauty to be found in every square inch of the Pantanal. It's especially beautiful at sundown when the light reflects off the water. It's an amazing place full of virgin nature, free-roaming animals, and friendly people. It's hard to say how many days you'll need to fully explore the region...after all, it's huge and there are tons of things to see. I'm already dying to go back. The Pantanal is truly a gift for both the eyes and the soul.