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Things to do in Costa del Sol

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Villages in Ronda
have never seen a bridge like this.
Cathedrals in Malaga
Málaga Cathedral
Whenever I approach the center of Malaga it seems as if the "manquita" greets me or asks for help upon seeing itself drowned by the buildings surrounding it ... Still, browsing around Malaga and finding its tower, from time to time, is a nod to the not-so-distant past, and a continual reminder that it's still there, nonetheless.
Streets in Malaga
Calle Marqués de Larios
Perhaps the most emblematic street of Malaga and the most known and central, is the Marquis de Larios or CAlle Larios .. as the locals call it. Larios street is named after Manuel Domingo Larios Larios, II Marquis of Larios, the promoter of the textile industry development in the city during the XIX century. In May 1880, at the same time they put a statue of the Marquis de Larios at the end of the main street, it was also given the name Marqués. With the proclamation of the Second Republic in 1931 the street was renamed calle 14 de abril, the statue that paid homage to him was demolished by the crowd and thrown into the sea. In it's place they put a statue of the worker ve since then has been at the foot of the statue of Marqués. At end of the civil war and by order of Franco, statue was rescued and returned to it's place, and the street regained its name. Not long ago, the street was pedestrianized, it's a delight to walk here contemplating the many shop windows in both sides, as well as sculptures by renowned artists. In summer is usually covered with to make the heat bearable or "land wind" that province "suffers" from.
Viewpoints in Nerja
Balcón de Europa
This is probably the most recognized place in Nerja. And it deserves it. It is a spectacular viewpoint that seems to be floating from the top of a precipice while offering unforgettable sunsets. You could say that it is the “center” of Nerja, since it is where people meet and where tourists and local people come together, where people decide where they are going out that night. Wherever you look you will be amazed: sea, cliffs, beaches… It is a must see if you are in Nerja.
Historical Monuments in Ronda
Puente Nuevo Bridge
Without a doubt the most emblematic monument of the town of Ronda. When you think of Ronda what comes to mind is the bridge, the views offered. The fall is about 100 meters and the Tajo de Ronda passes underneath. It is a classic to take a photo of the bridge despite the difficulty of reflecting what is seen from there. The best views of the bridge are from the Gardens of Cuenca.
Historical Monuments in Malaga
Alcazaba de Málaga
This place is accustomed to being compared to the Alhambra in Granada and is considered as its younger sister, though not as spectacular or as magnificent. But, although it is only half of the original size, it is still powerful and feared, beautiful and admired. Granada is admired for its stucco, the calligraphy of poems that adorn its walls, its high domes and wonderful decoration, but the Alcazaba, which is also a woman, is proud of her crafted bows and especially the mystery of her walls. It also has beautifully intimate gardens and waterfalls. There is a museum for those ve visit its Roman remains, Arabs and Spaniards, the people ve built, lived, loved and defended it.
Harbors in Malaga
Port of Málaga
You can always admire the boats in the harbour and the enriching experience of tranquility that they give off while strolling through the Port of Málaga on any day. These harbour boats can never offset the threatening clouds. It creates a certain degree of recollection for it's beauty. The reflections given by the light make it even more beautiful.
Villages in Mijas
Mijas is one of the few towns in Costa del Sol that maintains its physiognomy and idiosyncrasy despite the touristic boom from the fifties. To walk in Mijas is to do a route through the Andalucía of the “Álvarez Quintero”…white houses, facades with flowerpots, patios with flowers and even “donkey-taxis” that allow you to get to know the streets and corners of this pretty town. It used to be called “Tamisa”, in the times of Roman occupation, and it had an increasing commerce, since it was part of the Vía Apia that joined Málaga with Cádiz. They also contributed to the construction of its orchards and terraces, and of its first vineyards. After the Romans came the Arabs, when they took Málaga around the year 714. They allowed the inhabitants to keep their traditions, houses and orchards in exchange of one third of the production, and they changed the name, calling it “Mixa”. Mijas has gone from agriculture and fishing to tourism. There are many foreigners from all over the world that come to stay here and enjoy the wonderful weather and atmosphere. It is a great choice, no doubt about it.
Villages in Nerja
If you like to swim at beaches with heavy surf, see some rocks that look like gruyere cheese overlooking the bluest of oceans, you have to visit Nerja, a small paradise in the heart of Malaga, Andalusia. You will enjoy walking the streets that carry a typical rural Andalusian style in the municipality of Malaga, where the famous Balcon de Europa and Nerja Caves lie.
Villages in Frigiliana
Hi Travelers! One of the most beautiful towns you can visit around Malaga is Frigiliana. If you like villages with white houses, narrow alleyways, steep hills, lots of flowers, and a spectacular backdrop of mountains and sea, then Frigiliana is the town for you. It's a fantastic town: there's an archaeological museum, magnificent viewpoints to take in the whole town, and plenty of hiking routes to spend a nice day exploring. Even walking through the street becomes a magical moment, one where you can relax and lose yourself in your own thoughts. If you're in Malaga, you must go to Frigiliana!
Harbors in Marbella
Puerto Banús Marina
Since the 70s, Marbella has had the best-known port in Spain and one of the most well known in the world, Puerto Jose Banus, which owes its name to its promoter. In the 70s, Prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe commissioned the renowned architect Noldi Schreck for the project of the Beach Club Hotel Marbella Club and as a result of this work, he came into contact with D. Jose Banús, who in turn was commissioned to build an typical fishing village in the beach area of ​​Nueva Andalucia. The Puerto Banus has been a resort of luxury for years now, the most luxurious shops and world-renowned designers (Dior, Gucci, Versace, Vuiton.. etc) have appeared here. You can also see the most spectacular yachts and the "beautiful people" in the bars and restaurants. Although it has long since lost some of its original splendor, you can still see Ferraris, Lamborghinis and yachts almost as big as the famous "Navilla" but also there are also places like Macdonalds and Chinese, blending with the luxury brands and almost "insulting" them during these times of crisis.
Festivals in Malaga
Feria de Agosto (Malaga Fair)
August Fair, the great fair Malagueña, is visited by tourists from around the world in search of fun and culture on the historic streets of Malaga. At night, the party continues on Campus Cortijo de Torres until dawn.
Caves in Nerja
Caves of Nerja
The cave of Nerja are also known as the Natural Cathedral Costa del Sol. This spot is about five kilometers away from the center of Nerja. Stresses the Bethlehem Chamber, the Chamber of Ghosts, the Board of the Pillars of Hercules, the Hall of the Mountain, the Board of the Arena, the Board of the immensity and the Hall of Cataclysm, the largest of the Cave, where a pillar sixty feet high is located in the center.
Harbors in Benalmádena
Sea Port of Benalmádena
Most frequented at night, with several restaurants, and thousands of shops to visit and lovely houses to see, where you can see Islamic culture at its peak. The curious thing are the boats at the door of each house, with access to the sea.
Hiking in Antequera
Torcal de Antequera
You can go hiking here, as there are 3 routes of varying difficulty and distances, medium, you need comfy shoes because of the amount of rocks surrounding you.
Historical Monuments in Ronda
Historic Centre of Ronda
Ronda's origins go as far back as prehistory, and it's been in the hands of the Visigoths, Romans, Arabs, and Christians. The Tajo and Puente Nuevo are impressive, while the Interpretative Center was a bit dull for my tastes. It's worthwhile to hike down to the bottom to see the city from a different angle, although you should take care to wear proper footwear and be weary of slipping. Then you can stroll through the streets to the old stables which will surely transport you back in time. There are lots of museums and churches, and of course you must visit the late 18th century bullring famous for the Goyesca bullfights held there. I especially like Espinel St., a pedestrian-only street full of shops, and of course the fancy toy store with the Playmobile in the door. You can leave your car at the beginning of the pedestrian-only street in a private lot called Martinez Aistens and go down the street to the bullring and the Tajo. I also like the plaza around the town hall and the church that's there. All is quite close to the walls and the arc which marks the entrance to the town and the road which heads to the coast.
Viewpoints in Malaga
Mirador Gibralfaro
This is the sunset as seen from the Mirador de Málaga Gibralfaro. I also recommend watching the sunrise, which is equally as wonderful. From there you can see a panorama of the city of Malaga, with Plaza de Toros on one side and views of the city on the other, as shown in the picture. In the center of the picture is the Cathedral Church of the Incarnation, known to some as "The Manquita", due to the fact that one of the towers of the main facade is unfinished.
Castles in Benalmádena
Colomares Castle
This castle-shaped building is actually a monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus and his arrival in the "New World". It was built by Dr. Esteban Martin y Martin, with the help of two masons from the nearby town of Mijas, between the years 1987-1994. It's a tribute to the discovery of America. The castle has many different architectural styles, like the Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic, and Mudejar. Inside, it houses the world's smallest church, from the Guinness Book of World Records, dedicated to St. Elizabeth of Hungary. It's open to the public daily. The entrance fee is 2 euros for adults and 1,30 euros for children and seniors.