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Things to do in San Juan

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Villages in San Juan
San Agustin del Valle Fértil
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The top 44 attractions in San Juan

Nature Reserves in San Juan
Ischigualasto Provincial Park
Valley of the Moon ... Go back to the time of "eras" and "periods," and enter the world of the Triassic, the first period of the Mesozoic Era. Just as we hold on to your childhood treasures, Ischigualasto has held on to memories of those times. Millions of years later, the movements and collisions of the tectonic plates has opened that which was once covered my thousands of feet of young rock, essentially opening a chest of memories. The Ischigualasto Basin tells the story of what happened at a unique time on Earth. No one could imagine that a huge lake surrounded by lush vegetation and thriving animals would one day turn into a desert with low rainfall, strong winds, and high temperatures. Fortunately, not everything has disappeared, and we can trace the footsteps of our ancestors step by step. Fossils of plant and animal life fill the ground and let us study the origin of life on this planet.
Deserts in San Juan
San Juan
Personally, I love the outdoors and all kinds of outdoor experiences ... That's why I really enjoy these old places hidden among longer-traveled routes and mountains, trees and rivers trying to return to their natural course, fighting against man and modern times. This place is just like that ... It's the old road leading to Calingasta ... And there is much to discover in the surrounding areas, many places to walk to.
Historical Monuments in San Juan
'LaDifunta Correa' Sanctuary
Like a mirage on the road, this place is the sanctuary of the Deceased Correa and to stop is unavoidable. The Sanjuanino sun scratches any surface and the air is oily and quiet. Burning, everything is burning. The slowness of trucks arriving or leaving after having a languid lunch at noon, there is total silence. I climbed the stairs from the walkway to the top of the monument very slowly, absolutely shocked by the amount of offerings. The silence becomes a whisper. The whisper increases with each step, wherever I look. The path to the top is a choir, a song, a prayer of faith dedicated to the Deceased, profane holy, Correa.
Lakes in San Juan
Ullum Lake - San Juan
The lake formed by the Ullum resevoir offers beautiful views, the water is green and contrasts with the blue sky and the red mountains. At the bottom of the lake you can see green areas, these areas are called deferrals, the name comes from "deferred" and it refers to the lands that have tax benefits for 10 years, deferred taxes for those who undertake agricultural projects. The water is channeled from the lake in order to make the land fertile, what was once desert is just now becoming green and productive land.
Nature Reserves in Barreal
Climbing in San Juan
Dear Antoniosantos, excuse my meddling, but some of your information is wrong. The place is called "Zonda", not "The Zonda". I live there and the only thing called "The Zonda" is the racetrack. Another equally important correction is that The Zonda Racetrack, The Garden of the Poets, Indian Head, Las Cavas de Zonda ironically are all in the department of Rivadavia. The Zonda department starts at the top of the so-called "Cableway" (to the west, at the end of the Quebrada de Zonda). These places formerly belonged to the department of Zonda, but are now (and have been for decades) under the department of Rivadavia's jurisdiction. My apologies for meddling, and greetings.
Of Touristic Interest in Albardón
Represa del Ullum
The Ullum Gorge Dam is 18 kilometers away from San Juan and it's something you would never expect to find in the middle of a landscape of such arid mountains combined with water that will delight everyone who practices water sports. In the summer this place becomes a resort with excellent spas that are grouped in its surroundings. Hustle and bustle abounds on the sunny beaches, and hostels open their doors for you to have a drink there. The Howard Johonson is one of the places you can stay and it's in the vicinity. Ullum has become a popular destination in the past several years for people who want to come explore this different area in the middle of the Andes. It's interesting to discover how the ingenuity and creativity of man has made an oasis in the desert of San Juan with the things that make up an irrigation system, river, dam, dam, hydroelectric plant, leveler dam, and irrigation canals. The address and phone number are in the Municipality of Rivadavia, which doesn't have a website.
Villages in San Juan
San Agustin del Valle Fértil
St. Augustine is the last village before you reach the Ischigualasto National Park and it is almost obligatory to stop here if you want to visit the park first thing in the morning. Despite having been touched by the magic of tourism, Augustine maintains a humble and reserved attitude. During the summer months, the heat it Sanjuanino really dominates this town. It was because of this heat that I extended my stay in order to soak in the peace and quiet. In those days I understood why the people at first seem so dull and. It is incredible that they open up their houses. Shops open and bike rides begin when the heat dies down just before 10pm.
Of Cultural Interest in San Juan
A land of magical forests with an incredible history!!!!!! It's great!!! Surfing, water, waves, music, and stories with bonfires. There are also bars, crafts, horseback riding, delicious sweets, and organic, artisan products.
Resort Towns in Barriales
Barriales San Juan is definitely a place that brings you much peace. The snowy mountains, the tranquility of the people, the activities, sailing, rafting, observatories, waterfalls, beautiful scenery, all with the company of family is a must for anyone who needs some time alone for thinking and enjoyment. I hope to return to the neighborhood again this year ...
Historical Monuments in San Juan
Plaza 25 de Mayo
Located just accross from the modern [poi = 102845] Cathedral Church of St. John the Baptist [/ poi], this square has been a faithful witness to the devastation of this city by earthquakes, and the strength, courage and sacrifice of its inhabitants to make it into what it is today. I suggest a beautiful walk through the most central part of the city (the route is the origianl 1904 route), with lots diagonal crosswalks and the "kilometer 0" of the region. There are tons of very old palm, cedar, banana, and oak trees and as we wander along the paths, we can find the statues of two Argentine personalities: Friar Justo Santa María de Oro (1897) and Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (1901). East of the square, there's a very old and very well-maintained elegant water fountain and a bronze equestrian statue of General San Martin by sculptor Louis Joseph Daumas (1905). From there you can also see the Campanile of the Cathedral, declared the monuments of historical and cultural value in 1986.
Valleys in San Juan
Viewpoints in Bermejo
Squares in San Juan
Of Cultural Interest in Rivadavia
Champagnera Cavas de Zonda
Cavas de Zonda is a well-known sparkling wine, excavated in rock in the year 1928, by a Yugoslavian immigrant who gave himself the task of digging the 7 levels. It is just 16 kilometers from the capital and is accessed by the Provincial Route 12. In one of the cavities is the only South American cellar ceiling which is in the mountain. The inside temperature is between 16 º and 18 º throughout the year, and is recommended. Walking by them we saw strange figures cut in the rock, of different types and colors. Its production is based on and Chenis Chardonnay grapes that need the sun to achieve the required color and flavor. It has a champagne color that is pale golden and depending on how you look at it you can find some green tones, it has very small and persistent bubbles and the aroma is lightly scented and fruity. It can be visited from Monday to Friday from 9 to 17 pm, and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 11 to 17 hours. Particularly not usually eat breakfast with champagne and visits are made very early excursion thereby tried it after taking a bottle I bought in the sales room, which runs inside the mountain, although many of my fellow tour-mates is not lost even try one drink.
Museums in San Juan
Hiking in San Juan
Cordillera de Los Andes (San Juan)
From Córdoba provincec (Argentina), Chancani nature reserve and crossing the Andes mountain range on the "Cruce Aguas Negras" road until arriving at the Chilean cost by motorbike.
Nature Reserves in San Juan
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