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Things to do in Western Australia

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The top 229 attractions in Western Australia

Nature Reserves in Tom Price
Karijini National Park
Karijini is halfway between Perth and Darwin. The roads to get to and from there are long and boring, only enlivened by the passage of the "road trains", trucks over 50 feet long driven at high speed, that remind me of locomotives. Being in a mining area and relatively close to a seaport, the passage of these beasts is quite usual. To access the park you must travel several miles through a forest trail that is pretty hard. Although it is not necessary, if you have a 4x4 as the journey will be more convenient and faster. It is a national park for hiking. Many, many marked trails and roads pass through beautiful spots, especially between the months of June and September, a period in which the fields are covered with wildflowers. There are several gorges, and waterfalls, natural pools and springs. The most popular items includes the Fortescue Falls, Fern Pool and Circular Pool. We can admire the view from Lookout Oxers, which is one of the most impressive viewpoints in Australia. It is not difficult to come across a dingo, the Australian wild dogs, as well as a red kangaroo. Less pleasant is encountering a serpent. In our case we could see one only a few miles from the entrance. Also we got a pleasant surprise to see a kangaroo with her little baby in its bag, looking for scraps of food. We made good memories of this place because we had a great sense of freedom and peace, and we were looking forward to discover every corner.. Inside the park there are picnic facilities, camping and restrooms.
Gardens in Perth
Kings Park
Kings Park in Perth is an area of ​​incredible botanical gardens, games and attractions for children, a lawn to relax or have a picnic, with a magnificent view of the city. Many species of birds live in the park and over the years they have held festivals, exhibitions and events here. All of these things make this place marvelous.
Nature Reserves in Kalbarri
Kalbarri National Park
This is one of the most significant parks in Western Australia. Among its attractions is the Murchison River Gorge, about 80 kilometers long and the famous "Nature's Window", a natural window formed as a result of erosion. This place is one of the most photographed in Western Australia. This part of the park is accessible by car. There are parking areas at the viewpoints, where roads come from different places and difficulty. The western part of the park is accessible to lovely cliffs where one can spot whales. It is a nice stroll in which, besides having the incentive to see the whales, you can the company of kangaroos, which are abundant. The sunset is exceptional and the perfect culmination of the day. The ideal place to spend the night is in the village of the same name located at the entrance of the park. Besides finding all the necessary facilities, campgrounds, restaurants, etc, you'll enjoy a curious experience, pelicans feed! Every morning at 8:45, several of these animals go to a park to be fed by a volunteer. Best of all is that you can participate throwing fresh fish. The grandeur of the park, and the fact of seeing kangaroos, pelicans and whales made it a happy place. You can find a plot for the night in one of the town campsites from $ 30 This is within the park that can be visited with the $ 40 pass.
Bars in Broome
Matso's Broome Brewery
Our nights in Matso's have been left in Broome as it is offered many homemade beers! The history of the building (formerly the Asian brothel district of the city) adds a mysterious character with a fairly traditional decor. The meals are quite expensive, but the quality and the service is exceptional. Do not miss out on the many theme nights and bands that play regularly, as these events are what make Matso's such an interesting place!
Nature Reserves in Cervantes
Streets in Perth
London Court
In the curve of the main walking streets in the heart of Perth, bordered by buildings of glass and concrete, is this alley, which is a typical London street, with its medieval architecture and tiny shops (all of which are quite expensive), including a famous chocolatier. This is a very small street populated by tourists, so much so, that it is hard to see the clock on the end of the street.
Cities in Fremantle
Perth is close to the ocean, because it takes 20 minutes by train to get to the coast and the beach, and there is Freo (short for Fremantle). An interesting city because it is where the 1st structures were constructed in this style, which gives a charm to the paved streets, a former prison open to the public and a big market that combines souvenir stalls, clothing, jewelry, decoration , foods, fruits and nuts ... And many families come on the weekend to enjoy the beach, of course!
Nature Reserves in Exmouth
Cape Range National Park
This is the best place in the world that I have snorkeled. Both the fish and coral are of great variety and high quality.
Nature Reserves in Perth
Purnululu National Park
This national park is situated in Western Australia, about 2054 km away from Perth, the closest cities are Kununurra and Halls Creek. You can access it via Spring Creek Track and it should be done in an SUV. The tour lasts for about 3 hours. The name comes from the Kija Purnululu (Australian Aboriginal groups). The landscape features a mixture of orange and gray colours, which are arranged in the shape of bands, orange iron oxide stems and the gray colour comes from certain bacteria that are found in the area. In this landscape you can find hives, these formations are the result of sedimentary rocks that have been beaten down by the effects of wind and precipitation over millions of years. There is also a rather striking circular feature that can be clearly seen from above and that resembles the shape of a crater of a meteorite currently called the Piccaninny crater.
Nature Reserves in Kununurra
Barnett Throat
Barnett Gorge is located on the Gibb River Road between Derby and Kununurra in the Kimberley. It is perhaps the most beautiful place by the road but it is one of the most misunderstood in my opinion, given the time it took to get there! A bit of climbing was necessary. I did not have the courage to swim though the water was enticing after seeing a crocodile in the Tunnel Creek. (Which means it is a place known for the crocodiles ...) Remember one thing: follow the stones. Well worth it!
Resort Towns in Sorrento
Sorrento Beach and Town
Sorrento is a beautiful coastal town in the state of Victoria, it is a holiday spot for many Australian families, and can easily be reached by bus if you are an independent traveller as was my case, you can take a ferry from Queenscliff, the township of Sorrento has two beaches, the one open to the sea, and that on the bay, a nice place to stay for a few days
Cities in Perth
Islands in Perth
Rottnest Island
About 20 minutes away by boat from Perth (Western Australia), this island is a dream destination without a car. Armed with a bicycle, you can enjoy this island with its charming small beaches. Here, you can really feel like you're alone in the world, and you can watch the dolphins frolicking in the surf. You can also see crabs in the sand ... a great spot.
Cinemas in Broome
Sun Picture Outdoor Cinema
The open air cinema is in a legendary place in the city. It is in one of the older buildings that have withstood time, it is a funny place, especially since the afternoon session is always interrupted by a plane landing (at around 9.10 pm). The airport is a few hundred meters from the center. Luckily only a dozen flights are scheduled every day! Although the nearby mangroves create the second evening entertainment, mosquitoes and sand flies (small flying insects that cause unbearable itching). But do not be shy, there is an attraction to live, at least once!
Festivals in Broome
Staircase to the Moon
Staircase to the Moon is a party that is celebrated every full moon between March and October, to see the rising tide. I have been twice and never had photographic proof of the phenomenon: the reflection of the moon in the waters gives the impression that there is a stairway of light that rises to the moon. This is an integral part of the legends of the aboriginal culture of the local tribes, and is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. The bars there have bay views, and they become a spectacle of "Light and Sound", and the beach is transformed into a market.
Islands in Perth
Heirisson Island
The Heirisson island is a nature reserve which is located on the Swan river, not far from the centre of Perth. There's a bridge connecting the island to the land, and it provides an excellent opportunity to see western grey kangaroos, if you don't have the chance to get out of the city.
Beaches in Perth
Scarborough Beach
Scarborough Beach is one of the most famous beaches in ​​Perth. The weather is great all year round, so it's always full of surfers and windsurfers. You can get there very easily from Wellington Station.
Roads in Kununurra