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Things to do in Coihaique

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The top 9 attractions in Coihaique

Roads in Coihaique
Austral Road
From Chaiten, South Chile, along the Carretera Austral, one can see many evergreen forests, glaciers and snowdrifts, rivers and lakes. The environment is charming, as the paths still preserve the natural landscape and ambience of Chilean Patagonia.
Lakes in Coihaique
Lake Towers
A fascinating landscape can be seen from Lake Towers National Reserve. It is directly accessible by the road bordering the southern part of the lake. Crossing it from there you can therefore see the size and magnificent hills accompanied by the surrounding lush vegetation. A backdrop of beautiful mountains which are reflected in the clear water, everything is very clean, very pure ... you will be absorbed by the unique nature in this part of the protagonia. There is a picnic area and fishing pier. Many people arrive in private vehicles but there are also adventurous backpackers and cyclists which hit the road at the southernmost tip of Chile.
Villages in Coihaique
Villa Mañihuales
A typical villa which is a must if you are travelling along the southern highway either in a vehicle or on a backpacking or cycling adventure to buy something, stay there or for taking a rest. It is surrounded by pure and fast-flowing rivers ideal for fishing and magnificent mountains with lush forests. "El picacho" and "el colmillo" are two peaks that can be seen from the villa. There is a lake from which magnificent views can be contemplated. Mañihuales has apptoximately 2000 inhabitants and was founded in 1962. It is one of the thousands of places that the end of the world has to offer, great landscapes still preserved intact by man.
Nature Reserves in Coihaique
Queulat National Park
The glacier-capped mountains seen when walking through the enchanted forest sre the most amazing vegetation known. Entering the path is like entering another world, a fairytale full of marvellous creatures watching your every move. Just a ninety-minute leisurely walk. You will come to a lake created by the melting of the glacier.
Hiking in Coihaique
Of Cultural Interest in Coihaique
Bays in Coihaique
Coyhaique Bay
Coyhaique is found in the eleventh region of Chile. In winter it is very cold and in summer the temperature is pleasant. The magical vibe at night gives the place a mysterious feel where you will find very attractive places, like the one pictured.
Viewpoints in Coihaique
Nature Reserves in Coihaique