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Things to do in Puerto Montt

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Activities in Puerto Montt

The top 46 attractions in Puerto Montt

Cities in Puerto Montt
Port of Puerto Montt
My holiday in the south of Chile, Region de Los Lagos, Sector La Poza, Petrohué Falls and All Saints Lake, Region de Los Lagos; Park Vicente Perez Rosales. Province Llanquihue. There were some wonderful places that I saw.
Exhibitions in Puerto Montt
Angelmo market
In the city of Puerto Montt there is one of the most important traditional Chilean food markets. This is the Angelmo market where seafood is sold for the traditional cooking spots, some with views of the sea and the Isle of Tenglo, others within the market where there is typical music. The employees of each eatery loudly promote the mixture of aromas typical of the cuisine of southern Chile, which will mesmerize anyone who likes seafood. This place is unique.
Viewpoints in Puerto Montt
Mall Paseo Costanera
What in the motherland we call seafront ,in Chile they call it a coastal call. As Puerto Montt is a villa constructed into the sea, walking around is to visit most of the city: The main square, hotels, yacht club, docks, bus station, market Angelmó. On one side is the city, and the other side is the ocean.
Exhibitions in Puerto Montt
Feria Artesanal Angelmó
Craft fairs (small, ultra-traditional markets) are what was missing from Puerto Montt. If you don't want to try the steep walk up Angelmo (much bigger) and want to avoid the rain - very common in Puerto Montt - you can opt for a small indoor fair, just opposite the bus terminal. They are ideal to buy a traditional hat, for example.
Of Touristic Interest in Puerto Montt
Navimag Ferries
Chile must be one of the only countries in the world where in order to move from north to south you have only 2 options apart from the plane. To go by road you have to go via Argentina and re-enter on the south bank and spend three days navigating the fjords from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales and vice versa, passing through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.
Airports in Puerto Montt
El Tepual International Airport
It is the principle airport in the Lakes Region and one of the biggest in Chile. The nearest city to this modern airport to Puerto Montt which is accessible by bus (1,700 pesos) that leaves you at the bus station, shuttle (4,000 pesos) and taxi (about 10,000 pesos). LAN airlines have flights, as well as Skyairlines both north (Santiago and several other cities) and south (Punta Arenas to Balmaceda).
Markets in Puerto Montt
Angelmo is something of a cross between a town and a neighborhood and is located just outside of Puerto Montt. You can not visit this coastal city without a walk through Angelmo to see at the little wooden cabins. You can get there by car or a walk along the waterfront, and it's the ideal place to buy fresh fish or eat upstairs in one of the many small restaurants.
Churches in Puerto Montt
Catedral de Puerto Montt
In the main square of Puerto Montt is the church whose design is reminiscent of the Parthenon. It was built entirely out of larch in 1856 and it the oldest building in the city. Inside is the act of creating the city and one of its pillars is the foundation stone. Attached to the cathedral is the gothic structure, the Chapel of St. Francis de Sales,which has beautiful murals.
Bus Stations in Puerto Montt
Terminal Cruz Del Sur Bus Station
Newly constructed, it is on the waterfront, near the ocean, about 6 blocks from the Plaza de Armas Angelmó. Besides the bus to the airport, we can find tickets for almost every city in southern Chile (Concepción, Temuco, Osorno, Puerto Montt, Castro, etc.) as well as Bariloche, Argentina.
Historical Monuments in Puerto Montt
Nature Reserves in Puerto Montt
Alerce Andino National Park
I have been to the Zargazo lake. Everything was very nice from the rivers and the lake to the forest and the larch trees. There are great views from the gazebo of all the valley. I recommend you visit, but there was one downfall. Some of the staff in the reception were impolite. There was a young guy who didn't greet or say goodbye, and not because he was dumb. He was totally rude. I would love to have spoken to his boss to tell him not to have a person like that in that position because it almost spoils the visitors' day, even in a place as beautiful as this. They should have cordial people. Otherwise it was very good and very beautiful.
Squares in Puerto Montt
Plaza de Armas
Of great historical interest, the initial square of weapons was born with the 1st layout of the streets in the year 1852. A year later was the founding of Puerto Montt, when Vicente Pérez Rosales read the original act. Also called Manuel Irarrázabal, it is situated at the bottom of the city, next to the waterfront, in the heart there is a fountain inside the monument to Chilean hero Bernardo O'Higgins. It was the first public square in Chile. On one side we find the Cathedral, constructed completely of wood.
Of Cultural Interest in Puerto Montt
Harbors in Puerto Montt
Squares in Puerto Montt
Statues in Puerto Montt
Churches in Puerto Montt
Museums in Puerto Montt

The best things to do in Puerto Montt

Are you making a list of what to do in Puerto Montt? If you're going to spend a few days in the city, that's great because there are so many things to do in Puerto Montt that your list will be endless with all the interesting places to visit in Puerto Montt.

The beach and port are the first things to see in Puerto Montt. The city is located on a bay with the sea functioning as the city's structural element. You can't leave without taking a stroll on its boardwalk or watching the sunset on one of its beaches. The bay is one of the attractions in Puerto Montt that you can see from many perspectives, either from the beach or from the middle of the bay while taking a boat ride. The views of the city from the ferry cruising along the bay make for some beautiful pictures. In front of the bay, the island of Tengo is another one of the Puerto Montt attractions that you can't miss.

After a beach day, there's nothing better than a stroll through the old town. Visiting the cathedral, the Casa del Arte Diego Rivera, the Juan Pablo II Museum, and the buildings of the former German colony top off the list of more stuff to do in Puerto Montt. On the outskirts of the city, the Alerce Andino National Park,
Vicente Pérez Rosales
National Park and Llanquihue National Reserve are places to enjoy with their many lakes and volcanoes. They are perfect areas to explore by 4x4, one of the top Puerto Montt activities. Puerto Montt is a great place to experience nature at its purest.