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Things to do in Arica

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The top 63 attractions in Arica

Historical Monuments in Arica
Nose of Arica
The best thing to visit is the summit of Morro de Arica, the view from there is very beautiful, you can see spectacular sunsets, but also the history that this hill, there is a museum which contains implements and memories left by the Pacific war Visit it, it is Beautiful.
Harbors in Arica
Port of Arica
This is a nice port city in northern part of Chile, bordered by the Pacific, where pelicans and sea lions are hauled out by fishermen. It was at this port, which looks like a peaceful place, where a fierce battle took place between Bolivia and Chile in the War of the Pacific. Arica is a city from where you can leave to go to visit Parque Lauca and the Cordillera Real de los Andes.
Villages in Arica
Parinacota is a small white village that's near Lake Chungará (just one of more than 4,000 lakes) where there are only 4 families living, and when we arrived there were only 2! We didn't see any people so we were able to wander around the village alone, as if it were fake town on a movie set. It's the church, which was built in the seventeenth century and rebuilt in 1789, that was really cool. Its main construction materials are clay, straw and lime. The arced crowns of pink volcanic stone that are located on top of the gates in the wall surrounding the temple also deserve some mention.
Cities in Arica
In Arica photography is not very much appreciated, and when I was in the center I saw a lot of young people dressed in black, the result of which turned out to be a traveling exhibition of photographs taken in Codpa, a town near Arica, I found an ingenious way share this beautiful art.
Lakes in Arica
Lago Chungará
I never really think there are so wonderful landscapes at great height, lakes, animals and herds of alpaca, guanaco.etc., I can not really explain why to you, you have to check it out for yourself, it is worth it, so yes, no come people with heart problems, remember that is at 4,500 meters high and if you get caught,the punishment comes with headache, vomiting and dizziness, it is complicated because on the tour I did it happened to several people, both women and men.
Valleys in Arica
Valle de Azapa
One of the best views from Arica is Azapa Valley. You can start your tour of the Museo San Miguel de Azapa where the Chinchorro mummies, the oldest mummies ever found, are housed. They are even older than those of Egypt! The town owes its nickname to the beach of the same name located in Arica, its main settlement. However this fishing and gathering culture, extended from northern Chile to southern Peru. The mummies date back to 5000 BC and are unique because infants and even fetuses were mummified. Unlike Egypt all deaths in the village were mummified even if they didn't belong to higher social classes. Along the way we visited a cotton plantation saw the geoglyphs of Azapa Valley. There we saw curious inscriptions and drawings on giant stones in the field. There were depictions of animals, human figures and other geometric figures. It is a good point to stop and watch the sunset.
Islands in Arica
Alacrán Island
The name of the island of the Scorpion is obsolete, although it once enjoyed its status as an island, and then in 1964 was joined to the harbor by an artificial headland about 460 meters long. This island was used, originally, as a shellfish harvesting area and for the extraction of guano (years ago it was also called "guano island"),and then was subsequently used as a place of imprisonment to house people during the war. Currently it serves as a yacht club. You can get there by car, but is from the Arica morro that it can be seen in full.
Bus Stations in Arica
Chile Auto Stop
Between Tacna in Peru and Arica in Chile, the border is in middle of the desert, 30 miles from each city. After Arica, there is 500 km of coastal desert until you get to the next town. Not surprisingly, not many people cross the border ... The problem is that I didn't have Peruvian and Chilean money so I needed a ride! The first person took me 4 km further .. Close to a police officer and he told me people go slower when they see one. Five minutes later, ... a taxi. With five people inside, he said he wouldn't accept money, but took me! For the first time during my trip they reviewed everything in my backpack when crossing the border. There are drug problems between Peru and Chile apparently. We lost time, and there are two hours between the two countries. I had two days to reach Santiago, 2500 km from there. After close to 10 km, I was left in the middle of nowhere! Very few vehicles passed, and those who stopped told me that day was a public holiday and there will be no more transport, or buses, trucks aren't working, and other vehicles will be filled with families and with children. Alas, one of the easiest countries known to hitch hike and I ended up taking a bus, 25 hours straight to reach the capital! It was expensive but all meals were included, and very comfortable. It feels like being on an airplane.
Islands in Arica
Alakran Ex Island
Alakran Ex Island is an amazing place to meditate and enjoy the beautiful view of the yacht club,leaving the center going towards the beach called the Lisera you can find this place. Arica is characterized by having tranquility in its streets and this picture is proof of that :)
Streets in Arica
Churches in Arica
Humagata Church
Humagata Church is 7 km from the road that links the city of Arica to the end of Azapa Valley. To take a picture of the church you have to cross around the river 8 times, walking between its basin and passing rocks and sand in the world's driest desert.
Caves in Arica
Churches in Arica
Of Touristic Interest in Arica
Viewpoints in Arica
Of Touristic Interest in Arica
Of Touristic Interest in Arica
Flea Markets in Arica