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Things to do in Camaguey

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The top 7 attractions in Camaguey

Cities in Camaguey
Camagüey is the capital of the Cuban province of the same name, Camagüey, which is the cattle-raising area par excellence of Cuba. We traveled by bus and for miles and miles we passed huge farms with bovine cattle. Upon arrival at Camagüey, we walked around the city with many colonial style buildings. It is advisable to see the cathedral and its surrounding streets. In the Plaza of the Revolution we went into a colonial building in which they were celebrating the feast of the "quinceanera" or coming-of-age girls. The families were very friendly and invited us to enter.
Streets in Camaguey
A Tour of Camaguey
The city of Camagüey has in its streets and buildings 490 years history. In 1514 it was called Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe and currently shows a mix of modernism with history, surroundings where new buildings are interrelated with those historical attractions that give personality to the city
Squares in Camaguey
Square and Church of St. John of God
The huge square of St John of God is the most picturesque corner of Camagüey, the only place in town that has been preserved in its original layout and buildings. Composed of several notable buildings, including a major hospital, now a museum, and priceless collections of Cuban architecture, its most important building is the church. While not large, it dominates the square, with a tower that you can go up to enjoy a great view of the old city. Inside, on the altar, one of the few examples of religious art that shows the Holy Spirit in human form. The same sculpture represents the three forms in various postures. The guide of the church is an older gentleman whose ancestors who were Asturian and Canarian, so your conversation is assured.
Gardens in Camaguey
Ignacio Agramonte Park
Ignacio Agramonte, one of the heroes of Independence, was a farmer who led the revolt against Spain in this area in 1868. In 1873 he was killed in combat at the age of only 32. Silvio Rodríguez dedicated a song, and an equestrian statue was erected in Camagüey in 1950, surrounded by a square with marble benches and palm fronds that have a curious history. The Cubans could not erect statues to their martyrs, so he was honored secretly (in 1853) with the tree that was the symbol of the future freedom of the nation, the royal palm. They are the living monuments. Each palm that dies must be replaced by a young one. It was the site from which started the urban core of the region and had to face the invading pirates and predators on various occasions.
Churches in Camaguey
Iglesia de la Soledad
After the acclaimed reforms made in the year 2007, this church is a solid brick structure dating back to the year 1779 which shines in all its splendor. Its picturesque tower predates the rest of the structure and is a striking monument. Inside you can see decorated Baroque frescoes and also a sacred baptismal font where the national revolutionary hero Ignacio Agramonte was baptized in the year 1841. Camagüey is a city of gold altared baroque churches, where towers and minarets rise above the narrow, winding streets. Deeply Catholic Camagüeydio welcomed Pope John Paul II in 1998 and in 2008 hosted a ceremony with Fray José Olallo, the "Father of the Poor", a member of the Order of St John who helped the wounded of both sides during the War of Independence of 1868. Raul Castro attended the ceremony ...
Squares in Camaguey
Maceo Square
The most important pedestrian routes in the city. It is said you have to go through them at least once a day. There are several important buildings from the colonial era, home stores, shops or bars and cafes. Also part of the church structure of Solitude and Maceo Street, which houses several large shops, a bureau de change and a steady stream of people who enjoy this recreation area.
Markets in Camaguey
Market Camaguey
It was in September 2009, I took an amazing trip to Cuba. Specifically I went to Camaguey. In this city you get to know the true essence of the Cuban character. Difficulties don't last for ever. There is always a way to survive and be happy and fun music helps you forget the bad times.