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Things to do in Deauville

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The top 19 attractions in Deauville

Beaches in Deauville
Deauville Beach
This is a place where some famous people have been and have become popular. The Deauville Beach has beautiful coloured umbrellas planted there as if waiting for the start of a festival of movie stars. It's great to lie down and relax, feeling like a star!
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Harbors in Deauville
Port of Deauville
The second port of Lower Normandy, after Cherbourg, and the first of Calvados, Deauville, since 1250, has rested on two ports, one of which is municipal, the "Port Morny," and the other private, the "Port Deauville". I set out to explore. The main port - Port Morny - was built in 1866 allowing for the development of trade and navigation in the city. However, the Port Deauville, had a greater advantage, it could be accessed 16 hours a day, while the other port's access is reduced to only five hours a day. Far from being just a stopover for boaters, Deauville prevailed in the field of navigation. Regional, national and international competitions are organized annually, like the French International Open Dragon, which has reunited traditional boats since 2007. Not to mention the racing Deauville Yacht Club, a sailing school. Later, Deauville reconstructed its peninsula called La Touques - real neighbourhood surrounded by water between the harbour and the river. I can already imagine this breathe of fresh air, with its pedestrian areas.
City Halls in Deauville
Deauville Town Hall
Visiting times are not always flexible but certainly a sneak look enabled us to discover that it was not worth paying for. The building is worth it, but the inside only has municipal facilities. It was a refuge for locals during World War 2.
Of Cultural Interest in Deauville
Cinema Morny Club
"Chabadabada, Chabadabada." It's hard not to step on the sand of the beach of Deauville without having this refrain in mind. I remember the images of "A Man and a Woman" by Claude Lelouch. This won the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1966, a film Deauville made that centres around romance. After this, fifty films were shot in the city: "Murderers and thieves" by Sacha Guitry, "The Baron and his yacht" with Jean Gabin, "Friendships dangerous "with Gerard Philippe and Jeanne Moreau. Deauville is a real movie set, and a source of talent. While in search of a place to celebrate the American Film Festival, André Halimi discovered Chouchan Lionel Michel d ' Ornano, the former mayor of Deauville. Eager to revive the tourist boom for reasons other than horses and the sea, he gave the green light to two film freaks. And so in September 1975 the first American Film Festival was held here and filled Planches. The first American film showcase in Europe, the festival projected some real pearls today.
Of Cultural Interest in Deauville
Centre International De Deauville
With 2000 rooms and banquet and conference facilities, Deauville, a two hours drive from Paris, is arguably the town in Normandy to stay in, eat or just to relax and do some sightseeing. I decided to visit the famous Deauville International Center, or CID, to try and understand this trend. Everyone knows this convention center where the American Film Festival has been held every year since 1992. This semi-buried building of 18,000 square meters consists of three levels. Simply enter the auditorium with 1,500 seats and realize the great work that is this large and luxurious conference center built in just eighteen months, and that at 14 meters below sea level! After the era of cultural events, the CID has headquartered a multitude of conferences, seminars and other professional meetings. Located by the sea, near casinos, restaurants and luxury hotels, the CID every year welcomes tourists and professionals alike.
Of Cultural Interest in Deauville
Theatre of the Casino Barrière de Deauville
Film, literature, photography, painting: whatever it is, Deauville loves culture. And while it inspires culture, Deauville is also eager to host it. For the past twelve years, the city has organized an eclectic cultural exposition between September and June. Theatre, dance, jazz music...there is something for everyone. And for all ages, because many sessions are organized by local schools. Past guests have included Anne Sylvestre, Bobby Lapointe, René Obaldía, Daphne, and the choreographer Emanuel Gat. Of course, the highlights are the U.S. and Asian film festivals, the book and music fairs, the Omnivore food festival, the Easter Festival, and the "Musical August." The latter gives young soloists of classical music the opportunity to play with other students in front of the public, and many young virtuosos have been discovered. Another Deauville oddity is that the casino has its own theater, a small Italian theater covered in Jouy fabric... Magnifico!!!
Historical Monuments in Deauville
Villas of Deauville
Cornuché Boulevard is very simple: Anglo-Norman villas, mansions, and extraordinary buildings that preside over the fine city of Deauville. In 2005, the city created a heritage protection area in which they are no less than 555 buildings are inscribed. A example of one of these architectural gems? The Villa Strassburger, a haven of peace with apple tree crowning the garden, a symbol of the Norman style of rural architecture. Built in 1907, this house is on property which once belonged to Gustave Flaubert and is listed as a historical monument for its half-timbered walls and roof. I took the road towards the sea and the casino, and found the house of Cercle (1875). The house, which is of the style of the Second Empire, is characterized by the great simplicity of its walls adorned with carved stone busts and columns. After a look at the unusual town hall on Robert Fossorier St., I went on my way and found the Villa Camelia. This country house, dating back to 1865, is notable for its architecture in harmony with the elements of the environment. Very simple.
Of Cultural Interest in Deauville
Deauville L'inspiratrice
Deauville has been an inspiration for all kinds of artists from the time they arrive to this place of sea and sand. It has inspired filmmakers, of course, but also photographers like the Seeberger brothers and Jacques Henri Lartigue, writers like Flaubert, Apollinaire, Guitry, and even painters like Eugène Boudin, Dufy, and Von Dongen. It's where Coco Chanel opened her first boutique, and where Yves Saint Laurent used to relax. Even today, Deauville continues to inspire. I was flipping through the program "Ouverts livres à Deauville" (Deauville like an open book) and I could see the list of authors linked to Deauville. The Hall of Books and Music was opened here in 2004. Besides concerts, panel discussions, lectures and readings, this place highlights eclectic artists and fashionable topics like "Rock and Literature." For its 150th anniversary in 2012, the city increased the festivities and released, among others, a new photography event called "Contacts Planches", allowing photography students to display their talent. The future photographers present their best work about Deauville during the transition into winter. It's like a poem.
Golf Courses in Deauville
Deauville is golf land. And the champions who go to the four golf courses that surround this coastal town don't dispute this. The Golf courses Barriere de Deauville Saint-Julien, the de l'Admiralty, or the Saint-Gatien, both for beginners and those with experience, the sport is available to everyone. My first stop was at the Golf Barrière de Deauville, in the upper area. I fell in love with the incredible view of the sea and surrounding countryside. In tourgéville, the de l'Admiralty golf course consists of 100 hectares across ponds and large greens. I decided on the "Tour of the arts" an authetic outdoor museum with monumental and modern sculptures. It's possible to play at night and follow the "star route" , this is the only European golf course to offer this. The Saint-Gatien course is harmonious with the Seine estuary landscape. The golf course Barriere de Saint-Julien, meanwhile, offers a more pastoral walk that's hidden in a typically Norman small green forest. This protected site covers an area of ​​90 hectares. Is the course in Deauville? One way to combine sport with breathtaking landscapes.
Horse Racing in Deauville
The passion for horses is printed on Deauville's history. Its founder, the Duke of Morny, gave priority to the construction of a racetrack rather than to the church. Today it is celebrated in over 60 races Deauville concentrated in five months a year, being the most important center for horse racing (PMU) of France. The city is also home to auctions of thoroughbred and harness racing, polo world championship, the national competition jumping. The Touques thoroughbreds showcase is among the best racecourses in France. It also holds winter racing, thanks to its special track. It is also situated in the city center. Nicknamed "the 100,000 Racecourse flowers", Deauville Clairefontaine organizes courses for trotting, dressage and obstacles. The auction house "Elie de Brignac" Is amazing and in August.
Golf Courses in Deauville
Saint-Gatien Golf
This is one of the most beautiful golf courses in all of Lower Normandy. It is 10 minutes from Trouville / Deauville, only a few meters from the airport. The course features 3 golf courses with 9 holes. There are many players in the region who come here for the quality of the course. There is a great restaurant here that serves a wonderful Sirloin - the speciality of the house!!! Highly recommended!
Cities in Deauville
The noise reaches Deauville at the weekend, with the arrival of those who have a second home here. Morny Square, named after the Duke who was the founder of the city, is filled with visitors having a coffee on one of the terraces. After looking through a little window, I went to the market place, where I was accosted by the crowd who were shopping. There I found many regional products. I did not want to go without seeing the Deauville exceptional hotels, so I went to Normandy, where I found it located in the heart of the city. It has host to the biggest stars. To name one, Jean Gabin was a regular. The beautiful building, of Anglo-Norman architecture, with its pastel green frames and paintings on stone, is sumptuous. Having entered the ground, I left the hotel to visit the sea. Here I was only a few steps from the casino. Although a tie or evening dress is no longer a requirement for entry, I felt self-conscious in the midst of all this luxurious decor in my rather casual apparrel. After a tour of the square of Yves Saint Laurent, shoppers with their noses pressed to the windows of the shops, my feet took me to the Hotel Royal Barriere. American artists stay here during the Festival of American cinema, it is also decidedly close to the sea.
Of Cultural Interest in Deauville
Le Deauvillais
I have never seen such a sophisticated auction. Entrance is free and worth a spin, the prices of some horses reach values ​​of vertigo, this helps one understand the economic level of the activities and the people at the Villar.
Beaches in Deauville
Casinos in Deauville
Unusual Places in Deauville
Train Stations in Deauville
Harbors in Deauville

The best things to do in Deauville

Looking for things to see in Deauville or things to do in Deauville? There is a huge architectural culture in this city and there are tons of places to visit in Deauville.

You can start by checking out the Conference Centre, City Hall, and the Casino Barriere. Among the many things to do in Deauville are horseback riding, going to the casino, or taking a dip at Deauville Beach. This is the main beach in Deauville and the ideal place to spend a quiet day enjoying the sea. Keep in mind that the city is well known for its horse racing and is home to two racetracks, Hippodrome Deauville La Touques and Hippodrome de Clairefontainey. You can go to these tracks to learn firsthand about horseback racing.

Looking for more stuff to do in Deauville? You can also play golf at Le Golf de l'Amiraute or visit the famous market in the Morny Plaza, which is one of the mandatory attractions in Deauville.

On minube you will find more things to do in Deauville. Search according to your dates and find out what Deauville activities are available for those days. Also on Minube you can read stories and reviews written by fellow travelers and see what they have to say about Deauville attractions and stuff to do in Deauville.