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Things to do in Paimpont

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The top 15 attractions in Paimpont

Forests in Paimpont
Broceliande Forest
BROCÉLIANDE is the mythical name of the actual Paimpont forest, located southwest of Rennes. It is the remains of a vast forest which in the Middle Ages covered the centre of the peninsula, and the source of many Celtic legends. Supposedly, the Knights of the Round Table used it as their destination and their search when King Arthur ordered them to find the Holy Grail, hidden in the forests of Brittany. The wizard Merlin, friend and adviser of the young Arthur, was a privileged guest of Brocéliande's. It is a mandatory place to visit, and though you have to walk a bit, it is definitely worth it.
Castles in Paimpont
Castle of Comper
On one of our walks, we found this castle a few miles from the village of Concoret. By all accounts this castle belonged to the king of Brittany Solomon Britain in the ninth century. However it was the barons of Gaël-Montfort who really gave importance to this small fortress considered one of the best strategic positions, having witnessed many battles. Today it is the headquarters of the imaginary legend of King Arthur, Merlin and Lancelot with some of the scenes of the famous book. Several rooms have figures and tables from this unreality but pleasantly surprised visitors. Everything is in English or French, stories, books or sketches.
Unusual Places in Paimpont
Val Sans Retour
If you go to Brittany and want to go with the legend of King Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot and Morgana fairy Viviane and don't miss the forest Broceliande and the mystic Valley of No Return. Legend has it that in these places the evil Morgan le Fay, sister of King Arthur, betrayed by her lover Guyomard, decided to put him and other disloyal gentlemen in jail in this place. Lancelot of the lake in love with Queen Guinevere and a prisoner in this jail, resisting the allure of fairies led by his love for the queen, had to fight fire dragons and giant guards the Valley until managed to break the walls of air and give freedom and all prisoners who were there. The walk is quite convenient and simple. A wide path leads from the parking lot to the forest with a Viewing spot of the Fairies on a small pond known as the Mirror of fairies and a set of five or six trees in whose center is The Golden Tree. Our visit was the last thing we did at Forest Broceliande and evening was falling so the colorful fields and trees were spectacular. There was fog taking over the place, making it even more magical.
Villages in Paimpont
Paimpont, in the center of Brocéliande, only has around 1,500 people who live there, but its history spans from prehistoric times right up to the present. Paimpont is impressively quiet and peaceful, yet keeps its metallurgical 17th and late 19th century flavor in the activity between the Breton houses. Their typical gray color can make you a little blue, especially if the time and day of your visit is cloudy.
Historical Monuments in Paimpont
Abbey of Our Lady of Paimpont
During our trip through the forest of Brocéliande, we came across PAIMPONT, and the first thing we saw was its beautiful Abbey. It was founded by King Domnomia Judicael in the 7th century, but numerous extensions were added to the buildings in the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries. On our visit, a part of the Abbey was being restored, but it didn't prevent us from seeing its interior. Altarpieces, frescoes and statues take you to the past in the deepest silence. We were absolutely alone with complete freedom from anyone taking pictures. What a difference from Spain.
Forests in Paimpont
In this forest in Brocéliande is where the legendary King Arthur was born. Among the moors and ponds, sheltered by the shade of the trees, is where the fairy Viviane lived, as well as Merlin the wizard and Lancelot the knight. We really traveled to a magical place! Comper Castle, occupied by King Solomon in the 9th century, is a must-see among the the woodland walks of Brocéliande. According to legend, it was where the fairy Viviana lived. Today, it houses the Arthurian Interpretation Center, which is a complex where exhibitions, performances and field trips take place. Soak in the spirit of the great legends and live them through the eyes of a child, because Brocelancia is magical.
Forests in Paimpont
Le Foret de Paimpont
Strolling through the forest in the fall can be a magical experience. The Paimpont Forest is situated west of Rennes and is said to be the home of fairies and elves. The trunks of the trees are covered with moss and ferns give this forest a tropical look.
Shops in Paimpont
Memories of Brocelandia
We still had some things to see in the Forest of Borcelandia but time and the climate matter. In conclusion on our visit to Paimpont and the the forest, we had no other choice but to go to the two souvenir shops that are opposite each other. Inside there are books, swords and figures takes your imagination back times of King Arthur, Camelot, Merlin the Magician and fairies. Mind you, it's all at a price that makes you feel equally small but it's so expensive.
Festivals in Paimpont
Week of the Arthurian Imaginary
An old legend tells about the old Breton forests. An old story that is heard in the rustling of trees, in the trails lost and the sound of the streams. Tales of ancient Britain whose stage Comper Castle in Brocéliande. For over twenty years, the Centre's partnership shares Arthurian legends worldwide Roundtable: Celtic origins literature and everything related to the medieval culture of the time. Exhibitions, games, tours, lectures and meetings between artists are some of the activities carried out in order to the general public. In addition, the Center Imaginary Artuiano features a magnificent treasure inside. Believe it or not, there is an enormous library that features more than 700 pieces. There are weeks of activities organized there regarding the histories of England and France and of Merlin, Viviane, the Lady of the Lake, Lancelot's childhood and Crystal Castle hidden in the pond. It is really very interesting.
Of Cultural Interest in Paimpont
Of Cultural Interest in Paimpont
Unusual Places in Paimpont
Gardens in Paimpont
Ponds in Paimpont
Historical Monuments in Paimpont