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Things to do in Nottingham

42 contributors

The top 21 attractions in Nottingham

Cities in Nottingham
Wander around Nottingham and experience its history like the lace market whose old factories have been converted into modern lofts, the castle, the new contemporary art museum, the church of St. Mary, the river Trent, and all of which are just steps from the central square that becomes a beach in summer and an ice rink in winter.
Castles in Nottingham
Nottingham Castle
This castle is on a promontory called 'castle rock.' It's an Anglo-Saxon castle, although it was remodeled several times in order to reach its greatest fame when the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood's famed tales lived there. It's very close to the river Trent as well as Sherwood Forest. Nottingham Castle receives multiple visits for the reasons alluded to Robin Hood and his legend. Perfectly preserved and beautiful gardens, the truth is that inside a little disappointed, however, as I mentioned and surrounding grounds are wonderful and make the visit worthwhile.
Bars in Nottingham
Trip to Jerusalem Inn
Although the name of inn, currently an English pub, which means you can drink and eat at certain hours. The pub is next to a castle - it's Britain's oldest inn (posada), which is no doubt dates from 1189. Its original name, written in 'Middle English' would be 'Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem' in Medieval English. It's a curious place, perfect for a good pint after a visit to the castle and includes a legend, when it was founded it was stopping place for gentlemen starting their way to Jerusalem, at the time of cross- King Richard himself "Lionheart". A really charming place for a break.
Squares in Nottingham
Old Market Square
Old Market Square is the vibrant heart of the capital, it's the second oldest square in the whole United Kingdom, after Trafalgar Square. For locals, it's a meeting center and a place to celebrate. There's even a communications center, and shopping place to take a break, and a great place to feel the flow of the city. The square is dominated by a spectacular neo-classical building, the Council House, and hosts every third Friday of the month a food market carp invading the center of the square, between the source and the modern council house. The Exchange is an upscale shopping mall located in the interior of the block of City Council, here you can find the best shops in the city.
Airports in Nottingham
East Midlands Airport
It is another destination for flights from Ryan Air, and a fantastic point from where you can start in England. First, given the lack of good signage inside the airport, you must know that there are two bus stops, one on one side of the building where travelers pick up buses for distribution by the car parks, and another in front of the door the terminal, where buses go to Nottingham, Berby, and Loughborough, every 30 min. And Leicester and Coalville every 60. The route from the aircraft to the passport control is very long, so go with umbrellas, ready for rain.. The best point from which to take tours is Nottingham, a lively city, pleasant, and from its railway station one can access all parts of the island. With the Skylink bus company get to this city from the airport, an hour away. You can not miss to go to Lincoln, a lovely small town that is touristy, and it has a spectacular cathedral-
Churches in Nottingham
St Mary's Church
This church is the the oldest in the city, and it's definitely one of the most beautiful. The first main body of the church was first built during the reign of Edward III (1377), and was completed in 1475, which gave the church its unique style. It's The University of Nottingham's church, and also several schools and organizations hold their annual worship services here. On weekends there are organ and choral concerts. The church is open from 10:30 am until 2:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday, and it's closed all day Sunday.
Churches in Nottingham
St Peter´s Church
Along with St Mary's, St. Nicholas is one of three Christian parishes in this medieval city. The Victorian choir and transept are situated on the northern side and they were built in 1877. The various renovations over the last 1180 years can really be seen in its construction. The original building that was built in 1100 was destroyed by a fire, and in the 17th century the church was bombed. In the commercial center of the city and beautifully decorated with colorful flower beds, well worth a visit, is an Anglican parish declared of cultural interest by the department of culture.
Historical Monuments in Nottingham
The Severns Building
This medieval building was probably built in the mid-14th century, and actually, it's not in its original location because in 1969, it was taken apart entirely and moved to its present location near the entrance of the castle, a little further down. It's one of city's three medieval houses, and like most of the houses before the 17th century, the facade is constructed of wooden beams and plaster. The original roof, is similar to one of the houses of Old Market Square, and its use for many years has been mainly commercial, housing shops of all kinds.
Churches in Nottingham
St. Nicholas' Churc
This medieval Anglican parish has been declared a historical and artistic interest. It was built on the original construction from the 12th century, which was bombed during the civil war. The fighters used its tower to bomb the nearby castle and in the end, Colonel Hutchinson ordered complete destruction. In 1678 the new church was rebuilt. On weekends, there is a charity market, and it's surrounded, as usual, by centuries-old tombs, and a lovely garden.
Museums in Nottingham
Museum of Nottingham Life
Right at the foot of Nottingham Castle you'll find this 17th century cottage that houses the Ethnographic Museum. You can learn a lot about the people of the area throughout the last 300 years. Brewhouse Yard housed a community of 20 houses and a population of 127 people, which today survives then, houses the museum. Spaces rebuilt as shops or school of the Victorian era, are other attractions. At the entrance you can see the famous building which now houses the pub "Trip to Jerusalem", one of the oldest inn in England. It is open from 10am-4.30pm and tickets cost 3.50 pounds-
Museums in Nottingham
Galleries of Justice Museum
The Galleries of Justice are rather macabre in my opinion, but they're great for school field trips. The galleries are based on the old jail and courthouse in the city, and they teach us what crime and punishment was like in the past. This is to recall the days when Nottingham was the only place in the UK where an offender could be imprisoned and hanged in the name of justice. Performances, audio guides, tunnels and interactivity into a museum that charges 10, 12 euros for the entry of an adult, and is one of the most visited places in the entire city.
Of Cultural Interest in Nottingham
Nottingham Playhouse
Along with the Concert Hall Annex, this is an international cultural centre that combines classics, family shows, dance or comedy. It houses a metallic parable on its exterior that gives a modern touch to the entire building. Cast is a cutting-edge restaurant and terrace, which, if the weather is good, is a very lively place. It also contains a business centre with an auditorium for more than 700 people.
Museums in Nottingham
City of Caves
Since Anglo-Saxon times, the city of Nottingham has had an impressive network of tunnels, which throughout history have functioned as a refuge with the possibility of travelling under the city without being seen. The tour is a historical review of the evolution of the city at different times, as if it were a virtual museum. Armed with helmets like geologists, the tour culminates with WWII, arguably the most impressive area, because it includes a simulation of a bombing, you can see what was used as a hospital and accommodation, among other things. Some of it has been reconstructed, but many things are real objects and furnishings of the period. One of the main attractions of Nottingham, with the entrance, curiously, at a mall.
Bars in Nottingham
The Royal Children
In Nottingham, the traditional pub The Royal Children is located near the Castle and the oldest area of ​​the city. It owes its unusual name to the time when King James II and Princess Anne's children used to play there with the children of the owners of this pub. It's likely that its founding date is a century before this date, making it one of the oldest pubs in Nottingham. A nice place to relax and have a pint.
Shopping Malls in Nottingham
Victoria Centre
This shopping center opened its doors in 1972 in what was previously the Victoria train station. The red clock tower is still there to remember it. It is the city's most renowned shopping centre and contains 120 shops and a market. Its many cafes and restaurants attract 450,000 visitors each week. Well connected to the city with ample parking and it is a very lively place to shop at any point in the week.
Bars in Nottingham
Yates Pub & Restaurant
It is in front of the majestic City Council of the "Old Market Square", in old building which has been converted into a spectacular space where you can have a drink or eat a delicious chicken tika, a fish pie with mashed potato, or a hearty burger. At the bottom there is a central space with a DJ in the corner and loads of middle-aged people. At 9pm it comes alive with more bars, a VIP space, and a terrace to enjoy the cool air. In this lively site the noise from people, the music, and the DJ can be deafening, so I do not recommend going if you are looking for a quiet chat.
Theaters in Nottingham
The Royal Centre: Royal Theatre and Concert Hall
Various shows and events are held in these two neighboring buildings right in the city centre. Musicals, dance, ballet, opera, theater, etc. all take place in this neoclassical theatre, and avant-garde glass building that faces the Cornerhouse, where after the show you can go for dinner or a drink.
Shopping Malls in Nottingham
The Cornerhouse
It is a modern building which opened in 2000 and attracts nearly five million visitors per year. Its colourful night lighting makes it one of the city's landmarks. It has several movie theaters, nightclubs, diverse restaurants, hairdressers, etc.. It is opposite the Concert Hall, and next to the Royal Theatre. It is a meeting place for young people, especially the immigrants and, to be precise, the Indians who live in the city. We recommend the top floor to see the views over the roofs of the city centre and the dome of the City Council.

The best things to do in Nottingham

You'll find a lot of attractions in Nottingham, the birthplace of the legend of Robin Hood. Of course, top of your list of stuff to do in Nottingham should be a visit to Sherwood Forest, where the legendary hero and his merry men lived.

But the city is modern and cosmopolitan, so you'll find plenty of things to do in Nottingham that are less historical. The Caves of Nottingham Castle, now converted into art galleries, are a great choice if you're wondering what to do in Nottingham center. And if you like art, Nottingham Contemporary and New Art Exchange galleries are two places to visit in Nottingham.

And for more things to see in Nottingham, you can't miss the Shire Hall and Severn's, which today is the Museum of Lace. And if you're traveling with kids, then top of the list of family Nottingham activities has to be Pineforest Sherwood Park. The little ones will feel like true heroes in this park as they zoom around on ziplines!

After a busy day of sightseeing, you can relax in one of the city's many fine restaurants. You'll find a wealth of Nottingham attractions, and for even more, when you check out what minube's experienced users have to say about the home of Robin Hood.