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Things to do in Woodstock

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The top 15 attractions in Woodstock

Gardens in Woodstock
Blenheim Park
The Blenheim Palace Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This huge park offers many opportunities for walking, enjoying the lakes, the rivers, fields and more. There is an option for an entry to the gardens only and is cheaper than the entry that includes a visit to the palace interiors. Students can get an additional discount. Here, you will find many ways to spend a nice day. There are cafes and a small restaurant serving traditional English dishes. When the first Duke of Marlborough received the palace, was a gift from Queen Ann as a thank the victory over the French at the Battle of Blenheim. He turned it into a magical place. You can walk on the great bridge, which was included in the original landscape plans of Vanbrugh. The bridge measures nearly 30 meters long. This bridge was installed in 1730, and was very expensive. It is a Doric column, with eagles sitting up top, reminiscent of the victory of Blenheim. There is also a dry stone wall, one of the first in England that marked this as a private property. Here, you will find that cattle and sheep still pass by this area. Then there are the lakes, as the Queen Pool, the lake and waterfalls, in short, you can spend an entire morning just walking around this beautiful park.
Gardens in Woodstock
Pleasure Gardens
These are the gardens of Blenheim Palace. They are well kept, and can be divided into 4 parts. 1st is the classical part, well cut, where it was to walk, to have tea in the shade of a tree. The palace has belonged to, since it was constructed over 300 years ago, the same family, the Duke of Marborough, the family of Winston Churchill. On the other hand you have the maze for kids. It is the 2nd biggest natural maze in the world, and one of the few that represent a true image. Then there is a fun place for children called adventure or something like that, but as it was snowing, we could not go inside. The last part is the greenhouse, which has a collection of butterflies in a tropical greenhouse. The admission is included to Blenheim Palace, or just for the gardens they give you a cheaper price.
Palaces in Woodstock
Blenheim Palace
Blenheim Castle is a must if you go through Oxford. This palace, a UNESCO World Heritage since 1987, is a marvel from the architectural point of view, with its spectacular interior and its numerous gardens which are varied and very well maintained. Admission costs £ 17.50, but we had a voucher for 2 for 1 with our train ticket. The castle is open daily at 10 am and a little earlier in the summer. You can visit the gardens for a cheaper price then the palace. Admission includes two exhibitions, the secret history of Blenheim, a video show and one on Churchill, ve was born here. The palace was a gift from the King to the Duke of Marlborough for winning the Battle of Blenheim against the French. The castle is named after Blenheim, a town of Germany. It still belongs to the Marlborough family.
Train Stations in Woodstock
Blenheim Train
This train takes you around the grounds of Blenheim. The gardens are in the Blenheim Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and they are lovely, but they are so big! It is good to have this little train to go from one place to another. It is the part of the gardens of leisure, and there is a labyrinth and greenhouses, a railway station, and then the entrance to the castle. The tour does not take more than 10 minutes. You go through the prairies of Blenheim, with the sheep and other animals that look at you. The train has a small locomotive, where you feel the driver, who reminds you of the old trains. The passage is included in the entrance to Blenheim Palace. Exits on each side every half hour during all opening hours
Exhibitions in Woodstock
Churchill Exhibition
This exhibition was organized by Blenheim Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The admission cost is £ 17.50, but it includes plenty of attractions to spend a full day exploring the corners of the castle. The Churchill exposition is on the ground floor of the palace, and includes a series of photos and documents of what was once one of the country's most famous Englishmen. Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace, which belongs to the Duke of Marlborough. It just happened, that his parents were vacationing there and he was born early. You can visit the guest room where his parents were staying and where he was born. It is filled with objects and letters that celebrated his birth. Throughout his life, he was always very fond of Blenheim, a place where he spent much time with his family. As he was so fond of it, he asked to be buried in a nearby cemetery after his state funeral in order to have the view of the palace. The exhibition is quite well done, with the great themes of his life, his help during the Second World War, and his memories of Blenheim.
Gardens in Woodstock
Italian Gardens
The Italian Gardens are one of the most cared for gardens of Blenheim Palace. 20 years ago they were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. For that reason, they are very well kept, just as they were when they were built 300 years ago. This part, with fountains and walkways perfectly drawn, reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance palaces. The gardens are symmetrical, there are ponds in the middle, and are there are square trees. When we went, it was winter and you could not walk through the Italian Gardens, but I imagine you can during the summer months.
Gardens in Woodstock
Formal Gardens
The formal gardens of Blenheim were designed by the ninth Duke of Marlborough. During the 1920's, they were then redesigned with the help of Achille Duchene a French landscaper. The gardens are at the back of the palace, a more private section, while the façade as elegant rooms where the royal family was received. The gardens have an audio guide that costs three pounds, but you don't need it to enjoy the gardens. The guide takes you through the water terrace, a succession of ponds and water down to a river, the rose garden and the arboretum, which has the most prestigious and rare trees of the palace. At the end, you'll find the secret garden, towards the south end. In 2004, the gardens were restored in celebration of the anniversary of Marlborough's victory at the Battle of Blenheim against the French. It is a very nice place and is somewhat reminiscent of the miniatures of Japanese gardens.
Gardens in Woodstock
Butterfly House at Blenheim Palace
The greenhouse Blenheim butterflies is a beautiful place, and is especially enjoyable with children. In the UK there are 59 endemic species of butterflies, but five are already extinct, and another 30 are very endangered. They are not often seen in the countryside either. This greenhouse is an example of conservation efforts being made across the country. In Blenheim, they are trying to raise as many species of butterflies as possible. They provide an environment of tropical plants and a high temperature, so that the butterflies are comfortable. In the greenhouse there is a small fountain, plants from Africa and Asia, and the staff can help to explain the butterfly species that are there. They also try to control parasites in the gardens by using butterflies to eat them. You can see specimens of Monarch, one of the best known, which usually hibernate in warmer places, the Red Admiral, typical English garden in summer. There are activities for kids drawing and many classes.
Gardens in Woodstock
Marlborough Labyrinth
Located in the garden of Blenheim, the Marlborough Maze was the maze of the Earls of Marlborough, who lived in nearby Blenheim Castle. Now, it is the second largest natural labyrinth (by size)in the world. It is also the only one that is drawn as a picture. When you get to the high bridges, you can get a better view. There are trumpets, guns, arrows, and right in the center you will see the word "BLENHEIM" written. Its not a very complicated maze, as there are not many routes, but it takes a while because it makes you walk an entire lap before you exit! You'll be inside for at least half an hour. The drawing represents the arms of the Earl of Marlborough and celebrate their famous victory at Blenheim, Germany. From the two overpasses, you can also see the cannon balls. Sometimes a few sheep, wander in and get lost. When we went, there was lots of snow and you could see their trails of their footprints.
Historical Monuments in Woodstock
Blenheim Inside
The inside of Blenheim Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is marvelous. The entrance to the palace, which costs 17.50 pounds, includes a tour of the rooms. 1st you go through the private rooms of the Marlborough family. The palace was a gift from the king to the Duke of Marlborough for his triumph at the Battle of Blenheim, Germany. More than 300 years later, the Marlborough family lives in the castle. At the end of the visit, there are some images of the actual owners of the palace. After come the formal rooms, such as reception dedicated to royalty. The furniture comes in mostly from France. There is a room with a portrait of the Sun King, Louis XIV of France, which is ironic because King hated Marlborough, for having ridiculed him at the Battle of Blenheim. This battle marked the end of French expansion in Europe. You see 3 rooms with lovely carpets murals, showing the Battle of Blenheim and Marlborough's victory.
Churches in Woodstock
Blenheim Castle Chapel
The Blenheim Palace chapel, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is on the floor of the palace. You must outside to go back inside the chapel, there is access from the apartments of the palace. The castle was a gift from Queen Ann to the Duke of Marlborough for a victory at the Battle of Blenheim. The sculptures were by William Kent represent John Churchill, the first Duke, arms to his son. Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough's first, wanted this to be the center of the chapel. It was completed in the year 1732. It is simple, and the decoration of the walls and ceilings were added during the Victorian era. The altar was placed at the start on the west, although it usually lies east to the town of Jerusalem. Below you will find the crypt, where the first Duke of Marlborough has his remains.
Exhibitions in Woodstock
The Secret History
Blenheim Palace: The untold story is a show with videos and dolls that look very authentic! It takes you through the history of Blenheim that is not told in the history books. The Palace, a historical monument and UNESCO World Heritage Site, was for passing lovers, betrayals, and other stories. You go from room to room, and there are voices, wax, and they tell you what happened. They start 300 years ago to reach the age of Churchill and WWII. The characters are reflected in mirrors or screens, and there are videos of actors. The illusion is amazing, it is as if they are real! The visit is included in the price of the palace, as another exhibition, dealing with the life of Churchill.
Exhibitions in Woodstock
Blenheim Palace: The Untold Story
Blenheim Palace: The Untold Story is a show with videos, sounds, lights and animated characters that seem really real! They take you through three centuries of history in Blenheim that is not written in books...juicy gossip, lovers, and secrets! As you go from room to room, voices and wax figures offer tidbits of information from 300 years of history, ending with Churchill (who was born in the palace) and the Second World War. The tour is included in the overall ticket price, and is a really interesting way to see Blenheim.
Churches in Woodstock
Blenheime Palace Chapel
The chapel of Blenheim Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in the lower part of the palace. It is quite isolated and cannot be accessed from the rest of the palace: you have to go outside and come back in again. The castle was a gift from Queen Ann to the Duke of Marlborough for his victory in the Battle of Blenheim. The sculptures are designed by William Kent John Churchill, the first Duke. The chapel was built in 1732 in a simple style, with more decorative elements added during the Victorian era. Downstairs is the crypt where the Dukes of Marlborough are buried.
Gardens in Woodstock
Marlborough Maze
Located in the gardens of Blenheim Castle, Marlborough Maze was the labyrinth of the Dukes of Marlborough, who lived in the estate. It is the second largest hedge maze in the world, and the only one that forms a true picture, which you will see as you pass through it. When you reach the highest point, you can clearly make out the shape of trumpets, weapons, guns and bullets in the hedges, and the word BLENHEIM marked in green. The maze is not too complicated, but it takes at least half an hour to find your way to the center. The pictures represent the arms of the Dukes of Marlborough, and celebrates their famous victory in Germany. Sometimes you might see some sheep wandering the maze, just as lost as the human visitors!