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Things to do in Guildford

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The top 25 attractions in Guildford

Cemeteries in Guildford
Lewis Carrol Grave Site
It was like a wonderland ... Between endless alleys and Victorians passages, it felt like a strange dream. Like Alice, I went through the mirror, and what I found there ... is secret.
Streets in Guildford
High Street of Guildford
Guildford High Street is like Ramblas in Barcelona or Champs Elysées in Paris but on a much smaller scale. It is in the center of Guildford and it´s where you can find exclusive clothes, upscale food and anything "exclusive." You´ll also find, as in many business districts or wealthier areas, poor people playing the violin or begging. High Street is on a slope that goes from the river to the end of the street. It measures about 800 meters and traffic is pretty controlled because it only goes one direction. There are stores for clothing, furniture, beauty, jewelry, flowers, etc. interspersed with some pubs (like the "Three Pigeons") and supermarkets like "Sainsbury's" and "Marks And Spencers." Throughout the day there is a large movement of people shopping on the street and on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning it can be a bit stressful.
Of Cultural Interest in Guildford
Convent Garden Square
Guildford Convent was founded in 1274 by Eleanor of Provence, widow of Henry III. The monks of the monastery were Dominicans, known as "black monks" for their robes. They lived mainly by alms and used the monastery as a base for small outlets to pray around. The convent building was demolished in 1538 and in its place a mansion was built, called The Convent. Again the building disappeared, this time it was broken down to make way for industrial development. In 1860 a new building was constructed to house a local brewery. It closed in the 1970s and was demolished for a new commercial center - The Convent, which opened in 1983. Today the square is a crossing point for thousands of people who go to the city center to work, people spend a few hours with friends, shopping or waiting for a taxi (the largest taxi rank is here).
Streets in Guildford
Streets of Guildford
Guildford is a town with a population of approximately 70,000 inhabitants. It is situated in the South England, and enjoys a rich and varied history. This city is very popular, despite the large influx of people, perhaps because of the large number of shops or because the place itself is attractive. "Friary Square" square is the place where dozens of young people gather every day, the High Street and North Street, shopping streets and services (library, banks, city hall, ...); the Quakers Acre, a small square that fills every day at lunch time, the banks of the River Wey, with its gardens and dozens of tables and benches, ... So, there are many points that citizens consider "theirs", with much more history that you may have for a visitor.
Rivers in Guildford
River Wey
This peculiar named river is a tributary of the Thames in southern England. It mainly flows through the Community of Surrey, southwest of the capital. It's a little river, with an average width of 5-6 meters. Still, the river is navigable most of the time. Many owners bring their boats from London to the small towns that have been established along the river. It's a nice experience to sail a typical long and narrow, colourful boat through the shallow waters of the river. Every so often it's necessary to cross locks, which are more than two centuries old. These locks were built due to the unevenness of the waters. It was necessary to have these artificial barriers to obtain deeper, calmer waters to have a navigable river. Aside from navigation, many people practice rowing, an activity that is sponsored in larger towns such as Guildford and Woking. Fishing is also important, for both fish and crayfish.
Gardens in Guildford
The Castle Park
Guildford Castle Park is a beautiful garden just a few minutes walk from the city center. It was built on a hill overlooking the river and the two-story houses of the center. The castle can be visited but it's quite small and isn't really worth it. The gardens, however, are very well-kept and beautiful, no matter the season. It opens at sunrise and closes at sunset and, of course, varies depending on the season. The young people of the city often gather here to have lunch and on the weekends there's a small orchestra that plays classical music or jazz. The castle is from the 11th century and served to protect the city from invasions. During that time, it was the largest royal residence of the kingdom. The view is great because Guildford is not very large and, thanks to the donation of a very rich man who ordered its construction, the large garden stands in the center of the city.
Churches in Guildford
Guildford Cathedral
My uncles lived in Guildford for many years and I lived there with my uncles. My daughter was also born in Guildford, a beautiful city and with a wonderful clock in the center of town. My uncles are buried in the Guildford Cemetery, I go there for summer every year. I like the English summer because where I live it is suffocatingly hot. My sister lives near Brighton and often visits Guildford as well, because she has friends there and goes to the cemetery to see my uncles. I fondly remember my time there and the people are lovely. `That's why whenever I go to England, I love to visit Guildford,, especially the wonderful cathedral where they filmed the movie The Omen.
Hospitals in Guildford
Abbotts Hospital
Abbot's Hospital is found on Guildford's main street, next to the church and the town clock. Bequeathed to the town of Guildford by the Archbishop of Canterbury, George Abbot, who lived in the seventeenth century and is probably the town's most famous resident, it now serves as a retirement home for the senior citizens of the area. You can stay here for free, provided you have lived in Guildford for more than thirty years and have insufficient means to live independently. The building has been carefully preserved, and can be visited by tourists. It's a great place to learn about local history, with the town's retirees full of interesting stories about the area.
Train Stations in Guildford
Guildford Railway Station
Guildford Station is the largest in the county of Surrey in southern England. The station has 9 platforms which trains to almost any major city in southern half of the country. The most important destinations from Guildford are Reading, London and Portsmouth, which have service every 15-20 minutes at peak times. The station can not boast of a modern and attractive design but satisfies customers with various services: A press shop offers a variety of newspapers (national and international) and is open most of the time, a brand new secure bicycle parking and provides indoor space for 148 bikes (although they seem much always fill weekdays); several car rentals, a dry cleaner and a couple of drinks stalls and small snacks are provided by the station. There is a large car park right in front of the station with ample parking. From Guildford station to the city center takes 10 minutes.
Gardens in Guildford
Wisley Garden
This magnificent garden belongs to Wisley Royal Horticultural Society, the English RHS. It is a favorite garden of the English and its almost 100 hectors are available throughout the year. There are rose gardens, a pine forest, fruit trees, a vegetable garden, and an exotic greenhouse. A visit in the winter won't allow for as many flowers, true, but you'll receive a brochure at the entrance that explains how you can take maximum advantage of your visit by taking note of the different smells and things. Plants that flower in winter do this to avoid competition with the summer flowers that are more beautiful. They must be attractive so that birds and insects help them pollinate. To get to Wisley by public transportation from London, you must take a bus and a train. You take the train to Woking and then you take the Wisley bus that leaves every hour. Doing this will also get you a discount if you present your ticket at the box office. If you go by car, you can take the A3 which runs from London to Portsmouth through Guildford. There are also cafes and restaurants with terraces that are very nice in the summer.
Gardens in Guildford
Greenhouse in Wisley
The tropical greenhouse Wisley Gardens is well worth a visit. It is located about five miles from Guildford, south of London. The garden entrance fee is 8 pounds, which includes access to this greenhouse. The greenhouse is open every day of the year except Christmas Day, but yes, in winter it closes early, at 4 pm. The greenhouse is divided into three parts, being a wet part with orchids, bananas and flowers of every color, a drier part with cacti, palm trees and other desert plants and finally a very hot tropical part. There is also an exhibition on roots taking us underground to see the roots of a tree, but also nourish us, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes or cassava. The greenhouse is brand new, opened in summer 2007, and measured the equivalent of 10 tennis courts. There are over 500 tropical species, thanks to the dedication of the many staff and volunteers, manage to survive in cold weather English as they would at home.
Of Cultural Interest in Guildford
Quakers Acre
This square, situated in the heart of Guildford, was constructed because the "Society of Friends", known as Quakers, wanted to buy a new meeting place and a cemetery. In 1673 they purchased a building and a small spot at the end of "North Street". They constructed the new meeting place in the year 1805, and the square that we see today was used as a cemetery until it was given to the city council in the year 1927. The nearby "Speaker's Tree" became a popular place for public speeches. Currently the square, a perfect rectangle, is situated a few hundred meters from the "Friary Shopping Centre" and next to the public library. The square, or better, a park, has benches, and it is quite common to eat there during lunch.
Sports-Related in Guildford
Rowing Club
The Guildford Rowing Club is on the bank of the River Wey, where it passes through Guildford, in southern England. It has a small "hangar" with the boats and equipment, and a corner devoted to paperwork and administrative procedures. It has a cement area which makes easy to access the water. This club is the most acclaimed and prestigious in Surrey. It has about 100 members, which is relatively low, but it makes sense when you see the rates for a club that size. The membership fee costs 160 €, then there are a number of rules to respect so that everyone can participate and make use of the facilities. Being a small flowing river, many athletes can not practice at once. The recent victory of the rowing team in the UK in the Olympics has made membership sky-rocket. Summer has also helped. It almost certain that within two months it will slow down and there will only be members.
Viewpoints in Guildford
Newlands Corner
Newland's Corner is a part of high Guildford, which are some hills that have been converted into a park. There was a man, who, when dying, donated his farm to the city. The only condition to this donation was that the place was never built. It later became a beautiful public park. There are forests, picnic tables and especially nice views of the city. If the weather's good you can see towers in London in the distance, which are only 50 kilometers away! To climb Newland's corner from the center you have to start on Farnham Road and then get onto one of the walkways that are climbing on the left. Top riders often gather on motorcycles or classic cars on Sunday mornings. Stop at Newland's Corner for a drink in the small cafe upon your return. There is a slightly more formal restaurant and a boutique hotel. But if you stay up, you will need a car, because it's a nice spin once but not every day to lower the center.
Historical Monuments in Guildford
St. Mary's Church
This is a beautiful church, it is small, and made entirely of local stone. It is situated in the region of Woking and Guildford, halfway between the two ¡towns in a place called Worplesdon. The region of Surrey is a place of great natural beauty, with many traditional English villages which are well worth visiting. St Mary's is the historic church oin the village of Worplesdon and Wood Street, and has been standing for more than 1000 years. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the church is mentioned in the writings dating back to the year 1086. The oldest part, which is the Chantry Chapel, dates back to the 11th Century. There are parts which come from the Norman era, but the foundations are from the XIII century. The ship is from the fourteenth century, but was disarmed in order to compose the east wing of the church. In total, there are 8 bells in the bell tower that was built in 1487. The bells are also very old. You can visit the church, the opening hours appear on the web..
Of Cultural Interest in Guildford
Guildford Public Library
Guildford Public Library is the only option to borrow books and to study in the city (apart from the University of Surrey which has numerous study rooms and libraries that are restricted and you have to pay a fee if you're not a student). The library is on North Street, parallel to High Street, so it's very central. It has 3 floors for public use: The 1st floor is for receiving, lending and has an area of ​​children's books/games. The 2nd floor contains action books, novels, varied literature and books/practical manuals of geography, wildlife and sports. It also has a loan section of music CDs and computer games. There are 15 computers with Internet access, free to users, but only members. On the top floor there are rooms that can be rented for lectures, group work etc., and a section with cookbooks and art (photography, music, painting, etc.). To avail the loan of books, music and computers, you need to be a member of the library. This is completely free but a procedure is necessary for proof of address (any identification that shows your address and that you live there).
Bars in Guildford
The Britannia
The Britannia Pub in located in the town of Guildford, which is found in southern England. It is located about three hundred meters away from "High Street", across the River Wey. With just one street separating it from the river, The Britannia offers pleasant views from its terrace. The Pub occupies a beautiful red brick building, with two floors and a basement. On the ground floor there is a room with tables, the bar, and the kitchen. On the upper floor there are also tables, and there it is even more comfortable and pleasant due to there being much less noise, but with a view! The terrace is also worthwhile, if only recommend for a few weeks in the summer, which are carefully selected. The Pub offers a variety of beers and spirits for its customers, plus other dishes and snacks to eat. The food is only served until 19h-20h, so you have to get something to eat early if you are going there with the idea of ​​eating. After that time the only thing you can ask for are potato chips, peanuts, etc..
Shopping Malls in Guildford
White Lion Gallery
The White Lion Walk is a passage that is in the English town of Guildford. The passage links both of the most-commercial and most-traveled pedestrian streets in the town. The passage is straight, except for a part in the middle where you have to make a small curve to avoid taking the elevator and escalators. The gallery occupies a large space because the roof thereof rises to nearly fifteen meters. At about four meters high, both the façade and the ceiling are made out of iron and glass, which gives good light, which is so necessary in gray England. The gallery building has two floors in total, these run one after another on both sides of the passage. On one side you'll find design shops such as jewelers, opticians and watchmakers, plus a Starbucks. On the other side we find a modern hardware and clothing stores. The gallery closes at 6pm, so you have to take advantage before this time to come shopping.
Activities in Guildford
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The best things to do in Guildford

Are you thinking about what to do in Guilford? The number of
Guildford activities available to tourists and the atmosphere of this
English city will leave you speechless.
Among the
monuments, buildings and places to visit in Guildford, highlights include Polesden Lacey, the incredible Watts Chapel, the medieval
Guildford Castle, the cathedral, Clandon Park, the Church of St Peter and St Paul's. The parks and natural attractions in Guildford are also very striking. Strolling through Hatchlands Park, Loseley Park or watching fishing at the Albury Fisheries is priceless stuff to do in
Guildford. And for lovers of culture,
the city also hosts important museums such as Watts Galler, Guilldford Union Workhouse, or the Spike Heritage Centre. As for things to do in Guildford, the options are vast. At Craggy Island
Climbing Centre
you can practice climbing, you can play paintball at Delta Force Paintball Cobham, see real llamas at Surrey Hills Llamas, or play various sports. Also, for more things to see in Guildford, you can watch one of the plays performed at the Kick Back Comedy Club or Guildford's Yvonne Arnaud Theatre. On Minube you can check out other Guildford attractions so you can create your own travel route and plan what parts of the city you want to visit the most.