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Things to do in Dundee

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The top 15 attractions in Dundee

Of Cultural Interest in Dundee
Tay Bridge
The current bridge is located just at the crossing Tay River Tay estuary by the railway line linking the city of Dundee in the south of Scotland. This bridge is just over three miles away by a strange curve is explained by the disaster (with tragedy included) happened in the first bridge, a design flaw and construction. In the early nineteenth century this estuary crossing had to be done by boat and then by ferry. For this reason, the local authorities decided to invest in their very first bridge. Wind and water storms are one of the things that characterize this are area of ​​Scotland. In December 1879 a section of the bridge was torn after a train passed by in one of the big storms yielding strong water which killed 80 people. After the storm, they underwent investigation and construct a second bridge. Today is one of the most characteristic visual attractions of the city of Dundee. Dundee is a symbol there and so currently, restoration and conservation are happening.
Cities in Dundee
Dundee is located in the north of Edinburgh on the east coast of Scotland. In present times it is the 4th largest city in Scotland after Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Historically, the city developed from a Pictish settlement on a hill along the Firth of Tay. It has always been recognized for its harbor and shipyards. These were built for when the very first boat salied to Antarctica. In the eighties and nineties, Dundee was regarded as a city in decline that gradually was becoming marginal. The subsequent government policy, based on a complete remodeling and total sanitation (at all levels), have created a modern city that is evolving (albeit slowly) and adapting to the times. Therefore, various Universities have collaborated to attempt to bring success to the city. It nonetheless remains a city very overlooked by visitors and does not really draw much attention. Personally, it is among my favorite corners of Scotland.
Museums in Dundee
The Discovery Museum
This is the most visited museum in the city of Dundee. As a main reason to go you could incorporate a visit very complete and almost media inside the vessel RRSDiscovery, original boat in the early twentieth century came to Antarctica under the command of Captain Scott. The visit begins with a very modern building beside the Tay estuary. This building also houses offices and tourist information centers, so it is convenient if we take account of the area. Once inside, there is an entire exhibition of photographs and original objects and video complemented by panels explaining the heroic adventure. Later on the boat, we saw the apartments as they originally were with a bit of things added to keep them preserved. In my opinion it is an original museum with plenty of charm, especially for people who love life at sea. It offers beautiful outdoor views, seen from the outskirts of the city. It is called The RSS Discovery.
Castles in Dundee
Claupotts Castle
Claypotts Castle is located between Dundee and Broughty Ferry, in what once were their gardens and surrounded by residential houses, curious contrast. Its structure is very original since these are two circular towers, arranged diagonally and joined by a larger rectangular tower. It was built in the mid-sixteenth century and is famous as it is perfectly preserved without undergoing some remodeling. Part of its great preservation is due to the fact that it never involved itself in wars nor seiges until later in the 19th centure when it was used as a residence-palace. Built by Strachan who helped the family sell it to the Claverhouse family until in 1694 it was acquired by the powerful family of Douglas, who had some trouble with the property and therefore decided to donate it in 1926 to the Scottish Government (Historic Scotland). If you visit you can only visit the outside, but inside you can visit by making an appointment. The castle is small in size, however it is very colorful and the visit will not take too much.
Beaches in Dundee
Broughty-Ferry Beach
In British society, the term suburb, does not denote any marginality it applies to populations near another main area, in Spanish it could be called a perdania or neighborhood. This is the case of Broughty Ferry with respect to Dundee City. Located on the River Tay estuary, one of the most important and largest in Scotland, we found a lovely beach in this suburb which, when the weather permits, is quite busy. It is next to the pier and the castle and is a nice place to spend the day with a pleasant promenade. In contrast, the waters are not ideal for bathing, first because of the coolness and secondly for being an estuary with very dangerous currents. The latter means that, in a favorable way, it is particularly suitable for sea fishing, especially for species such as bass (in Andalusia called snook). This beach, like others, is used as a recreational area for walking with family and/or pet and where children end up coated in sand - ultimately another example of a beach in Scotland!
Churches in Dundee
Dundee Parish Church
In the center of town stands this huge church that is much larger than many other historic cathedrals. The existence of Brechin Cathedral in the north and St. Andrews in the South, has prevented this church was declared Cathedral during the history of it.Those churches are located right next to major shopping centers which seems to be a strange contrast. The Church of Scotland has taken full operation over the church. The church was built in the twelfth century and played an important role during the Crusades to the Holy Land as a meeting place for Scottish knights willing to fight against the infidel. Then he went to Catholic school reform sixteenth century when it was transformed into Anglican, which in some way prevented its destruction and because of that has such good preservation. In present day, it is an extremely important building in Dundee and is worth a look.
Villages in Dundee
The Hotel Broughty Ferry
On the banks of the estuary of the River Tay in ek east of the city of Dundee is the suburb of Broughty Ferry, one of the most exclusive areas of the city, famous for its beach and one of the most important recreational areas of the city Scottish. Historically an area with money for its fishing industry or textile (currently both exist) there are two castles and one of the most expensive areas to buy housing in the area and a number of golf courses in the area more renowned . In addition to its great economy, it is also a great spot to visit just for the day. You can stroll around, enjoy the beach, pop into the restaurants and bars, and feel free to take your kids. It is a nice, quiet spot. It is excellent for walking the coast, see the two castles in the zone (Claypotts and Broughty Ferry Castle) or simply appreciate seascapes offered this curious location. However, there is a but ... due to the glory of past times, it seems that it has gone to the heads of these Scottish folks and so they are not the nicest that I have ever met ...
Museums in Dundee
Broughty Ferry Castle
The Broughty Castle is on the coast of East Dundee, Broughty Ferry. It was built in 1495 by Douglas, Earl of Angus. His son Archibald Douglas lost ownership of the castle for the Scottish crown. Due to its location, right on a beach cliff the castle had a very violent past, being attacked and harassed in every war that hit the area. It was instrumental in the seventeenth century during the War of the Three Kingdoms (England, Scotland and Ireland). Later it was used as a military powder until its ruins were restored by the Scottish Government. Historic Scotland currently cares for the exterior, since the 4-story interior is a museum at the hands of the authorities in Dundee. Both are free. It's not bad, but reform of the tower has been carried out modernly and carelessly, which makes the building lose its historical value. The best part are the views.
Universities in Dundee
University of Dundee
The history of this college is very curious, it was founded in 1881, and at that time it was an extension of the University of St. Andrews, the oldest and most prestigious in all Universities in Scotland. Officially, it has functioned as an independent university since 1967. It has several specialties like business, accounting and medicine, and so has grown in popularity and fame. However, in history it struggles to have a name, even with the addition of Fiona Watson a few years ago, it still not the best. Its Achilles heel is and will be languages, where the disaster is complete (and this I know for a fact), especially and sadly in Spanish, which has as its head of department a lawyer (common sense?). Professionalism leaves much to be desired, if we compare the department with their counterparts in other universities, where almost all are linguists or philologists, but yet they boast of their uselessness, something inexplicable in current times. The university is in the city center, mixing classic style buildings with modernist designs, this makes it an interesting place as you walk through the area. Especially the buildings of the medical school, Scrymgeour, Dalhousie and the Tower. At least, from an architectural point of view it is worth it, but not from an academic perspective. As I have pointed out, this only affects some departments and it is not good to generalize.
Museums in Dundee
The McManus
A very nice museum to visit! From the outside, its Gothic architecture seems almost like a church ... but it is indeed a museum, small but interesting, and most importantly, free! You enter through the side, leading to a large hall with a gift shop and snack bar (complete with a terrace for sunny days). The tour consists of eight galleries, spread over 2 floors. On the ground floor, you'll find an exhibition about the prehistoric era in the region, and one about modern Dundee, from the 1850's to the present, with a focus on different areas like fashion and the whaling industry. On the first floor, an exhibition follows the journey of two journalists who have been around the world, and you can see Scottish painting from the 18th century onwards.
Harbors in Dundee
Tay Bridge
The Tay Road Bridge connects Fife to Dundee, with breathtaking views between the cities. It was opened in 1966, and is about 2 km long. Next to it is the Tay Rail Bridge, which was opened in 1887.
Nightclubs in Dundee
Fat Sam's Disco
One of the most famous clubs in Dundee for Mardi-Gras, is Déjà Vu (don't ask me where the passion for clubs with French names in Scotland came from) or London (classier). Fat Sam's is really nice with a beautiful area for dancing and a lot of space; plus two bars and two bathrooms. Anyway, I generally have a passion for English clubs that aren't packed. It's never crowded, the people are friendly, it is fun and the bouncers are not boring. Since the Victorian era, "bars" close early and the clubs are the exception to the rule. At 2:30 to 3:00, everything is closed. You must plan to go early. Indeed, as the clubs and pubs close early, the Scots tend to drink quickly and start at 18:00 with the result of being very tipsy around 3:00 am. Price: From £ 5 for a normal evening, £ 16 at parties with guests (Calvin Harris, Enter Shikari ...) Note: At this time, during the recession they are trying to fight the crisis with discounts.
Churches in Dundee
Nature Reserves in Dundee
Viewpoints in Dundee
Dundee Law
Dundee Law at the top of the city. In this place you can get the best view of Dundee city and suroundings!!! You must be lucky to enjoy the sun up there, but if not still there is lot to enjoy!!!

The best things to do in Dundee

Wondering what to do in Dundee? This Scottish town is famous for its stunning greenery, picturesque parks, and pristine natural sites. Without a doubt, there is an abundance of open space, greenery, and fun things to do in Dundee.

Topping of the list of places to visit in Dundee is Camperdown Park, which boasts a beautiful lake with ducks, various areas for hikers, and a nature reserve for animals. A walk, a picnic, or just a little relaxation time in this peaceful place is not a bad way to unwind after you've spent the day exploring all the stuff to do in Dundee!

Other important things to see in Dundee include the Tay Bridge, Castle Claupotts, and Broughty Ferry Castle. This city is also famous for its innovative inventions - some of which have become major Dundee attractions. It was
among the
first cities in the world to have a system of public lighting, the first to use ATM machines, and the first to use personal computers.

In minube you'll find other great suggestions for the best attractions in Dundee and Dundee activities from other users who have visited the city before. Scotland offers
tourists a clean, green, and peaceful escape where relaxation is key. Start planning now and take a step closer to your next adventure!