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Things to do in Greenland

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The top 16 attractions in Greenland

Lakes in Narsarsuaq
Greenland is a country with most of its length being composed of large glaciers, it also offers the opportunity to hike with views
Islands in Nuuk
The Aurora Borealis in Greenland
I wanted to see the Northern Lights, and if you tour Greenland from September onward you are almost guaranteed to see these magica
Fjords in Narsaq
Paddling on the South Greenland
Taking a trip of many days in Southern Kayak Greenland, between massive glaciers, hearing only the hum that the ice makes and the
Unusual Places in Thule
Thule, the last according to the Romans, is the northernmost town in the world, where a population of authentic Inuits try to keep
Fjords in Igaliku Kujalleq
The Tasermiut Fjord
The mountains and granite walls of this fjord are the biggest and most beautiful of Greenland, Ketil and Ulamertorssuaq, in the fj
Cities in Ilulissat
Ilulissat Icefjord
This was a wonderful trip to Greenland. This was during a stop in Ilulissat, with stunning icy scenery ... Incredible sightings of
Bays in Narsaq
Stephensen Havn
This natural bay, opposite Narsaq, hides some ancient ruins of the Viking settlers who came across with Erik the Red. The ancestra
Unusual Places in Narsaq
Museums in Nuuk
National Museum of Greenland
It is a small museum located in a wooden house painted red next to the main port(Wood dock). You enter into a small shop and to th
Fjords in Narsaq
Qalellarit Glacier
This is a dream holiday. Plces to loose yourself in your thoughts and admire the nature, peace, tranquility, health. You can find
Unusual Places in Aappilattoq
Of Cultural Interest in Ilulissat
Of Cultural Interest in Ilulissat
Airports in Tasiilaq
Tasiilaq is one of the most wonderful places in the world, despite the hostile climate. The colors, flavors, and traditions are ri
Villages in Nanortalik
Airports in Qaqortoq