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Things to do in Goa

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The top 10 attractions in Goa

Churches in Goa
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is the main church in the city of Panaji, India. Panaji was formerly known as Nova Goa and was the capital of the state of Goa, during the time of the Portuguese colonies. The Portuguese occupation in India lasted for over 450 years and they left the imprint of their faith with the construction of many churches and cathedrals in the region. The church is very well preserved and well maintained. It is all white, with side stairs leading to the top on each side and above there are lamps to light the way. The Virgin is situated in the middle of the stairs on a pedestal and also below the church steeple. The church is not necessarily impressive but it is certainly nice to look at. The white adds a pure feel, like the rest of the city which is very clean. The church is Baroque style and Mass is celebrated every Sunday in Portuguese. It is certainly worth visiting to appreciate the history of the area.
Cities in Goa
Old Goa
Old Goa is inscribed to the World Heritage List of UNESCO sites, and they are little houses that make you think of the Portuguese colonization, and there are lots of churches. Goa was abandoned in the mid-19th century, when the capital moved to Panjim. Now, most of the remnants of colonial structures and churches are protected by the Archaeological Association of the city. The main church is the cathedral, which is the biggest in India. The original building was dry mud, and it was constructed in the 16th century and dedicated to Santa Catarina. The cathedral took 75 years to finish. LA wanted it to be worth of wealth, power and with the reputation of the Portuguese, which also included Brazil. Another is the church and convent of San Francisco de Asisias, which was constructed by the Franciscan monks to evangelize the people of the area. Velha Goa also has many palaces, mosques and temples. The population was reduced to nothing after epidemics of cholera and malaria, but it began to be populated again in the 18th century.
Beaches in Goa
Goa Beach
Goa is located in southwestern India, with beaches that have the international reputation as earthly paradises and draw tens of thousands of tourists from all countries, from the hippies in the 60s, who arrived in a van from Europe and never returned home, to sweethearts on honeymoon, or backpackers who stop at the beaches to rest for a few days before continuing their adventures around the country. When you come to Goa, it is all about resting. Everything is quiet. For a few euros you can get a lovely cottage on the edge of the beach which is a gem, with white sand, turquoise sea, coconut trees for shade and cheap beer. It's hard to spend more than 15 euros per day, all inclusive. The food is very tasty, with curry and fried or grilled fish, as little meat is eaten in India. The region is divided between southern and northern Goa. It is a former Portuguese colony but apart from in the churches of Old Goa, you cannot really feel the legacy. The most fashionable beaches, the ones you see in movies, are in the center, such as Anjuna, Palolem, Patnem and Dona Paula.
Forests in Goa
Arambol Banyan Tree
A 32 km northwest of Mapusa (which is the closest railway station), in Goa, is the town of Arambol, a place that is quiet (especially compared to the influx of tourists from Goa) and there are a couple of lovely beaches. Walking through a small jungle (which is not hard to cross wearing sports shoes,), you reach the Banyan Tree, a tree that is huge and impressive), a place of peace. Usually you can find someone making coconut ashtrays or putting incense by the statues of mini-temple to Shiva, or sitting down and observing.
Beaches in Goa
Anjuna Beach
Anjuna is one of the most northern beaches in Goa, it is a collection of beaches, and to get there you have to come from the city of Mapusa, where there are several local buses that connect it with Anjuna. Anjuna can get quite busy during high season, as there are many travelers. I was there during off-peak season, so the beaches and the hotels were not too crowded, but Christmas season can be pretty full. It is a beautiful place, with magical sunsets and sunrises. In Anjuna there is a famous market once a week, where you can find everything, there are a variety of handicrafts, and you'll find some Westerners and old hippies. It is a good place to use as a base from which to explore both the rest of the beaches.
Beaches in Goa
Palolem Beach
Palolem es para el relax... La playa es esquisita se puede caminar y hay restaurantes en el borde entre las palmeras, es muy rico para bañarse porque hace muchisimo calor! Es bastante limpio no como en otras playas de goa que hay basura y vacas. Para ver el sunset caminar hacia el lado ''norte'' de la playa es el unico lugar q se ve, es muy romantico, y silencioso hay que buscar un lugar entre las rocas y se ve increible.
Villages in Goa
In Goa, whatever you do is not enough. There's still much more stuff to be done! Just relax and party hard
Nature Reserves in Goa
Rice Paddies
With coconut trees on the horizon, the rice fields of Goa are a particularly decorative landscape. We can see them on "interstate" 17 to Margao. It is always an interesting spectacle for us Westerners: the tender green buds and the country workers. In December, the fields are covered with water, and look like mirrors.
Beaches in Goa
Utorda Beach
One of the best beaches in South Goa - don't miss out!! Not crowded and very clean, this is a great place to bring kids. Zeebop is one of the best restaurant and is very popular with tourists. Try not to visit during major celebrations as it becomes crowded and there are often firecrackers so the air is polluted. Great place to bring friends.
Beaches in Goa
Activities in Goa

The best things to do in Goa

Have you decided to visit Goa? Good choice! This amazing city in India has a lot to offer and there are countless activities in Goa to keep you occupied. The state of Goa is the smallest in India; it is located on the western coast of India, about 400 km south of the huge city of Bombay, AKA Mumbai.

We can start talking about the beaches on Goa, reputed to be authentic earthly paradises. Arambol Beach is big and has a wide range of affordable restaurants, making it one of the many places to visit in Goa which should be at the top of your list. Fishers sell their day's catch on the beach and with little money you can reach an agreement with a local restaurant to cook the fish for you; this is one of the most recommended experiences of things to do in Goa.

Paloem Beach is another of places to see in Goa, but beware if you visit the area during August as monsoons are not uncommon.

The Church of the Immaculate Conception is one of the many interesting cultural things to see in Goa. It is the largest church in the region. There are some more religious buildings to visit in Goa, but this is the most impressive of them all.

Make sure you also check out the banyan tree, which is close to the main train station in Goa. By walking through a small forest you reach the banyan tree, a huge and impressive tree and a place of peace among the chaos of India.

Consult Minube to learn about more attractions in Goa. Do not forget to bring your camera because with all the Goa attractions and Goa activities you will be sure to return home with many amazing photos.